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The level of “comfort” your T-Dolls find in their Dormitories. The higher the comfort level of your dorm, the more batteries can be produced by your condenser every day. The maximum comfort is 21000, but out of that, 10000 is the base while 8000 is obtained via set bonuses by having furniture of the same theme in the dorm. (This increases to +2000, +5000 and finally +8000 with the full set for 5* furniture sets. 2000 is the max increase for 4* furniture sets). The last 3000 comes from 3 pets in the dormitory. The formula for calculating the battery production is as follows (credits to Projekt Night for his discord post on this): (2-10 dorms : 50, 85, 95, 99, 101, 102, 102.5, 103, 103.5) + 11(sum of comfort)/10000-0.1(sum of comfort)^2/100000000 with an error range of ±2. More comfort also increases the rate T-Doll affection increases for dolls in the dorm, but the rate is generally very bad to begin with.