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Content Import

Copy-pasting plaintext from other sources? The Wikifier tool can auto-wikify text with mediawiki markup specific for GFLAnalysis.

Adding roles to T-Dolls

In each T-Doll page, you should see a part labeled |roles=. Simply add any matching tags via the {{TemplateName}} formatting.

For example, tagging UMP9 with |roles={{MainTank}}{{CrowdControl}} will add the Main TankCrowd Control​ badges to her. Currently we will go with the tags in this table only:

Rendered Tag Definition/Explaination Wikitext
Main Tank

A T-Doll who acts as the bullet sponge of the echelon in the middle lane. Usually a maintank Submachine Gun or a Shotgun.


T-doll that takes tanking position other than maintank’s position, placed in the side lanes such as on positions 8 or 2. Usually an offtank Submachine Gun or an Shotgun. Usually either capable of offensive Firepower or serving as a backup tank in the event of an emergency.

Crowd Control

T-dolls that either limits enemy movement, prevents them from acting, or causes displacement, such as a stun grenade, smoke grenade, the Beach Fairy's active ability, and so on.


T-Dolls with auto attacks or grenade skills that let them damage multiple enemies. Very effective against clustered enemies, though reliance on link multiplication makes some of these dolls less effective against enemies with HP Shields and single link targets.


T-Dolls with passive or active skills that allow them to ignore Accuracy checks, particularly useful against enemies that have high Evasion, especially at night.

Technically most charged shot and grenade skills ignore Accuracy checks, but this classification usually means dolls who can ignore Accuracy checks on a large number of their shots.

Charged Shot

Alternatively known as Nuke RFs, these RFs have long initial CDs but shoot out an extreme amount of damage.

Night Focus

Dolls with skills that are stronger at night. Some of these are still effective during the daytime but shine best at night. Others are night-time specialists and should not be used during the day.

Self-Buff FP

T-Dolls that have a skill that buffs the FP of their attacks for a set duration. Along with RoF self-buffers, your bread-and-butter damage dealers.

Self-buff RoF

T-Dolls that have a skill that raises their own RoF for a set duration. Your bread-and-butter damage dealers alongside FP self-buffers.

Some dolls take this even further by having multishot skills that have them fire multiple bullets per attack, letting them bypass the usual RoF cap.

Self-Buff Acc

T-Dolls that have a skill that buffs the ACC for a set duration. Generally less useful than FP and RoF buff as most dolls have decent accuracy against normal enemies.

Self-Buff EVA

SMGs that buff their own Evasion while their skill is up, improving their tanking ability. Ineffective against enemies that have especially high Accuracy or ignore Accuracy checks outright.

Self-Buff Armor

SGs that buff their own armor, letting them tank higher damage shots. Generally rather niche due to poor ICD/uptime and the fact that most enemies worth using SGs for have low enough damage to be soaked without skills.

First Volley DPS

MGs with skills that boost their damage during their first volley. Preferred in situations where you need high burst DPS right from the start of a fight.

Second Volley DPS

MGs with skills that kick in from the 2nd volley onwards. Less immediate burst damage than 1st volley DPS but some of these can be effective in particularly drawn out battles.

Team FP Buff

Raises the FP of other dolls in the squad with their skill, or debuffs enemies to take increased damage. Almost universally applicable.

{{Team FP buff}}
Team RoF Buff

Raises the RoF of other dolls in the squad with their skill. Particularly helpful for dolls with low base RoF, but ineffective for dolls that are already capping RoF or have fixed RoF. Also has no effect on most charged shot and grenade skills.

{{Team ROF buff}}
Team EVA Buff

Raises the Evasion of other dolls in the squad, or debuffs enemy ACC. Generally only useful if there are SMGs in the team that can benefit.

{{Team EVA buff}}
Team ACC Buff

Raises other dolls ACC or debuffs enemy EVA. Generally not very useful during the day, but can be useful at night where ACC matters more.

{{Team ACC buff}}
Team Crit Rate Buff

Increases the crit rate of other dolls in the squad. Particularly effective with crit damage buffs, but not very useful if the base crit rate is low. Crit buffs past 100% are also wasted unless the squad also has Px4 StormHG or JillHG.

{{Team CRIT-RATE buff}}
Force Shield

Dolls with skills that grant temporary invulnerability. Poor uptime but these dolls are immune to damage for their skill duration, which lets them tank attacks that would cripple almost any other doll.

HP Shield

Dolls with skills that generate HP Shields for themselves and/or other dolls in the squad. Particularly effective at resisting AoE attacks or when paired with armor.

Debuffs Self

These dolls have a skill component that applies some sort of debuff to themselves (in the form of a stat decrease or self-stun), usually as a tradeoff for buffing some other stat or as part of an overheat mechanic.

Debuffs Team

Skills that apply a debuff to the rest of the squad, usually as a tradeoff for raising another stat.

Debuffs Enemy

Rather than directly buffing the offensive or defensive power of the squad, these dolls instead apply debuffs to the enemy, either by reducing one of their stats or making them take increased damage. Interacts with some skills that check for debuffs.


Adding additional sections

In each T-Doll page, you should see a part labeled |more=. This is basically where you can add bonus sections to a T-Doll's analysis page if you feel there's merit in further elaborating.

You can create new sections with the MediaWiki section syntax ==Section Name==. All wikitext you add will be appended to the end.