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Stat which decreases the damage taken by the amount you have. SGs have this stat by default and can be increased via the armored vest SG-exclusive T-Doll equip (minus the fact M16 can also equip it) as well via buff tiles and other fairies. M16 can also obtain a SPEQ which grants her armor helping make her even more effective for 0-2 farming for 1 AR dragging. Take note you cannot completely nullify damage even if the armor stat is higher than the damage you take; instead you will receive 1 damage. Certain enemies have this stat as well so be careful and take that into account.

Can also refer to the Armor Fairy, notable mostly for its high armor aura buff as well as significant boost to both damage and crit damage. Combined with its skill can add a large amount of armor to largely reduce damage, but the use of this can be debatable due to few battles requiring that much armor (ie: Garm Fight in Deep Dive.)