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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.



Ammo ap.png

Speq claes glasses.png


First Volley DPSSelf-Buff FPHP ShieldTeam FP Buff

Buffs SG
Armor +15%
Damage +15%
HP 79 → 157x5
DMG 26 → 79
ACC 4 → 35
EVA 4 → 36
RoF 90 → 139
Armor -
Clip 8
Crit 5%
Speed 4
Not Recommended
Initial CD: 0s
CD: 3s
Thinker’s Key: Passive: While in Charging Mode, this unit cannot perform normal attacks.

For every 2s after a battle has begun, obtain a "Charge" up to a maximum of 5 "Charge"s. Each Charge increases her damage by 25%.

Active: Enter Attack Mode. After Attack Mode expires, reload and remove all damage buff from Charging Mode, then re-enter Charging Mode.

  • When equipped with "Spectacles", Charging Mode grants 8 HP shields to all allied units in front of her* for 5 seconds, up to a maximum of 3 stacks.
  • When equipped with "Meteorite", Charging Mode increases all allies' damage by 5% for 5 seconds, up to a maximum of 3 stacks.
  • When equipped with "Wristwatch", Charging Mode grants her 1 extra ammo.

A unit is "in front" of Claes if they're in a column that's in front of (to the right of the game's screen) the one Claes is currently in.


  • Making MG4 not the worst MG in the game


  • Unable to attack during her charging phase
  • Unacceptably long charging time
  • Overall lackluster DPS even with full charge in both short and long fights
  • Exclusive equipment does almost nothing to her and her team
  • Collab locked doll


There are a lot of ways to tell if a doll is good or not, and when you see all these red flags sticking out from a doll such as ClaesMG. One should just brace themselves and prepare to give her a quick euthanization via an analysis.

And frankly, this is more of an autopsy than an analysis.

To analyze why ClaesMG is terrible, we first have to look at her skill “Thinker’s Key”, her passive is essentially her charging up her shot, the longer the shot is charged, the more FP buff she would deal after charge, and during this charge she cannot attack, meaning she is definitely not qualified to become a first-round burst MG like PKPMG or Gr MG5MG (although ClaesMG is still technically a first volley MG). Worse still is that her passive doesn’t charge when she is moving or reloading, meaning practically if you want to max charge her, you will have to wait for around 12s. Which is how long a battle usually lasts.

After charging her active skill, she could release her charge, gain a 25% FP buff per stack and start attacking. However even with a full 5 stack charge, this is still not good enough to catch up to second round MG such as NegevMG and Lewis GunMG, her damage is barely higher than Gr MG4MG which is not a tall order.

Besides, Gr MG4MG has the advantage of shooting enemy links, reducing frontline SG’s damage taken, unlike ClaesMG which takes time to charge and burst the enemy down all in one go. Hence ClaesMG is considered worse than Gr MG4MG.

Claes' shield is so weak, even the slightest scratch can remove it (Shown by the shield applied to Deagle

Her exclusive equipment also didn’t save her from being called the “worst MG in the game”, "Spectacles" gives any dolls in the frontline 3 stacks max of 8 HP shield, which is so weak that it can be removed simply by blowing at it. “Meteorite” gives the team 3 stacks max of 5% FP buff, which is still not enough to catch up to the meta MG. “Wristwatch” gives her 1 extra ammo which is insignificant if you already have the ammo box equipped already.

In summary, ClaesMG failed in every single aspect of being a good MG, it is so bad, you thought this was some cruel joke made by the devs. To put the final nail in the coffin, I would like to end this analysis with a quote from my colleague

ClaesMG is as shit as the person writing this”.

Not Recommended.