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0-2 Drag

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Introduction to 0-2

  • World 0 is unlocked via clearing 4-4E.
  • The second most cost efficient map to for EXP and Cores if 1 AR drag is used. (next to 4-3E)
  • If you are unable to farm this map cost effectively, go back to 4-3E drag, come back later.
  • Ideally, you should have AR Team leveled to level 90, x5 links, with M16A1AR at least level 80 at this point with career quests. If you have not done said career quests, please do so.

VFL or EOT on Grenadiers?

  • While EOT gives additional damage to grenades, consistent damage pre-nade and post-nade are desired, to finish off the remaining mobs.
  • Giving EOT to grenadiers like 416AR and Gr G3AR causes them overkill, so the additional Critical rate helps clearing mobs faster
  • M4 SOPMOD IIAR can use an EOT since she has 2 equipment slots, while 416AR can use her SÈQ, farmable on Singu since it is an EOT with crit rate.
  • FALAR needs consistent damage before and after her grenade cycle to finish off stragglers in a timely manner.

Different Ways to Run 0-2

Sample 1 AR Drag Formation

2 AR Drag

  • If you are unsure how to corpse drag, please refer to the abundant amount of resources in YouTube.
  • Minimum levels required would be lv90, X5 and above, skill level of grenades to be Level 8 minimum.
  • Having 1 buffer (FP if possible) to pair with the ARs is Highly Recommended.
  • Equipment recommendations would be upgraded gold VFL & APCR for ARs (if possible, otherwise clean gold equipment work too). Upgraded gold T-Exo for tanks.
  • If your corpse happens to sit in the offtank position, retreat her manually at the start of each battle to prevent damage.
  • Doubled ammo & ration consumption per run compared to 1 AR Drag, needs 2 grenadiers and 2 self-buff AR for rotation between runs.
A typical 0-2 Drag Setup

1 AR Drag

  • Rotating two of the “Single Drag DPS dolls” is Highly Recommended in order to minimize resource consumption.
  • Minimum of Lv90+, best to be Lv100, though draggers will naturally hit the level cap quickly from dragging due to the MVP bonus.
  • Having +7 and above VFLs & HV is Highly Recommended.
  • Have an x5 M16A1AR (with +7 and above gold T-Exo and +7 and above max calibrated gold armor) as a tank is Highly Recommended for peak efficiency. (Don’t try single AR dragging using an SMG, or else she’ll be slaughtered)
  • Using a Fairy will greatly extend the life of M16A1AR, as well as lower DPS equipment requirements, better equipment is recommended to do it more efficiently. As there is no reason not to have a fairy in the squad unless you haven't unlocked fairies, it is always recommended to have one.

Which Tank to Use?


  • Having a SMG tank on single AR drag will get them killed, it’s not worth it.


  • SGs do not require Gold Armor to tank due to their innate armor stat, however due to their abysmal EVA and not being able to use a T-Exo, they suffer from a greater HP loss due to taking a lot of scratch hits.
  • Using SGs also cost a lot more and repairing them will cost you more time and resources compared to the other 2 options.


  • It is Highly Recommended to have an upgraded gold armor and T-Exo (+7 minimum) before you start single AR dragging, it will increase the number to 4-5 runs per repair.
  • Note that M16A1AR gets her exclusive SPEQ at 6-4N, giving her better tanking sustainability.

Recommended Single Drag DPS in 0-2

T-Doll Analysis
  • Falls off from single target DPM, has special equip in the future.
  • Her special equipment will benefit her and she will become more effective.
  • Her special equipment will benefit her and she will become more effective.
  • Leaves a lot of mobs to gun down post-nade.
416AR MOD 2+
  • Using her special equipment scope is Recommended as it speeds up her clear time.
  • Leaves some of enemies to gun down post-nade.
  • Better single target DPS than 416AR due to her ability to use VFL+EOT.
  • Leaves a lot of mobs to gun down post-nade.
  • Skill 2 splits her grenades to hit 2 more spots, softening enemies that survived.
  • Better single target DPS due to her ability to equip 2 scopes (VFL+EOT).
  • Leaves some mobs to gun down post-nade.
  • 3 separate nades, spreading out the damage
  • Requires an FP buff to function properly, needs SL10 to be efficient
  • More efficient that the other grenadiers due to having 3 grenades to spread out the damage, finishing the mobs off at low HP (1-2 shots)
  • All 5 links launch grenades, if targeted right, will wipe most enemies on the map.
  • Requires an FP buff to do well, as well as SL8+
  • RNG reliant as she may miss her mark completely.
  • Depending on how her grenade performs, it may leave a lot of enemies to gun down post-nade.
  • Decently upgraded gold equipment is Recommended
  • The best grenadier to clear 0-2 when RNG works in her favour, performance will average out over many runs.
Gr G11AR
  • Requires SL9+
  • Heavily dependent on equipment to perform well.
  • One of the best at 0-2 clearing when maxed out, and if she has required buffs.
  • Lower cooldown (6/8) with her double shot compared to Gr G11AR (6/16).
  • AN-94AR's passive makes it so her first shot against a new target is a double shot.
  • Is the only AR that can start dragging 0-2 from Level 70 x4. (Starting with green equipment and 1* Fairy, Recommended to have partial gold equipment, and HG/SMG buffs).
  • SL8+ is Recommended, for lower skill downtime.
  • Equipment isn’t a huge factor; better equipment is always appreciated.
  • Buffs are Recommended, but not required.
  • One of the most balanced ARs in the game.
  • Her stats, as well as skill, makes her self-sufficient and not require any external buffs aside from FP.
  • SL8+ is Recommended, for lower skill downtime and better buffs.
  • Decently upgraded gold equipment is Recommended.
  • Buffs are Recommended, but not required.
M4A1ModAR 2+
  • One of the fastest and most efficient draggers, if she uses her Cannon (Skill 2).
  • Needs to stand alone with 2 other dolls on the field to activate her Cannon (manually retreating 2 dolls or only dragging 1 doll at a time).
  • RoF buffs are Recommended to speed up the Cannon firing speed.
  • Decently leveled Skill 1 and 2 is Recommended.
  • Not very equipment dependent as her skill 2 multiplier is insane.
ST AR-15ModAR 2+
  • One of the fastest and most consistent draggers, as she has very consistent damage and almost permanent skill uptime.
  • Her skill 2 gives much needed additional damage per shot, putting her as one of the most consistent DPS in the game.
  • You may run her without a buffer, or 1 FP buffer (She maxes her RoF by herself with her skill).
  • Decently leveled Skill 1 and 2 is Recommended.
  • Decently upgraded equipment is Recommended as she is reliant on equipment.
G36ModAR 2+
  • SL8+ is Recommended for both skills.
  • Gr G36AR’s stats and skills allow her to be one of the more average 0-2 draggers, average in HP loss, average in time to clear.
  • Decent equipment is Recommended to cut down the time and HP loss.
  • Requires decent equipment to clear the enemies as you do not have offensive buffs when using the shield.
  • SL8+ is Recommended.
  • In exchange, she takes the longest time to clear 0-2 due to the lack of DPS.
  • The best first 8 second DPS AR in the game, with her triple shot activating immediately; it only deals 52% damage per shot though.
  • Overheats after x shots, usually after 8 seconds with no RoF buff.
  • SL8+ is Recommended.
  • Heavy buffing is required (from both HG/SMG and Fairy) for her to clear the map efficiently. When she overheats, her efficiency drops drastically.
  • Decently upgraded to maxed gold equipment is required.
  • Not a beginner friendly AR dragger, but is one of the most efficient AR in the right setups.