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Ammo hv.png


Self-Buff FPSelf-buff RoF

Buffs SMG
Accuracy +50%
Evasion +15%
HP 58 → 116x5
DMG 18 → 53
ACC 6 → 53
EVA 6 → 49
RoF 45 → 69
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 10
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 16s
Charge Focus: Increase damage by 85% and rate of fire by 25% for 5s.


  • High base FP
  • Skill provides both FP and RoF at high multiplier



ART556 is an event AR who was obtainable from a prior point event. She bares a lot of similarities to TAR-21AR, due to their identical skills.

Sadly she is not an upgrade to TAR-21AR. Having a stat spread of a 4★, more specifically a very weak 4★ (close to Type 56-1AR) negatively affects her performance. In the day, she is mediocre at best compared to other ARs of her rarity. ART does a better job against higher Evasion mobs and a better job against armored mobs, due to her higher damage multiplier and Accuracy, but against regular mobs she is about as good as Type 56-1AR for the first 6s (which is a very long time). It is best to raise her RoF, not only to fix her low RoF, but also to let her pump out more shots during her short burst.

Since she's an event doll, chances are she is obtainable only once, or at the very least won't be obtainable again for a very long time. This proves her to be more expensive to raise, so one might want to rely on TAR-21AR (or any other decent AR) instead.

ART is relatively good against armor, with her Accuracy buff making her a good buffer for a SR-3MPSMG composition. However, beware that her early DPS is very lacking and thus she is not able to protect SR-3MPSMG as well as OTs-14AR or Gr G41AR. She is Optional.