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Speq awranking.png

Ammo hv.png


Self-Buff FPSelf-Buff Acc

Buffs SMG
Evasion +18%
HP 66 → 132x5
DMG 20 → 53
ACC 5 → 35
EVA 5 → 34
RoF 45 → 65
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 10
Not Recommended
Initial CD: 5s
CD: 8s
Strike Focus: Increase damage by 35% and accuracy by 100% for 5s.


  • Nothing



AK-47, the culturally popular gun, is unfortunately rather bad in this game.

Stat wise, although she has a decent base FP of 53, her RoF of 65 hurts her performance severely, not to mention her low Accuracy of 35, giving her a hard time with trying to land hits on enemies. Her skill is a mess. The Accuracy buff is undesirable made only as an attempt to fix her low Accuracy, which leaves the tiny 35% FP buff. Another AR of the same rarity, FF FNCAR would have a 60% FP buff on the same cooldown and the same duration.

Her tile is awful. SMGs are frontline tanks protecting the ARs. With a tile like that, she would not buff anything without moving SMG to the back or putting herself in danger at the front.

Overall, AK-47 is not worth your attention. While she is given out for free early game through leveling, don't be fooled into using her as a budget AR. Her performance is simply too terrible and there are plenty other better options that are also budget. Not Recommended.

For those looking for an analysis with her special equipment, refer to the Equip section. TL;DR: it doesn't change her rating of due to still middling DPS, low RoF and ungodly bad tile position.