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AS Val

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AS Val


Ammo hv.png


Night FocusSelf-Buff FP

Buffs SMG
Damage +25%
Rate of Fire +10%
HP 66 → 132x5
DMG 15 → 39
ACC 6 → 46
EVA 7 → 49
RoF 52 → 75
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 10
Not Recommended
Initial CD: 5s
CD: 16s
Damage Focus N: During nighttime, increase damage by 180% (60% during day) for 6s.


  • Nothing


  • Very low base FP
  • Awful tile placement
  • Poor skill uptime


AS Val shares the same intended role and even the same skill as the "Night Princess", 9A-91AR, who is also a night self-buffing AR with the "Damage Focus N" skill.

However, unlike her title-bearing relative, AS Val is shackled to oblivion by very bad stats overall and an extremely inconveniently placed and ultimately useless tile buff.

Her stats spread is underwhelming, having middling RoF and an awfully low FP of 39. Comparing to 9A-91AR, AS Val is just a direct downgrade.

The short version is that she is generally not worth investing time and resources into, and that she serves the arsenal better as cores; she will work if you have no other options and do not have the time to wait for better alternatives, but the existence of 9A-91AR as a superior doll of the same rarity in almost every way introduces a hefty opportunity cost incurred by investing in AS Val instead.

Not Recommended.