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Ammo hv.png

Speq angelica.png

Self-buff RoF

Buffs AR, SMG
Damage +10%
Accuracy +20%
HP 61 → 121x5
DMG 19 → 55
ACC 7 → 57
EVA 6 → 46
RoF 50 → 75
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 30%
Speed 10
Initial CD: 4s
CD: 12s
Extreme Shooting: Passive: Increase Damage by 12% at the start of battle. This buff gradually decays by 4% every 2s, and is completely removed after 6s. The buff will refresh itself every 10s.

Active: Sacrifice 0% of accuracy to increase Rate of Fire to a fixed 150 for 5s.


  • Unmatched RoF during skill
  • Excellent tile coverage
  • Tiles buff AR and SMG
  • Ability to focus fire unlike AUG


  • Tile buff values not very high
  • Collab Locked doll


AngelicaAR is a doll coming from the Gunslinger Girls collab. Interestingly she is carrying an AUGAR, and shares some of AUGAR’s strengths and weaknesses in herself.

Similar to AUGAR, her tile coverage is amazing, but her buff values are only 10% FP and 20% Accuracy, which is even worse than AUGAR. So it would be a mistake to treat her like a support AR similar to RibeyrollesAR.

In terms of DPS, AngelicaAR’s active skill is essentially identical to AUGAR's with one critical difference: AngelicaAR’s skill has the ability to concentrate fire compared to AUGAR’s random spraying to enemies. This makes AngelicaAR a much more consistent AR to use than AUGAR.

AngelicaAR also has a passive skill which grants her an initial FP buff of 12% which decays over time, and this means that her DPS should be solid in a short battle. However as time goes on and her passive FP buff starts to decay, her DPS would also drop, letting AngelicaAR's poor skill uptime catch up to her and making her overall DPS lower than that of standard ARs.

AngelicaAR's overall DPS is still higher than that of AUGAR, even though AUGAR’s skill lasts longer (7s compared to AngelicaAR’s 5s). This is mostly due to AngelicaAR’s passive skill buff giving her free FP. AUGAR’s better uptime is not sufficient to let her catch up to AngelicaAR’s DPS.

Overall, AngelicaAR can be considered a direct upgrade to AUGAR, however this does not mean that she can compete with most meta ARs since she is not suited for sustained battles - the typical use case for ARs. AngelicaAR's skill is also not good enough for her to deal enough damage to compare to other meta ARs such as ST AR-15ModAR and AN-94AR. She is Optional.