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Ammo hv.png



Buffs SMG
Accuracy +50%
Rate of Fire +25%
HP 58 → 116x5
DMG 16 → 43
ACC 7 → 49
EVA 6 → 41
RoF 52 → 75
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 10
Not Recommended
Initial CD: 8s
CD: 16s
High-Explosive Grenade: Launch a grenade that deals 4.5x/1.8x/1x damage to enemies within a radius of 1/2.5/4 yards.


  • Nothing


  • Low base FP
  • Terrible nade
  • Limited map drop doll (3-6 and 3-4E)


If you have read about high explosive nade and skimmed through this analysis for the big red "Not Recommended", you should know well to avoid using CZ-805.

If you are not convinced, here's the break down. Her stats are unremarkable even for 3★ standard. No strong stats, only weak one, and it happens to be FP which hurts her role as a nader (if high explosive is ever used). She is a 3★ but she is not a budget option due to her rarity as a limited drop.

Her tile buff is enticing, giving a nice combination of RoF and Accuracy. But don't get the wrong idea that she will immediately be useful in a SR-3MPSMG comp, as this is more or less a trap to inexperienced players building a SR-3MPSMG team. Due to the poor placement of her tile, it is not easy to buff SR-3MPSMG, as she needs to take away the valuable position 4 that a buffer tends to sit on, or force SR-3MPSMG to sit in the maintank position. The comp requires not only the buffs, but also the overwhelming DPS of the ARs to reduce the threat down as much as possible in order to protect SR-3MPSMG. Too bad CZ-805 isn't the one for the job.

Of course she's Not Recommended by any means, except if you want her for just completing your collection.