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Self-Buff EVASelf-Buff Armor

Buffs MG
Damage +20%
HP 127 → 253x5
DMG 12 → 29
ACC 2 → 13
EVA 2 → 12
RoF 21 → 30
Armor 3 → 24
Clip 5
Crit 40%
Speed 6
Initial CD: 10s
CD: 16s
Survival Instinct: Increase self evasion by 60% and armor by 60% for 6s.




KSG has excellent defensive capabilities due to the fact that she has the highest armor stat among all SGs. Her tile buff is solid, giving MGs the much wanted FP and allowing her to stay in the middle as a maintank.

Her armor at 24 gives her an advantage over other SGs. In later chapters, especially from chapter 6 onwards, it is not a surprise to see enemies having up to 40 FP. For other SGs, they are easily chipped down, but for KSG and her armor, she can effectively reduce damage taken down to 1 if given a gold armor plate (pushing her to 35 armor), fairy buff and if necessary, armor buffs from MGs. It is true that other SGs can achieve this as well by stacking armors via MGs and fairy, but KSG's high armor leaves room for more offensive MGs that do not have any armor buffs like PKMG or PKPMG.

KSG is not without a weakness however. Her skill is very impractical due to having a very high initial cooldown of 10s. It is unlikely that she would ever use her skill in a regular battle, and even if she does, it is not a very useful skill outside of very specific situations. This is her downside comparing to other 5★ SGs among her league who usually come with a much more impressive skill that is not situational (S.A.T.8SG's 2s force shield, Saiga-12SG's nuke, etc.). That is not to say that her skill is useless. If you are willing to discover what it can do, you can pair her with G17HG or Nagant Revolver and rotate between the two skills to greatly increase her tanking potential.