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Dana Zane

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Dana Zane

Speq dana.png




Buffs MG
Damage +15%
Accuracy +15%
HP 135 → 269x5
DMG 15 → 38
ACC 2 → 15
EVA 2 → 13
RoF 18 → 26
Armor 3 → 22
Clip 1
Crit 40%
Speed 6
Initial CD: 8s
CD: 18s
Crimson Geyser: Jump up and pound the ground to create a big explosion, dealing 0.6x damage to enemies within a radius of 2 yards and knocking them back. Every point of armor increases the damage by 1%.

Normal attack: Launch an exploding rocket punch that deals 1.8x damage to a single target with a 10% knockback chance (does not stack with slug ammo).

Favorite Drink: When buffed by a Big Beer, gain 0.5 point of shield HP per point of armor.


  • High base HP
  • Excellent tile buff and coverage
  • Guaranteed knockback on skill


  • Limited collab doll (VA11-Hall-A)
  • Can only target 1 enemy
  • Only 1 clip size
  • Skill doesn't do much damage
  • Shield is nice and all but requires JillHG to solely buff SGs


Best Boss has arrived! Get ready your wings and beer for she's bout to suplex you out of this ring!

DanaSG's a pretty straightforward SG. With a decent armor value and amazing tiles, she's literally just there to soak up damage and buff your MGs. Unfortunately, her own personal performance is often not as desirable.

DanaSG suffers from having 1 clip size, forcing her to reload after every shot. Her passive unfortunately does not help her out as much by limiting her to single targetting. SGs do not only rely on their inherent tankiness and skill to soak up damage, but they also rely on their normal attacks for knockbacks. By targeting only one at a time coupled with the reload in between shot, she cannot knock anything back but the single enemy she targets, and only do so every 2 seconds at a low chance. While her skill can compensate this somewhat with its AoE guaranteed knockbacks, the application is limited due to being an AoE, and hitting the wrong area could mean the skill would go to waste. Its multiplier is low and does not have the same bursting potential of Burst Impact nor ElpheltSG's Genoverse, resulting in poor offensive capability. Although DanaSG has an option (JillHG) to greatly improve these areas, it is a very specific set-up that is situational (2nd volley) and sacrifices offensive capability of other dolls.

Overall, DanaSG is Optional. The tile buff and her accessiblity for those who participated during the collab make her a decent pick if you lack good SGs. If you don't need anything from a SG other than to soak damage and give your MGs great tiles, DanaSG will do the job just fine.