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A numerical representation of your bond with a T-doll. The higher the number, the closer the bond which gives perks such as an increase of 5% for Accuracy, Evasion and damage at 90 Affection. At maximum affection, Oath becomes available (see Oath for more details) which further increases the affection cap to 150, and grants 5% more to the above stats among other perks. Combined with Mod this had additional perks, see mod entry for details.

Affection can be gained via their participation in battle (leaders / MVP earn more), gifting them costumes / sweets in the dorms, dorm coziness and clicking on them in the dorm daily. Affection can also be lost however. If a T-doll is killed in battle, they lose 10 affection and the others will lose 5. If all are killed, then all will suffer the 10 affection penalty. Retreating, or loss by enemies getting past you don’t have affection penalties. Also, the above does not apply in boss fights or combat simulations.

Alternatively, Affection can refer to Kalina’s affection gained from tapping her daily and purchasing items with gems in the shop. Higher affection increases the range of gifts and the amount of them she can give.


This thing on the doll information screen