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64 Shiki

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64 Shiki


Ammo hv.png


Self-buff RoFSelf-Buff FPHP ShieldTeam FP Buff

Buffs SMG
Damage +18%
Evasion +18%
HP 63 → 125x5
DMG 22 → 67
ACC 7 → 62
EVA 5 → 43
RoF 40 → 63
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 10
Initial CD: 5s
CD: 16s
Forewarning: - If there are more than 5 groups of enemies on the battlefield upon skill activiation, increase rate of fire and accuracy by 80% for 3s. Otherwise, increase damage by 90% for 3s.

- After 3s, if there are more than 2 groups of enemies on the battlefield, grant a 25 HP shield to allies situated on her tiles for 5s. Otherwise, increase damage of herself and allies situated on her tiles by 55% for 5s.



  • Low base RoF
  • Short self-buff duration
  • Has little control over which self-buff to choose from
  • Prone to have either too little RoF, too much RoF or too little FP due to skill
  • Team buff has long cooldown and requires setting up


64 Shiki is JP server's pride and joy, and a unique AR that plays around being supportive in her own way.

As a self-buffer, 64 Shiki is not particularly strong. Her base stats are lopsided with high FP but low RoF, leading to weak mobbing capability. Despite being an adaptive skill, Forewarning’s 3s duration is generally too short to be fully utilized. Without holding onto her skill until 6s to sync with buffers, her burst only lasts for 2s, and it is often possible for her to overcap her RoF if she receives the RoF selfbuff component on top of another RoF buff. With the ever-ballooning enemy health values, a 2-3s RoF buff is often insufficient to kill more than one or two enemy units before the second part of 64 Shiki’s skill activates, possibly granting a nearly-useless 25HP shield instead of the 55% FP buff.

If the player can set up 64 Shiki to give her 55% FP buff to allied DPS units on her tiles, however, she can provide the highest team damage skill buff in the game, overshadowing even the more specialized HGs such as Fringe Weaver JillHG (35%) or ContenderHG (40%). By moving other ARs into 64 Shiki’s tiles before she activates her buff, the team can deal huge burst damage. As a trade-off, setting this up is difficult since the other ARs must be on her tiles during activation, which is difficult during boss fights due to many of them requiring constant unit movement - the same reason that RibeyrollesAR often struggles to buff her allies properly in those encounters.

While 64 Shiki is not a great damage dealer, she does one thing that other dolls cannot with her powerful team buff. The applications are rare and the setup is very difficult, and is often unnecessary as standard team compositions can handle the same fights just fine. 64 Shiki is Specialist, and optional for those who enjoy a vastly different playstyle.