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100 Shiki

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100 Shiki


Ammo hp.png

Speq 100 shiki.png

Main TankHP ShieldSelf-Buff EVASelf-Buff FP

Buffs AR
Damage +12%
Accuracy +35%
HP 106 → 212x5
DMG 11 → 29
ACC 2 → 14
EVA 9 → 67
RoF 52 → 76
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 5%
Speed 12
Not Recommended
Initial CD: 8s
CD: 16s
Sakura Reflection: Provide herself with a 42 HP shield for 5s.

If the shield is destroyed by enemy fire, increase evasion by 65% for 5s. If the shield expires without being destroyed, increases damage by 85% for 5s.


  • High base HP



100 Shiki is a 5★ SMG with high HP and low Evasion, and a highly unusual skill.

While Sakura Reflection may at first seem like a useful skill, its 8s initial CD holds it back from any semblance of viability. Compared to the other 8s ICD maintank skill (Force Shield) that negates all damage when activated, the lackluster performance of 100 Shiki's skill is apparent. Generally, maintank SMGs with faster activating skills like Smoke Grenade or stronger long-ICD moves like P90SMG/Gr G36cSMG's Squirrel or Force Shield are far more preferred.

100 Shiki is therefore Not Recommended, due to other maintank SMGs simply doing the job better. Her special equipment buffs her base stats but doesn't address the core problem with her Skill, and is also Not Recommended to enhance.