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Sangvis Ringleader encountered in AW, DD, Cube/Cube+ and potentially other events. Her attacks are quite strong and are even sometimes aimed at your backline making her a dangerous adversary. To top it off, her skills have a large area of effect to boot and are centralized at a member of your echelon. Because of this, try not to have units at the center column as one of her skills is a 3x3 area which means anything hit in the center will likely deal a large amount of damage to the rest of your squad. Aside from this, a plus AoE attack can be thrown out as well. Mobile units such as ARSMGs are Recommended due to how much movement is needed when fighting her. Lastly do take note that if your units ever get out of range when fighting her due to maneuvering them around, they might get hit when they maneuver back into range. Micro carefully to avoid this happening! For more information on this enemy and others, check out GFC's Enemy Analytic on the right!


Architect on the map and in battle


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