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Carcano M1891

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Carcano M1891

Ammo ap.png


Cape 5star.png

Self-buff RoFTeam RoF BuffTeam Crit Rate Buff

Buffs RF
Cooldown -10%
HP 40 → 80x5
DMG 45 → 138
ACC 9 → 85
EVA 5 → 42
RoF 22 → 34
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 40%
Speed 7
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 8s
Horn of Mars: Active: increases self critical rate and rate of fire by 8% for each RF T-Doll within the Echelon for 7.5s.

Passive: Each attack has a 40% chance to increase critical rate and rate of fire by 4% for T-Dolls within the same column for 2s (max 3 stacks).



  • Not that stellar innate RoF
  • Very low performance standalone, even with SL 10
  • Requires specific setups to shine, otherwise she's just a RF with an odd HG skill


M1891, aka "Pink", "Cano" or "Strawberry", is another unique RF added to the roster. Sharing similar tile buffs with Carcano M91/38RF in the sense that they both buff RFs on tiles, M1891 is often regarded as getting the short end of the stick. This is mostly due to her skill which has very low values for both RoF and Crit Chance buffs.

It should be pretty clear that M1891 is by no means your traditional pure DPS rifle, as evidently shown by her relatively mediocre RoF and terrible skill mutlipliers, especially with 2 RFs being the more common choice. This hurts M1891's standalone performance considerably as she heavily relies on the number of RF's in the team to get larger RoF/Crit buffs.

However, the right way to approach M1891 would be if you need her unique support/DPS hybrid kit. For example, she has crazy good synergy with the HG T-Doll PythonHG, matching if not exceeding the DPS done by SVDRF due to her skill being able to procc PythonHG's passive. Other synergy includes helping Carcano M91/38RF to get more of her valuable skill shots by utilizing M1891's tiles.

M1891 proves to be a truly unique RF, but at the same time it hurts her standalone performance a lot. Due to her nature of being a subpar DPS/Support hybrid, she earns her self a status of "Specialist" (and Recommended for use for players wanting to utilise their PythonHG). Fret not, there are plenty of scenarios for her to shine when her younger sister Carcano M91/38RF calls for the support of her trusty Onee-chan.