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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.




Ammo hp.png


Debuffs Enemy

Buffs All
Damage +30%
Crit Rate +20%
HP 33 → 66x5
DMG 14 → 46
ACC 9 → 85
EVA 9 → 82
RoF 27 → 44
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 40%
Speed 15
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 12s
Inquisitor's Bullet: After aiming for 1s, fires a special bullet dealing 3x damage, increasing damage taken by 40% and focusing ally fire on the target for 5s. When she's in the front/middle/back row, she will target the furthest/highest HP/nearest enemy respectively, and prioritize bosses if present.


  • Excellent FP tile buff and coverage
  • Good bonus crit rate tile
  • Unique skill redirecting ally fire and amplifying all damage taken to target


  • Low base HP
  • Skill not suitable for regular mobbing


Ahem. Uhhh. Contender, everybody. Give it up for our good ol' Contender here. Yes. Alright.

Contender is a special 5★ HG, in that her skill doesn't buff her allies. She is an amplifier HG whose skill marks an enemy, directing focus fire towards them while amplifying their damage towards said target. In addition, she can also equip AP rounds, giving her a situational role in Typhon busting gunboat (4MG 1HG). If a boss is present, her skill will target them. Otherwise, she'll target according to the tile she stands on at the time of skill activation, targeting furthest/highest HP/nearest enemy when she is in the front/middle/back row. This means you can move her to a different tile to better control her targeting. Her marking ability makes her favored for boss killing teams. However, do note that Contender's retarget ability does not overwrite a specified targeting a doll has from skill. Ex. Am RFBAR will not retarget to the marked enemy, she'll still follow her normal backline priority during skill duration.

Despite buffing FP, she does not replace a FP HG in their role. Her tiles have astounding coverage along with useful buff combination of FP and crit. However, due to her skill being a single-target amplifier, only the affected target takes additional damage. This makes her a poor option for mobbings in general, especially if your team lacks the damage to brute-force multiple armored enemies present on the battlefield, where Contender can only amplify against one, leaving the others untouched. Keep this in mind if you decide to use her as a substitution for a more generalist team-wide buffer like GrizzlyHG.

Another misconception is her role in 5HG. Contender has impressive FP and Accuracy stats on top of the higher base crit rate and the ability to use AP ammo. But what tends to be overlooked is her very low RoF and her single-target skill. Due to the low RoF, she is very lacking when it comes to mobbing. The strength of 5HG comes from the interwoven skill buffs from multiple HGs, leading to their surprisingly powerful post-6s DPS, which Contender sadly does not contribute to. Armors are not a favorable match-up for 5HG, and having only 1 HG capable of bypassing armor does not necessarily improve their chances against those either. 5HG is not an Exodia (single DPS + 4 buffers) after all.

Contender has a solid niche to fulfill with her single-target burst damage. She may not find herself being used all the time, but when a situation arises, she is definitely Recommended.