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Carcano M91/38

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Carcano M91/38

Ammo ap.png


Cape 5star.png

Charged ShotSurehit

Buffs RF
Cooldown -10%
HP 37 → 73x5
DMG 47 → 146
ACC 10 → 90
EVA 5 → 44
RoF 22 → 34
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 40%
Speed 7
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 8s
Mask of Hermes: Passive: Attacks have a 70% chance to gain 2 stacks. When stacks reach 18, the next attack against elite enemy will deal 300% damage (4500% against normal enemy) and will reset the stacks.

Active: Immediately gain 18 stacks.


  • Extremely high damage (45x) on skill against non-elite
  • Low intial cooldown and cooldown
  • Passive aspect of the skill allows multiple procs during downtime
  • Significantly higher FP than average
  • Skillshot doesn't miss


  • Mediocre RoF
  • Overkill issues
  • Skill doesn't provide much value as compared to generic FP/RoF choices except for specific mobs
  • High skill investment to be consistent(Skill level 10)


Carcano M91/38RF, more affectionately known as "Purple", "Grape", "Cino", or "Ceno", is an interesting addition to the RF family. She is best known for her quick but very deadly 45x multiplier charged shot that can decimate big targets.

Purple's skill "Mask of Hermes" is a charged-shot skill, but unlike other charged-shot skills, her skill has no aiming time nor scaling mechanic. With its 45x multiplier, Purple is capable of one-shotting most if not all non-elite enemies with minimal to no external FP buffs. It is recommended that players level her skill to SL10, as this will completely eliminate the RNG factor of her Active present when using her skill at lower levels.

While 45x is overkill against most enemies, starting from Chapter 10 onwards the game introduces more enemies with very high health pools (9k+ per link), such as Hydras and Gundams. As these enemies often also pose an extreme threat to your dolls, the ability to take them out quickly is highly valued.

It is worth noting that all non-boss enemies are considered elites until they've stopped once during battle. Beside few trash mobs that are considered perma-elites, enemies such as Uhlans, Typhons, Goliaths and Striders are considered perma-elites and thus cannot have their elite status removed for the sake of Purple's 45x multiplier. Pay attention to these enemies and avoid using Purple against them.

While Carcano M91/38RF is niche, her niche is in very high demand from Chapter 10/Singularity onwards, earning her an overall status of Highly Recommended. Players looking to invest into Carcano M91/38RF should get her skill to 10, as this completely eliminates the chance of bad RNG causing her to not be able to use her skillshot in time if she doesn't get any stacks before 6 seconds.

Enemies that grape can and cannot face due to elite tag