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GrenadierAoE 416AR is currently the only 5★ AP nade AR, and she has well-rounded stats which allows a variety of buffs to be applied with great effect.

416AR’s Anti-Personnel Grenade excels in dealing high AoE damage to enemies who were beefy enough to survive until its initial cooldown. 416’s grenade has the most powerful multiplier of 15x thanks to her 5★ rating, letting her one-shot most enemies. Her tile buff is also extremely powerful; no other AR can provide a 40% FP buff to SMGs.

Her SPEQ, the EOT XPS3, is an equipment that combines the traits of an EOT and a VFL. Despite its lower Crit Rate, the EOT XPS3 actually adds about as much damage as a VFL thanks to its other stat bonuses and lack of an RoF penalty. When enemies start coming with enough HP to survive AP grenades, this SPEQ can become quite useful to have for day battles.

As a grenadier with a high initial cooldown, 416AR is not as flexible as self-buffer ARs and cannot take advantage of her strong skill in all situations. For fights shorter than her Initial Cooldown or boss battles where her AoE damage is irrelevant, self-buffing ARs are often preferable.

For naders however, she remains one of the top picks if you need an AR that can output a steady amount of damage and can deal with hordes well. Recommended against large hordes of beefy enemies.



Night FocusSelf-Buff FP
  • Low base FP
  • Poor skill uptime
9A-91AR, also referred to as the "Night Princess" for her ability to make short work of armored enemies, thanks to her 180% FP self-buff during night battles.

As a night AR, 9A-91AR is tasked with the job of dealing with both armored and regular enemies during nighttime. While her relatively low base FP stat of 42 makes her daytime performance absolutely atrocious, at night her incredible skill multiplier of 180% lets her mow down her foes, even letting her brute force armored enemies in earlier chapters due to the sheer FP boost.

Despite being a night specialist, newer contents have been pushing 9A-91AR and her partner OTs-14AR to their limit. Their short skill duration and long cooldown is unsuitable against large hordes of tanky enemies commonly seen in these newer contents. This flaw is especially deadly when fighting against large numbers of armored enemies as 9A-91AR is incapable of dealing meaningful damage when her skill is down, putting her team at risk. As a result, she is no longer a no-brainer option for night fights and the task is more often being assigned to ARs with better skill uptime or more specialised kits, or shared with RFs.

With that said, 9A-91AR is still Recommended for night, particularly if you have her SPEQ which buffs her performance to be nearly on par with OTs-14AR. Being an accessible powerhouse, 9A-91AR is a low-cost easy-to-use doll that can take care of many easier night battles.



Self-Buff FPSelf-buff RoFSelf-Buff Acc
  • Well rounded and self-sufficient AR
  • High base Accuracy
  • High base FP
  • Excellent tile buffs and coverage
  • High skill uptime
The other Slav AR, AK-12 truly backs up her smug appearance with her combat capabilities, bringing in a combination of every offensive buffs with the exception of multi-shots and crit damage.

With her incredible tiles and her self-sufficient nature, AK-12 fits the tile 1 position perfectly. Able to buff offtank SMGs from her spot while not being as reliant on RoF buffs that most offtank SMG provide, AK-12 raises the overall offensive aspect of the team, while being an incredible damage output source herself.

While her skill may not appear extraordinary to most people at first, Accuracy is often pretty underestimated due to AR's naturally high hit rate in their base stats or with PEQ. AK-12 however is able to take advantage of the stats alongside her RoF + FP buff and the slight crit chance boost, making her almost independent from any needs of tile buffs provided by SMGs.

You'd likely be looking to buff up AK-12 with more FP, since she's self-sufficient in every other area. A small amount of RoF would be fine, but she'd often overcap with most sources of RoF buffs. Since FP has no upper limit, she'd definitely enjoy shredding enemies with any FP buff she can be given to.

AK-12 earns a Highly Recommended status, being an all-rounder without many flaws.



  • Amazing passive
  • High base Accuracy
  • High base FP
  • Excellent tile coverage
  • Skill is amazing at all skill levels
  • High skill uptime
The quiet Slav AR has finally arrived, paired with her exceedingly overwhelming abilities. With an incredible base stat to boot, this combination makes AN-94 a truly terrifying force against SF scum.

AN-94 provides an excellent tile buff for any SMG with her incredible coverage + Accuracy/Evasion combo. Maintanks love the Evasion while DPS SMGs love the high Accuracy bonus as well. With her unusually high Accuracy, decent RoF and great damage, AN-94 provides an excellent opener, dealing essentially double damage upon every target switch.

During her active, she gains the double shot permanently, removing any criteria for the double shot to proc. Keep in mind that even while she changes targets while her skill is active, it'd still be a double shot. Simply buff AN-94 with any FP/RoF buff and she'll decimate anything that isn't armored or shielded by pesky force shields. While she loses out to Gr G11AR during first skill activation, post 11s is where AN-94 is able to catch up, overtake and maintain excellently consistent DPS.

AN-94 earns a Highly Recommended status, giving quite a throwback to Gr G11AR's apperance but with much better uptime.



Night FocusSelf-Buff FPSurehit
  • Can get a DPS boost from using a crit scope over than PEQ in night battles
  • Hard counter towards high evasion enemies
  • Require a specific composition for maximum skill 2 uptime
  • Relatively expensive setup
AS ValModAR, the literal definition of zero to hero.

Her mod already fixes her most glaring issues by addressing her tiles and buffing her previously abysmal FP, especially once she gets her exclusive +24 FP ammo SPEQ at MOD 3, which gives 4 more FP than a standard gold HV round. But to explain why she is so good, we need to first understand her skill 2, “Faith”. This passive skill grants her perfect Accuracy for 3 seconds upon receiving FP buffs from herself, other dolls or fairies. With sufficiently high skill 2 uptime, she can replace her PEQ with a crit scope during night battles. This gives her a massive DPS boost, easily beating OTs-14AR and 9A-91AR’s damage in night battles.

Her perfect Accuracy also makes her a hard counter to high Evasion enemies in night battles. Enemies such as scouts and Kentaoros (Archers) can be easily dealt with due to her skill. Her DPS can even surpass ST AR-15ModAR in this situation.

However keep in mind that in order to maintain this perfect Accuracy, she needs a team that can consistently activate an FP buff for her so that her skill 2 is almost always up. So far the best setup would be using PythonHG and/or M1895ModHG with a fervor fairy, and this setup can be quite expensive for new players. With only a normal FP buffing HG or Damage I/II talent fairy setup, AS Val cannot maintain her skill 2 uptime long enough to justify switching to a crit scope, and it would be better to stick to a PEQ setup in this case. (See below for more details).

AS ValModAR is what every Not Recommended doll dreams of becoming one day when they receive a digimind upgrade. Her mod fixes her most glaring weaknesses, her exclusive equipment provides her with a nifty FP increase, and her skill 2 makes her a night battle DPS powerhouse with the right setup. Just make sure that you have the right team setup if you want to draw out her maximum potential. Make way OTs-14AR, for the new night queen has arrived!

Highly Recommended.

Uptime Analysis

AS Val Mod's Skill 2 uptime in different compositions (Shown in orange)




Night FocusSelf-Buff FPSelf-buff RoFSelf-Buff Acc
  • Good initial CD and great uptime
  • Good performance in day
CZ2000 was first introduced to the EN server by way of end of Singularity Chapter 1 reward (Re-Ignition 4). She has an interesting kit that's fairly versatile for both the day time and the night time. She features an awkard tile position in relation to her buff as RoF generally is useless for an offtank, you'll find better offtank buffers than her but the Evasion is welcomed.

As a point of comparison CZ2000 in terms of her day time stats and performance is similar to that of Gr G41AR. Her statline is similar to Gr G41AR trading base damage and Accuracy for higher base RoF. CZ2000 skill is similar in uptime and usage as Gr G41AR's as well, featuring a crit rate increase and damage instead of a higher standalone base damage increase, in practice due to her crit rate increase it closes the game and makes their in day within the margin of error of each other that I'd say It's generally a draw.

At Night CZ2000 finds herself unusually in a worse position than her buff in the daytime. The RoF increase boosts her to 12 frames, which means she caps out her RoF making any RoF tile/skill buffs useless for her, her Accuracy increase is a small effective damage increase but doesn't really add much to the table. Her night capabilities aren't so impressive when compared to other night queens, her performance at night while not mediocre is what you'd expect out of a normal 4★ AR, nothing more, nothing less.

CZ2000 is a welcome gift that may be slightly overshadowed for the more veteran players but if you're new and looking for a 4★ doll that overall puts up a good show then I'm inclined to say she may be worth it. The fairly cheap cost for performance when compared to her 5★ opponents pushes her over the line to the Recommended category, and congrats on clearing chapter 1 for those who got her through singularity!



  • Low base RoF
  • High SL investment
  • Nades take a while to be launched
  • Immobilized during skill animation
The 5★ T-Doll rewarded from the first in-app purchase in EN. Many people are likely to have our fashionista in their armory. FAL is a nade AR, which means she should be very similar to 416AR and M4 SOPMOD IIAR, right? Not really.

Despite being a nade AR, FAL can also handle generic battles with ease. It's all thanks to her unique nade skill, being separated into 3 more modest nades instead of 1 single overkilling nade. On top of that, the skill also has a shorter initial cooldown of 6s comparing to the usual 8s of other nade skills. FAL can unleash her nades earlier as well as spread their destructive power out properly. As a trade-off, she takes longer to deploy all 3 nades, and she relies heavily on skill investment to make her weaker nades more lethal.

On the other hand, her stat spread is not as well-balanced as your typical naders 416AR and M4 SOPMOD IIAR. Her poor RoF affects her performance outside her nade, and the FP advantage tends to not make up for the difference. A minor set-back as FAL is specialized at causing large AoE destruction, rather than providing constant damage output. She is Recommended for corpse dragging.



Self-Buff FP
  • High skill uptime
  • Third day Frontline Supplies reward
  • Low base RoF
  • Low multiplier due to low rarity
A glutton who holds high regards towards sweets and snacks. FNC is one hell of a budget AR that has been shown to far surpass our expectations for a 3★ AR.

As a starter, FNC has high FP at 51, while having a modest RoF of 73. Her tile buff is enough to help with SMG's Evasion. Her skill buff is downgraded from Gr G41AR's and M4A1AR's skill, 60% FP increase for 5s, but a good skill regardless if you take into account how high FNC's base FP stat is for a 3★ AR. Another thing worthy of note about her skill is the good 5s initial CD and 8s CD, making it a 3s downtime only for FNC. This allows her to work nicely in either general battles or drawn out battles that can be handled by an ARSMG echelon. All these considered gives her more milage even as a budget AR.

A really great budget AR that sees many uses and can still pull her weight in both the early and mid game, though will be outshone by higher rarity ARs.

She is definitely Recommended for early game.

Gr G11AR


  • Low base FP
  • Long initial CD
  • Not as good against armor due to low FP and skill not directly affective FP stats
  • High skill investment (SL9)
Gr G11AR, the Sleepo Beepo. Despite her lethargy and listlessness, she was once among the best ARs in the game. Although she is no longer a best-in-slot AR against the new factions, she remains a powerhouse against older enemies such as Sangvis Ferri due to her powerful burst damage.

Gr G11AR’s base FP is low, but she makes up for it with her amazingly high RoF of 95. With her high RoF, she only requires a 23% RoF buff to cap (see RoF chart for more info). This also means she synergizes very well with units like VectorSMG/KLINSMG (25% RoF tile), RibeyrollesAR (23% RoF buff at SL8) or a combo of SR-3MPSMG and C-MSSMG (18% + 5%). In return, she can provide the offtank with 30% FP from her tile buff. This makes Gr G11AR a great team player and she’ll find her place fairly easily in ARSMG teams, especially when her powerful skill is synced with RibeyrollesAR.

Gr G11AR's Eye of the Assaulter, upon activated, allows Gr G11AR to shoot 3 bullets at once, effectively tripling her DPS. With its insane burst, Gr G11AR is more than capable of finishing many battles before the duration is over. As a trade off, the skill's cooldown is long and its uptime is only 4.5s. This poor uptime makes Gr G11AR unsuitable for lengthy battles, whether they are boss fights or simply large tanky Paradeus hordes that can survive her initial burst, as her effectiveness greatly diminishes once her skill is down.

The property of giving additional bullets rather than FP multiplier means Gr G11AR generally performs poorly against heavily armored opponents as the armor reduction applies to every bullet, each of which already deals relatively low damage thanks to Gr G11AR’s low FP.

Despite her drawbacks, Gr G11AR is a strong pick and is Recommended. An excellent AR with great team synergy, Gr G11AR can handle contents as long as her short uptime does not hold her back.



Self-Buff FPSelf-buff RoF
  • Amazing all-rounder
  • Evasion buff can easily hit both tanks
  • Usable in many scenarios due to how versatile her skill is
  • Stuck at 75 RoF until level 120
  • Skill buffs off tiles, therfore requiring some micro/thoughts on t-doll positioning during battles
  • RoF buffs only lasts for 5s instead for the entire skill 1 duration
Gr G36AR's mod plays heavily on her strength of buffing offtanks while maintaining superior FP on her own side. She gets a much needed upgrade on her first skill, matching that of Gr G41AR, while also receiving amazing utility via her MOD2 skill.

Her MOD2 skill revolves around mainly supporting the frontline, while giving herself a pretty neat amount of RoF. Her MOD2 skills has a slight hint of TAR-21AR's and ART556AR's, but with a much better uptime, with an FP buff and a similar uptime on RoF (even though it's lower in value). The combination of her tiles paired with the Evasion buff for the frontline however comes into play very often. Having almost everything covered for your frontline offtank aside from Accuracy, G36ModAR provides great buffs for SMGs such as SR-3MPSMG or JS9. 25% EVA, while not very high, is pretty good considering that you're bringing 2 DPS (G36ModAR + offtank) which synergize with each other well, as compared to having to bring something like Gr G11AR + SR-3MPSMG + HG/Accuracy buffing AR. In addition, she does have the benefit of buffing the maintank, further increasing the surivability of the team. Unlike MDRAR, she doesn't neglect her own DPS either while providing the Evasion buff for SMGs as an offtank buffer AR. She also offers much more versatility with the pure simplicity and effectiveness of FP/RoF as compared to Gr G11AR, who focuses on bursting with multiple shots, occasionally having issues with higher armor targets.

However, G36ModAR suffers having 75 RoF till level 120 which brings her up to 76. While they don't differ when buffless, most offtank RoF tiles that buffs AR can't be fully utilized with 75 RoF. An example would be SR-3MPSMG and VectorSMG's tiles. With 75 RoF, she'd require 19% to go from 19 frames to 16 frames and 26% to go to 15 frames. With 76 however, she only needs 18% and 24% respectively. Minmaxers should take note of this aspect when upgrading G36ModAR.

Overall, she earns a "Recommended" status. The utility and versatility of her MOD is good in majority of the circumstances ARSMG are used in and she doesn't have any noticeable flaws, but she doesn't bring anything new to the team either.

Gr G41AR


Self-Buff FP
  • Jack of all trades in term of stats, skill and tiles, easy to fit into any team
  • Good initial CD and great uptime
  • Versatility means not always the #1 choice in more specific scenarios
Having balanced stats spread, a powerful skill and a basic but nonetheless useful tiles, G41 "Homete" is simple yet effective as a 5★ AR. She is often refered to as the benchmark 5★ AR due to her being an all rounder. Good base stats, decent initial CD, decent uptime, as well as a decent tile buffs.

G41 puts a good show in both bossing and mobbing scenarios. As stated previously, her balanced RoF and FP enables her to deal constant damage to mobs while her uptime sucessfully makes her a formidable asset for both mobbing and bosses alike. Her tile buff coverage allows her to take any position in the backline, while still being able to buff at least one SMG. G41's damage increase buff and uptime also makes her a decent option for light armor punching at Night when you need it, especially given her good uptime. She won't be on the same level as OTs-14AR and the other night ARs during nighttime, but she pulls her weight pretty well regardless.

However, being one of the oldest ARs in the game, G41 provides nothing unique to the table. She is a walking stats stick, jack of all trades, master of none. With each new content comes new gimmicks that require more specific setups to effectively counter, being versatile means G41 is never the best pick when specialisation is needed.

G41 is Recommended. Balanced stats, tiles and a versatile skill makes her the swiss army knife of ARs.



  • High base FP
  • Lower ICD than standard (also faster animation than FALAR)
  • Instantly launches all nades (Not affected by RoF for activation)
  • Good tile buff and coverage
  • Has additional AoE damage if Grenade hits a marked target
  • Shoots grenades randomly (Can be useful or detrimental)
  • Number of nades is based on Links
  • Initial Nade impact lowers enemy link count making grenades following having to deal with a lower multiplier if you hit the same enemy
  • Smaller radius for each grenade (1 yard)
  • Shoots grenades randomly (Can be useful or detrimental)
K11 is another unique Nader AR that excels in general use scenarios but doesn't take away from the other nader ARs roles. On the surface, K11 comes with decent balanced stats spread and quite a strong tile buff that can support both maintank and offtank. The most important aspect of a nader is their nade, and K11's nade is not as straight forward as other nades. To break it down, her nade functions like this:

- On skill activation, K11 launches a number of grenades equal to her current link count to random targets, each dealing 4x her base damage. - Once a nade connects with an enemy, it will mark the target and make the enemy incur an addition 2x AoE damage for subsequent connected nades.

In theory, if all 5 of her nades hit the same target, she can hit a total of 28x worth of nade damage: - 5 (number of K11's links) * 4 (damage multiplier) + 4 (5 which is number of nades hit - 1) * 2 (additional damage on marked target) = 28x nade damage at max.

But there's an issue with this and it's in the case of linked enemies, one huge glaring issue is that this 28x nade is in reality not entirely true, the issue being that you have to remember that the AoE damage applied to the enemies is multiplied by the number of enemy links alive. In the case of 416AR and M4 SOPMOD IIAR, their strength is launching one very powerful nade to the enemies links, dealing one line of very high damage, while K11 deals up to 9 seperated lines of low damage, 5 from her nade, and 4 from the bonus damage of hitting the marked enemies. In practice, her first nade is likely to wipe out a few links from the enemies, making subsequent nades weaker (nade scales with enemies' link count). Due to this defect, remember to still buff K11's damage as a multiplier of 4x is fairly low. 416AR/M4 SOPMOD IIAR fair much better at killing enemies with high HP and links (Ie. Hydras, Manticores)

K11 has her advantages though, She's a swifter nader than FALAR as her animation is faster (35 frames compared to FALAR's 41 frames) and dispenses all the nade at once. K11 also does not have to follow normal nader conventions of seeking the highest health enemy as she will shoot randomly, making her able to kill Jaegers or ignore some Guards (albeit with some RNG, which can actually make this a double edge sword).

K11 has some RNG associated with her but is able to launch destruction across the battlefield in a reasonable time period making her powerful in mobbing scenarios. She's not a replacement to any of the unique naders but adds another utility that's strong in general use, just make sure you got your lucky dice. Recommended.

Doc detailing how K11's skill works



Debuffs Self
  • High early DPS with Fever Mode
  • Fever Mode can bypass dummy link protection with triple shot
  • Crippled against armors
  • DPS drops after entering Heat Mode for too long, or Note Mode
  • Does not synergize with long cooldown skill buffs due to timing with Heat or Note Mode
KR's exclusive t-doll, K2, has a fairly complicated-sounding skill that essentially boils down to a mechanic that makes her do amazing early DPS while falling off after the 8s mark.

K2 starts out strong in Fever Mode where she shoots 3 bullets at once for up to 52% damage each, effectively shredding unarmored enemy units. As K2 attacks, she accumulates Heat counters that penalize her damage output after 16+ stacks. Heat can only be removed by attacking in Note mode, which also reduces K2’s DPS. In a sense, K2’s strong early damage output that falls off is the opposite of most dolls, who starts out weak but gets stronger during skill activation.

As one of the few ARs with high early DPS like Type95AR and Type97AR, K2 can effectively take out dangerous, speedy and close spawning enemies such as Dragoons or Brutes, and does the job even better thanks to her triple shot bypassing dummy link protection.

While K2 is deadly against unprotected low health targets, she is absolutely helpless against armor as Fever Mode penalizes her per-shot damage to the point where even light armor cripples K2’s damage output. She also has poor synergy with just about any skill buff, since by the time any skill buff is activated, she would be close to swapping from Fever to Note Mode. This leaves her with a rather weak long term DPS potential, even with the constant mode swapping.

Her Note Mode serves more as a period of inactivity rather than a proper damage stance. Even though Note Mode lets her amp up her single target damage up to 63% at max stack, it requires her to fight against unfavored match-ups (bosses and high health elites where movement speed is often necessary) and building up the stacks in the first place takes a long time as well. In such fights, other high uptime ARs like ST AR-15AR or even standard self-buffers like Gr G41AR tend to outperform K2 substantially.

K2 is strong and nearly unmatched when sweeping unarmored enemies with her powerful triple shot in Fever Mode. She is Recommended, but only against non-armored units.

○ It is recommended to improve both her RoF for fast target switching, as well as her FP to compensate for her low damage per shot. While RoF makes her build up Heat stacks faster, its improvement to K2’s early killing potential is often much more important than letting her do very slightly more damage after the 5-6s mark.



Crowd Control
  • Can equip armor plate
  • One of a kind stun grenade

among ARs

  • Serves as a unique tank role
  • Easily accessible as a story t-doll
  • Cannot deal sufficient DPS

as an AR

  • Cannot equip accessory
  • Can only be obtained once (4-6)
M16 is a unique AR, not for her damage dealing potential, but rather her uniquely defensive nature due to her two t-doll equipment slots and the ability to equip armor plate. By trading away the offensive capability of an AR, she is able to function as a tank, especially popular for corpse dragging.

Unlike the traditional SMGs and SGs, M16 is neither evasive nor well-armored enough to handle difficult contents. She also lacks the naturally high HP and buff synergies of either types. What she makes up, however, is her ability to completely nullify any threat that cannot bypass her armor. While SGs can do the same, they are too expensive to deploy and can still be chipped down slowly due to having no Evasion. M16 with both sufficiently high Evasion and armor can effectively reduce the damage taken of those she can tank to almost nothing. She makes for the ultimate tank in corpse dragging, stomping low level maps as you level your new t-dolls. As niche as her role may be, she takes part in one of the most fundamental aspect of the grind by being the most cost effective tank in the whole game.

For the time being, she is best used exclusively as a tank for 0-2 corpse drag. However, if there is any situation where the enemies cannot outdamage her armor, she is an ideal option to fend them off. Niche, but definitely Recommended once you have decided to work on your 0-2 corpse dragging squad.



  • Can equip 2 accessories
  • Easily accessible as a story t-doll
  • Has no self-buff to take advantage of her stats
  • High equipment investment
  • Can only be obtained once (3-3)
The AR Team's second member of the AR team, M4 SOPMOD IIAR is a nade AR and one of two ARs who can equip 2 accessories instead of 1, at the cost of the exoskeleton slot.

M4 SOPMOD II excels at clearing hordes of enemies with a devastating grenade. Her excellent offensive stats and double scope advantage gives her better DPS than other naders, especially at night. As a result, she is one of the few ARs capable of dragging 0-2 effectively, and is often a reliable option for other 1AR drags that become available in the future.

As with any nader, M4 SOPMOD IIAR doesn't get to show off her strength in short fights or boss battles, due to her long initial cooldown. Recommended against large hordes of beefy enemies.

○ It is Recommended to run VFL + ITI on M4 SOPMOD IIAR if there is no RoF buff on her and the extra 8 FP isn't needed. Otherwise, use VFL + EOT. (For night battles, run VFL + PEQ instead.)



  • Excellent base stats with high crit rate and double scopes
  • Powerful cluster nade for greater AoE coverage
Toppest of doggos, M4 SOPMOD IIAR receives a sizeable upgrade to her stats, but most importantly her grenades, making her one of the best grenadier ARs in the game.

Coming from an already high base stats from, M4 SOPMOD IIAR now has 30% base crit rate, a trait previously shared with only AUGAR and Am RFBAR. Her MOD 3 special equipment is also a significant upgrade to an EOT, further improving her stats. If given 190+ affection bonus from oath, M4 SOPMOD IIAR can reach a pre-skill DPS of a weaker self-buffer such as Type95AR, and even higher with map bonuses which she regularly receives as one of the protagonists.

The biggest upgrade to M4 SOPMOD IIAR's kit however is her second skill Hysterical Circus. With this skill, her grenade now splits into 3 smaller ones on impact, dealing additional AoE damage. Most grenadiers that launch a single grenade suffer from the potential aiming difficulties when launching one into a swarm; sometimes it hits spectacularly and wipes out groups of enemies, other times it hits one lone enemy that is far from being a threat. M4 SOPMOD IIAR alleviates this problem by splitting her grenade, finishing off stragglers after the first one even if they are not close to the initial point of impact. Although M4 SOPMOD IIAR is not often used alongside M4A1AR, if you do pair them together, keep in mind that the additional grenades prioritize M4A1AR's target, potentially reducing the explosion coverage as they will all land on the same target.

She is Recommended to upgrade. MOD2 is a stopping point for her to get her cluster nades, and MOD3 is a worthy consideration if you feel the need for more stats from her special equipment and possible her oath bonus.



Self-Buff FP
  • Can only be obtained once (2-6)
M4A1 is a mixed of support and DPS AR, and the very first story t-doll any player can acquire. She is one of the very few ARs capable of buffing other ARs, a very unique trait only 2 other ARs in the whole game possess: RibeyrollesAR, AUGAR. This makes her a valuable asset for 3AR2SMG teams, as she can then buff the other 2 ARs beside her, highly increasing the DPS of the whole team, while also dealing decent amounts of damage herself.

Speaking of dealing damage, M4A1 is a powerhouse herself. Having good overall stats and a strong skill, she is capable of dishing out a ton of damage. While it is rare to see her topping the damage chart due to her fellow ARs gaining her own tile buffs, she is still a very capable fighter.

M4A1's signature trait is her tile buff. Not only does she buff ARs, she gives them good buffs. FP and crit rate is a very powerful combination, pushing the high crit rate of a typical AR to very close to cap while giving them their much needed FP.

M4A1 overall provides great support through tile buff and good damage dealing potential. The fact that she can be obtained as early as chapter 2 makes her a very beginner-friendly doll and a must-have AR throughout the game. Highly Recommended.



HP ShieldTeam EVA BuffSelf-Buff FPSelf-buff RoF
  • Shitposts
  • Skill depends on if an ally is front
  • Requires kiting or no ally in front for offensive skill
  • AR doing SMG's job while the SMG does the AR's job
Here comes that shitposter extraordinaire, MDR herself!

MDR's kit is unlike anything we've seen before, providing a whole lot of options with her two-faced skill. Firstly, when her skill activates without anyone in front, it provides a mixture of RoF and DMG buff for herself. While the magnitude of both buffs might not be the highest, when combined together it's actually very potent. Paired with her outstanding DMG/RoF distribution, her damage output becomes apparent, matching if not outperforming Gr G41AR on identical skill uptime. The second part of the skill changes greatly if someone (be it 1 or 4 t-doll) is standing right in front of her, making MDR give her frontline a shield similar to S.A.T.8SG's shield. The 40 HP shield may not seem much on paper, but when paired with the massive 80% Evasion boost, it becomes clear that the shield itself is deceptively long lasting.

Where MDR also shines is in her tiles for offensive SMGs, providing the much needed 65% Accuracy and 25% FP. Her tiles positioning also means she'd often sit behind the offensive SMG itself in F formation, otherwise in position 4 in B formation. When using her to focus on the frontliner, she'd pretty much be doing the SMG's job of making the composition tankier, while the offensive SMG, if you choose to run SR-3MPSMG, would have to make up for it by bringing the lost Firepower MDR has traded away. This has strong application when damage is not what you need for the fight. One of them is nullifying scratch damage over multiple mook battles, the other capitalizes on the incredible Evasion buff on the maintank to win attrition battles (boss fights). Should the Evasion/shielding not be needed, you can always move someone away from the front of MDR to go offensive.

To sum it up, MDR falls somewhere into the Recommended/Niche category. You'd definitely have to pay attention to the fights when using MDR, but the rewards can be immense under the right situations.



Self-buff RoF
  • Good tile buffs for off tanks
  • High multiplier despite low rarity
  • Good initial CD and great uptime
  • A copy is obtained for free from completing the career quest for 1-6
  • Low base FP
  • Skill awkwardly cannot cap RoF
  • Only drops on later maps
Despite bearing the OTs moniker, OTs-12 is far apart from OTs-14AR's night supremacy. Instead boasting a strong tile buff and placement, she is the budget choice for commanders who need a budget DPS AR who can get the job done.

As a 3★, she appears frequently from AR crafts, but farming copies of her is unwise, as her drop locations are relatively scarce by comparison to others, with the earliest drop map being 5-5 and 5-6. This does not limit her from being used as players will obtain a free OTs-12 from completing the 1-6 career quest. This allows her to be used with the equally accessible option of FF FNCAR (until ST AR-15AR makes herself known, but can still be a formidable option for a second ARSMG after the first).

Performance wise, OTs-12 is on the higher end for 3★ ARs in terms of DPS, only slightly below FF FNCAR in term of DPS but can overtake the latter in term of mobbing thanks to her high RoF from self-buff. Her base FP stat of 42 is on the lower side, but the typical early game team can provide much needed FP to overcome this weakness.

It is worth noting that she should be left at SL7 (109 RoF, 13 frames per attack) (Read more in Info), as she gains zero benefit from going higher due to the RoF buff not providing enough to lower her frame per attack (At SL10, she reaches 115 RoF, which is still 13 frames per attack).

OTs-12 is Recommended for early game.



Night FocusSelf-Buff FP
  • Poor skill uptime
  • Limited event doll (Operation CUBE)
Ahh, OTs-14AR, also known as the "Night Queen" and rightfully so, as her huge 200% damage self buff makes her a prime candidate for night ARSMG compositions. Being able to chew through armored enemies like butter makes her a valuable asset for such setups.

As a night AR, OTs-14AR has one of the strongest self-buff ability under nighttime condition, making up for her weak base stats. With her unmatched multiplier, she is one of the few ARs capable of mowing down armored foes.

While OTs-14AR has been incredibly effective during the past, with newer events coming out, her shortcomings are more apparent. Although 200% FP self-buff is strong, OTs-14AR and her partner 9A-91AR have a very short skill uptime. With a 6s skill duration and a long downtime afterward, when given the task of clearing out armored units, OTs-14AR can put your team under great risk of failure as her power drops significantly once her skill is down. As enemies become tankier and come in larger number, OTs-14AR's usage has dropped in favor of ARs with better skill uptime and more specialised kits, or RFs in general.

With that said, OTs-14AR is still Recommended for night. Although she is not the best in every situation against new contents, she may still come in handy especially for players without the cutting-edge modded ARs.



Self-Buff FPSelf-Buff Acc
  • Very high base FP
  • Very high base Accuracy
  • Unique skill that changes her targeting to backline
The Rifle Forward-ejection Bullpup, or RFB, is a gas-operated bullpup, semi-automatic DMR (Desginated Marksman Rifle) that uses 7.62mm or .308 Winchester ammunition. RFB's kit reflects her real life counterpart well, boasting the highest FP amongst ARs as well as the highest Accuracy stat. She also boasts a base critical rate of 30% instead of the default 20%, allowing you to reach the critical rate cap much more easily. However, she has an atrocious RoF stat of 54, making it the lowest RoF stat of any AR, greatly impeding her DPS due to slow target switching.

RFB's skill Ammo Supremacy changes her target priority to backline while gaining a damage and Accuracy boosts along with it. This is a powerful ability, but it has a relatively long ICD of 6s. In combination with the inability to use AP ammunition, she is not a replacement to RFs. The skill's main selling point and what propels RFB to become an irreplaceable option in some compositions is that she is able to bypass the very, very tanky frontline that some high priority threats use to protect themselves (eg Jaegers with Scouts or Guards). Given enough time, she can be effective at sniping down backline threats like Jaegers, Nemeums and Strikers while having all the benefits of an AR, including the ability to equip a PEQ at night.

The key to success when running RFB is picking the right fights. As previously mentioned, RFB can do her backline sniping job well if given enough time or against enemies that RFHG cannot handle. This becomes apparent when fighting against SWAP Jaegers during nighttime, as these enemies come with Evasion. Long fights where the enemies have the ability to spawn additional mobs such as Fail from DJMAX collab is also within her specialty. Her surprisingly long skill duration helps during such fights where she can continuously deal high damage with no risk of overkilling while having the ability to switch to the mobs to reduce the pressure from the tanks.

To conclude, RFB has a niche job. She is Recommended as the only AR with a backline targeting ability, allowing her to fill in the role of sniping evasive backliners at night. (She also has a really good Live2D skin)



Self-buff RoF
  • Can equip 2 accessories
  • Has special ammo that gives 5 more FP than 5★ HV
  • Good initial CD and incredible uptime
  • Easily accessible as a story T-Doll
  • High equipment investment
  • Can only be obtained once (3-6)
ST AR-15AR is the third member of the AR team, a DPS AR and one of the two that can equip 2 accessories instead of 1 at the cost of the exoskeleton slot. Along with that is her well rounded stats spread, a powerful skill and an exclusive HV ammo, giving her a big advantage over other DPS ARs.

ST AR-15AR's stats, while not as strong as M4 SOPMOD IIAR, is still above average, rivaling even 5★. However, her true strength lies upon the equip arsenal she has. Not only can she equip VFL and another scope just like M4 SOPMOD IIAR, but she also has an exclusive equipment, BLK ammo, a direct upgrade over a typical HV ammo. Unlike M4 SOPMOD IIAR, ST AR-15AR has a self-buff skill to further amplify this unique advantage, making her one of the strongest ARs in the game. Even at night where RoF ARs tend to falter, the ability to equip both PEQ and VFL allows her to perform excellently against non-armor and low-armor enemies. That is if you can give her all the equipments she require. Without them she is just an average AR.

Despite being equip dependent, ST AR-15AR's scaling potential and her being accessible by any player as a chapter 3 reward make her too good to pass up. Highly Recommended.

It is recommended to run VFL + ITI on ST AR-15AR if there is no RoF buff on her. Otherwise VFL + EOT. For night battles, run VFL + PEQ instead.



Self-buff RoF
  • Stats are bumped up even further
  • 2 accessories trait
  • Able to cap RoF without any help
  • Extra damage as well from MOD 2 skill
  • Hardcore Nyto hologram counter
  • Mod2 skill deals a separate tick of damage
  • Still have quite a bit of trouble against high armor
  • Expensive
By far the only AR that can cap her own RoF, aside from SAR-21AR and AUGAR. ST AR-15AR MOD turns a beast into well, an even more dangerous one.

Her special equipment at MOD 3 allows her to ignore any other secondary accessory, along with boosting her overall damage. Without the penalty, ST AR-15AR just nicely hits the 116 RoF cap. When paired with M4A1ModAR with her MOD 2 skill, ST AR-15AR's bossing capabilties shoot through the roof, making her one of the best sustained DPS in the game without being held back by uptime. Due to her MOD 2 skill being essentially a 2nd shot but at 10%/20% damage, she can bypass dummy-link protection of non-armored foes and become an insane counter force against anything with upper damage limit (Nyto holograms).

As a self-reliant AR, ST AR-15AR only needs FP and crit buffs from others. Her double scope perk also allows her to act as a pseudo-night AR, gaining access to crit damage goodies from fairies. However, her MOD 2 skill proves to be barely any use against heavily armored enemies. Her raw stats and DPS before without her MOD 2 skill are still far above average, but do keep in mind her drawbacks.

Overall, ST AR-15AR is a must mod for her overwhelming sustained DPS, which you'd see more use for later on. Highly Recommended to MOD 2 at minimum.



Night FocusSelf-Buff FP
  • Lower multiplier than her Night competitors
  • Crit rate is generally ineffective at night due not being able to use VFL
T65 is yet another Night focused doll that is able to contend with her 5★ counterpart despiter her lower rarity.

T65 functions as 95% of T91AR in power due to T65's much better stat distribution despite her lower rarity as T65 has a higher base damage stat than T91AR. T65 put her stats in the right places and it makes her very capable despite T65 being lower rarity. She has a powerful tile buff for offtanks in the night time with good coverage.

Her skill essentially functions the same as T91AR, it has the issue in that critical rate doesn't do much in the night time as they won't be equiping VFLs in the night time but has the benefit over standard Damage Focus N in that it has a better uptime. While T65's multiplier is lower it's nothing to scoff at when you consider her base damage is the highest of any of the night ARs. The higher base damage makes her able to contend with the likes of 9A-91AR (non speq) if the uptime allows. The higher uptime can be useful in the context of fighting high numbers of mobs at medium HP where overkilling is a common occurance making a higher uptime very pleasing to have.

T65 is one of the more impressive monthly dolls, for her rating she packs a punch and If you don't have enough night ARs or looking to invest in one soon then T65 is good option for a low price. Recommended for night.



Night FocusSelf-Buff FP
  • High damage during Night
  • Better skill uptime than her night competitors
T91 is your fourth night specific AR introduced to EN server, originally implemented in TW server, she's a capable night AR that adds flexibility to your arsenal.

T91 counters her lower damage multiplier through her advantage in base damage, a small critical rate boost and longer uptime. The issue of course lies in the fact that the critical rate increase isn't actually much at night due to not being able to equip critical scope. This means that your effective increase is a meager 20% to 30%. The smaller FP multiplier means that T91 will have lower damage per shot compared to 9A-91AR and OTs-14AR. However, her uptime makes her able to narrowly close this distance. T91 will show her prowess and close out with more overall damage the longer the fight goes. In short fights however, the other two night ARs can prove equal or more powerful due to their more powerful damage per shot.

Featuring a nice damage buff, she synergizes well with offtanks. Her unique tile buff coverage allows you to run B-formation if necessary, giving valuable offtank buff to another AR such as OTs-14AR without giving up the buff.

T91 shows forth a strong precedence for night dolls, while her multiplier is weaker than OTs-14AR and 9A-91AR, her longer uptime and useful tile buffs are something to be considered. Recommended for night.



Self-buff RoF
  • Falls out of meta due to the prevalence of armors and the existence of new high-performing ARs
One of the two ARs with the shortest initial skill CD, the other one being her sister, Type95AR.

Unlike Type95AR, Type97AR has a RoF self-buff instead of FP self-buff, bringing her to 108 RoF (only 1 frame away from cap) which aids her role of clearing out enemies quickly with early skill activation. Both Type97AR and Type95AR achieve very similar DPS, but against non-armored, having a RoF self-buff allows the former to avoid overkilling as well as better target switching. The opposite is also true however, as armored would diminish her effectiveness whereas her sister still has a better fighting chance. Her tile buff follows a more traditional placement, allowing her to be placed in 1.

While there is nothing wrong with Type97AR for the current time being, she has a rather bleak future. Traditional self-buffers show their limit due to their lack of unique mechanics, and Type97AR is among those who is hit the hardest. The AR pool becomes bloated and there is not a whole lot of justification in raising Type97AR over different ARs like Zas M21AR, who excels at early wave-clearing with her fast nade, or Gr G11AR, who has great team synergy alongside massive DPS potential. She is essentially an overpriced ST AR-15AR, without any future MOD to back her up.

Like her sister, Type97AR is not bad, but the standard for AR has risen high enough that your cores are better spent elsewhere. She is optional, but is Recommended if you have her special equipment.



Self-buff RoFDebuffs Enemy
  • High base FP
  • Must play around debuffs
  • Limited story event doll
The ACRAR is an AR that can be obtained through opening lootboxes during the Shattered Connexion major story event.

ACRAR attempts something new; it rewards you for stacking debuffs on enemies to try to bring her skill to its optimum. She has a generic rate of fire buff but the rest of the skill's active and passive effects are what is interesting.

Her passive improves her damage by 10% if the target is under a singular debuff. Note that with multiple debuffs, her damage increase is additive (not multiplicative as what would normally be assumed), granting +5% damage per debuff effect beyond the first. With the amount of debuffs currently in the game, this effect sounds good on paper, especially since when activating her skill, she gets a stack of this due to her active ability applying a damage reduction to her target.

The reason why this doesn't work quite that well in practice is that the viable debuffs to bring in a team that ACRAR would want to be in are very rigid. You can realistically only expect around 1~2 debuffs to consistently be on the target when ACRAR's skill is ready. As such, the duration of the debuff in accordance to ACRAR's skill activation is very likely to not overlap for very long. However, there is a decent combo involving the other crowd-control AR, the ADSAR, and it makes for a quirky combo but due to ADSAR' lack of actual damage...:fubuki_emote281:.

ACRAR attempts to promote a playstyle that focuses on reducing incoming enemy damage (with the sheer amount of debuff stacking you can do). Other than that, ACRAR's damage output is comparatively low (due to many skill buff opportunities being taken by debuff skills rather than buffing skills) and is best used as a flex pick for specific lineups. She is Optional.



Self-Buff FPSelf-buff RoF
  • High base FP
  • Skill provides both FP and RoF at high multiplier
ART556 is an event AR who was obtainable from a prior point event. She bares a lot of similarities to TAR-21AR, due to their identical skills.

Sadly she is not an upgrade to TAR-21AR. Having a stat spread of a 4★, more specifically a very weak 4★ (close to Type 56-1AR) negatively affects her performance. In the day, she is mediocre at best compared to other ARs of her rarity. ART does a better job against higher Evasion mobs and a better job against armored mobs, due to her higher damage multiplier and Accuracy, but against regular mobs she is about as good as Type 56-1AR for the first 6s (which is a very long time). It is best to raise her RoF, not only to fix her low RoF, but also to let her pump out more shots during her short burst.

Since she's an event doll, chances are she is obtainable only once, or at the very least won't be obtainable again for a very long time. This proves her to be more expensive to raise, so one might want to rely on TAR-21AR (or any other decent AR) instead.

ART is relatively good against armor, with her Accuracy buff making her a good buffer for a SR-3MPSMG composition. However, beware that her early DPS is very lacking and thus she is not able to protect SR-3MPSMG as well as OTs-14AR or Gr G41AR. She is Optional.



Self-buff RoF
  • Lack of focus fire, leaving enemies alive longer than they should
  • Does not benefit from RoF tile buffs during skill (RoF remains locked at 150 while active)
  • Lackluster tile buff
AUG is a very unique AR whose tiles buff all doll types while also sporting a skill that allows her to shoot over the RoF cap, albeit at the cost of random targeting. These traits give her a lot of potential both as a high DPS AR and as a support, yet it’s a double-edged sword that makes it easy to misuse AUG.

While AUG’s tile coverage is amazing, her buff values are very weak at 12% FP and 20% Accuracy, lower than that of HGs or other support ARs. While she can buff SMGs in addition to ARs, AUG’s tile buff is still not as strong as the FP tile buffing ARs like Gr G36AR, MDRAR, Gr G11AR, 416AR, etc.

AUG's skill, Funeral Rain, is a purely offensive skill that sets her RoF to 150 (MG speed), retargeting to a random enemy after every shot. This skill is essentially a 100% RoF boost and greatly boosts her raw DPS, but its change in targeting means enemies are often left injured rather than dead.

The lack of concentrated fire puts a lot more pressure on AUG's teammates, especially against homogeneous enemy compositions where AUG’s ability to RNG snipe backline enemies does little to alleviate incoming DPS. While the targeting issue goes away against a single target such as a boss, many better bossing ARs now exist compared to AUG’s initial release, diluting her value as a boss-killing self-buffer.

With these weaknesses in mind, AUG is not as powerful of an AR as she sounds on paper. As an AR with great powers but also great limitations, she is Optional due to the fact that she is only good against single-target or low density mobs for the most part.



Self-buff RoF
  • Unmatched RoF during skill
  • Excellent tile coverage
  • Tiles buff AR and SMG
  • Ability to focus fire unlike AUG
  • Tile buff values not very high
  • Collab Locked doll
AngelicaAR is a doll coming from the Gunslinger Girls collab. Interestingly she is carrying an AUGAR, and shares some of AUGAR’s strengths and weaknesses in herself.

Similar to AUGAR, her tile coverage is amazing, but her buff values are only 10% FP and 20% Accuracy, which is even worse than AUGAR. So it would be a mistake to treat her like a support AR similar to RibeyrollesAR.

In terms of DPS, AngelicaAR’s active skill is essentially identical to AUGAR's with one critical difference: AngelicaAR’s skill has the ability to concentrate fire compared to AUGAR’s random spraying to enemies. This makes AngelicaAR a much more consistent AR to use than AUGAR.

AngelicaAR also has a passive skill which grants her an initial FP buff of 12% which decays over time, and this means that her DPS should be solid in a short battle. However as time goes on and her passive FP buff starts to decay, her DPS would also drop, letting AngelicaAR's poor skill uptime catch up to her and making her overall DPS lower than that of standard ARs.

AngelicaAR's overall DPS is still higher than that of AUGAR, even though AUGAR’s skill lasts longer (7s compared to AngelicaAR’s 5s). This is mostly due to AngelicaAR’s passive skill buff giving her free FP. AUGAR’s better uptime is not sufficient to let her catch up to AngelicaAR’s DPS.

Overall, AngelicaAR can be considered a direct upgrade to AUGAR, however this does not mean that she can compete with most meta ARs since she is not suited for sustained battles - the typical use case for ARs. AngelicaAR's skill is also not good enough for her to deal enough damage to compare to other meta ARs such as ST AR-15ModAR and AN-94AR. She is Optional.



Self-Buff FP
  • High base RoF
  • High skill uptime
  • Unique skill that changes her targeting to highest damage enemies
  • Highest damage enemies targeting does not always equal backline targeting
  • Weaker skill multiplier than usual
CR-21AR is an AR whose standout purpose is similar to Am RFBAR, in which she forcefully changes her normal targeting to another.

The thing giving her this ability is her skill, "Muscle Pump", that improves her damage and prioritizes enemies with the highest Firepower. The skill is virtually identical to FF FNCAR's skill otherwise, sharing the same bonus and cooldowns.

The usefulness of this trait is not to be underestimated; enemy compositions mainly put their highly damaging units in their backline (similar to player-made echelons) and so whats better than just being able to bypass their tanky guard and hitting them directly? This plays a vital role in minimizing damage taken if you aren't able to burn through escorts fast enough.

This means that CR-21AR should be picked if one is expecting to face enemies with high priority backlines (e.g. Jaegers/SWAP variants etc). However, the main concern of CR-21AR is whether consideration should be made over whether the player would rather trust in the reliability of Am RFBAR's targeting (indiscriminate backline with no conditions) or utilize CR-21AR's targeting (conditional targeting which is more specific enemy hate than actual backline since her skill does not specify backline).

Her base stats are exceptional for her rarity. Decent Accuracy, high RoF, and a competitive tile bonus to higher rarity ARs.

CR-21AR is Optional to raise. There are better, more reliable options than CR-21AR but it is not a loss if you do raise her as she is durable enough to output satisfactory damage.

Gr G36AR


Self-Buff FP G36, your own personal maid with a thirst for combat and some mean sausage frying skills! What more could you ask for? Just a bit more DPS output, perhaps?

Compared to other dolls of her class, G36 underperforms for the most part due to her weak base stats that hinder the power of her skill. Her strength lies in her tile buffs, though: 30% FP and 10% RoF make her a prime choice for offtank buffing and SMGs such as VectorSMG and SR-3MPSMG will definitely appreciate this maid's buffs.

Due to ever-increasing enemy health and the ability to field HOCs for AoE damage nowadays, this buff is less proportionally potent than the early days of GFL. Commanders should prioritize buffing the stats of their main DPS units, rather than their Offtanks. If you manage to obtain G36, raising her is now entirely Optional.



Team FP BuffTeam RoF Buff
  • Does not self-buff
  • Must be positioned next to others to buff
  • Gets power crept by later contents
The RibeyrollesAR 1918 Automatic Carbine was an attempt to manufacture an automatic rifle for the French military during the First World War. However, it's pretty easy to see that the rifle was produced in the closing year of the war with the Armistice of 11 November 1918. France was on the winning side of the war, but at a terrible cost. Ribey's appearance may be a reference to the pyrrhic victory France won, but appearances can be deceiving.

The most notable thing of RibeyrollesAR is her tiles: unlike most AR which buffs SMGs, she buffs other ARs, similar to M4A1AR. Her buff tiles give a nifty 20% FP to AR which makes her a pretty good support AR, though it is technically weaker than M4A1AR's tile buff.

Her supportive skill “Crimson Echoes” differentiates RibeyrollesAR from M4A1AR: RibeyrollesAR will give any dolls (not just AR) who stand on her tiles an extra 25% FP, RoF and ACC, which is a triple buff that is far better than any standard buffing HG (eg. GrizzlyHG’s 25% FP buff).

While the uptime is poor, pairing RibeyrollesAR with other short uptime bursty dolls like Gr G11AR can boost the team’s DPS significantly. Note that since Ribey cannot buff herself with her skill and her base RoF is poor to start with, her own DPS will always be subpar.

On paper, Ribey’s utility should directly translate to her usage. In practice, this is not the case. The poor uptime and tile limitation makes RibeyrollesAR subpar for bossing, and Ribey's high resupply cost dissuades minmaxing players from fielding her in farming content. Most ARs introduced later on in the game also simply don't need to rely on Ribey’s skill to dish out a lot of damage, meaning it is usually better simply to run 3 DPS AR in a team or an HG rather than adding a support AR like RibeyrollesAR in there.

While RibeyrollesAR' skill gives great utility to her AR peers, her subpar DPS means that she will struggle to keep up with future content, barring the unlikely event of her receiving a Neural Upgrade. Optional.



Self-Buff FPSelf-buff RoFDebuffs Self
  • Very powerful hybrid self buff
  • RoF increase is set at all skill level, no skill up needed
  • Overload penalty can be a hassle in long battles, forcing you to manually turn her skill on and off periodically
  • Reducing Overload stacks requires shooting or self-stun (bad for kite-heavy fights)
SIG-556AR is an AR that is part of the small group of Burst-type ARs (e.g. TAR-21AR, Gr G11AR etc).

Her skill, "Battlefield Trendsetter", has an active and a passive component; she utilizes a stack mechanic called <Overload> that interacts with her skill. When her skill is activated, it takes the form of an extremely potent buff that instantly sets to max her RoF, and increases her Firepower. During the skill window, each attack will increment a stack of <Overload>. Upon reaching 12, she will turn off the skill and stun herself. Attacks while skill is not active will decrement a stack.

The skill is notable in that it does not need skill level investment to be good; the most important bonus given in the skill remains constant throughout its levels with the only bonus changing is the amount of Firepower given.

With that in mind, it is obvious that to use SIG-556AR effectively, one should maximize her damage during her skill window. Taking in account her maxed RoF, she will shoot 12 times in 4.8s, making her effective burst window 4.8s (which is slightly longer than other Burst-type ARs). This also means that she takes advantage of any 6s Firepower buffers such as handguns to make use of during the last half of her burst. From this, if one were to use SIG-556AR for shorter battles, automatic skill usage is fine to use as you would expect enemies to be dead before the stun detriment would be disadvantageous. It is Recommended however that in longer battles, players to exercise judgement in determining the optimal time to manually activate her skill and her buffers to get the most out of her skill.

Against normal fodder, SIG-556AR is not comparable to Gr G11AR in burst (but lets be honest, who exactly can beat triple fire without support?) but due to the need to only invest in Firepower buffs and heavier singular shots, can out-scale for longer battles.

SIG-556AR is a doll that requires thought in building a team to take advantage of her skill. While she fares extremely well in general usage, for specialized formats such as Ranking maps she would be benched for the more superior consistent DPS units such as ST AR-15AR (and those with actual map bonuses). Optional, but Recommended for early game if you somehow roll her.



Self-Buff FPSelf-buff RoF
  • Skill provides both FP and RoF at high multiplier
A futuristic bunny girl with an exquisite personality. TAR-21 has a decent base FP stat of 49 with a pretty high RoF stat of 79.

As a traditional burst AR, TAR-21 trades consistent damage output with a short window of burst. Once her skill's activated, TAR-21 can deal a great deal of damage within this time frame, possibly catching up to other ARs. Due to the high multiplier of her skill, she also has strong synergy with skill buffs (RibeyrollesAR and HGs) as the buffs are multiplicative, living up to the burst archetype that she holds.

That is only if she can activate her skill and have it up for a decent amount of time. Battles tend to not last very long, having a long cooldown limits the use of her skill overall, no matter how powerful it is. TAR-21 is Optional.



Self-Buff FP One of the two ARs with the shortest initial CD, the other one being her sister, Type97AR.

The sisters are among the few ARs with high early DPS, making them good at clearing close-spawning enemies, or at least in theory they are. Type95AR has too low RoF for her role, leading to ineffective wave clearing. Her tile buff, while giving desirable Evasion, has a rather awkward tile placement that forces her to be placed on tile 7, where an offtank-buffing AR usually resides.

Type95AR's self-buff is weaker than other ARs' as a trade-off to her very low initial CD and almost passive-like uptime. The fast skill activation does lead to her strength in short battles, but the weak multiplier is ultimately her downside. She cannot scale as well with other buffs due to her low multiplier. Other ARs with higher multiplier could easily catch up to her once their skill is popped. While her special equipment helps with this front, 5 extra FP is not enough to really let her compete with other FP ARs.

Type95AR is not bad, but for the cost of a 5★, what she provides isn't sufficient, rendering her mostly Optional.

Zas M21AR


  • High base FP
  • Versatile skill, capable of both AoE and single target DPS
  • Low cooldown nade with short deployment time and large radius
  • Skill is based on if the targets are still alive (If hit targets are dead then it's not counted in the hit counter)
  • Zas Dragging
  • Skill depends on mobs hit (and still alive)
  • Low nade damage
  • Impractical debuff due to short duration and low multiplier
  • High skill investment (SL10)
Zas M21AR is perhaps the most well known for being the sole enabler of "Zas drags", whereby she can singlehandedly be used to powerlevel a team of 4 with simply just 1 link. But she proves to be a solid and unique nader AR excels at clearing out squishy enemies.

Unlike all other AR naders, Zas's nade has a very short initial cooldown of 4s on top of the near-instant priming animation (12 frames). Her larger nade's radius of 2.5 units allows her to clear out large waves of low-health enemies such as Dinergates/Tarantulas or bypassing the frontlines, injuring and wiping out backline threats like Jaegers effectively. As a cherry on top, Zas is able to adapt to different situations with her post-nade debuff and self-buff.

It is worth to note that her nade counts how many units got hit by the nade and survived. If her nade kills all the targets, she gains the bonus self-buff. If her nade hits 9 units but kills 7, the condition is counted as 2 enemies, thus she still gains the self-buff. This makes her even better than you would expect since this means she'll be able to blow up dinergates or low hp packs and still gain the self-buff.

As a downside, Zas's multiplier is significantly weaker than other AR naders. Although Zas is suitable against the squishy but speedy Sangvis Ferris, the other factions KCCO and Paradeus are not as flimsy. These later enemies come with significantly higher health pool, making Zas's weak nade ineffective. On top of that, even when there are situations where Zas would be effective, Airstrike Fairy and 2B14 are more than capable of fulfilling that niche without taking up a member on your echelon

Zas trades away the destructive power of her nade for deployment speed, which in turn makes her more specialised in clearing out hordes of weak enemies but unable to put a dent in tankier ones. She is recommended for early game, but Optional later on. Do keep in mind of where you field her for she is not effective in every situation.


Not Recommended

Self-Buff FPSelf-Buff Acc 6P62 is a unique AR, with massive FP but awful RoF unlike AR's architype. On top of that, she is also the only AR to be able to equip AP ammo. It is easy to assume that 6P62 is designed to deal with both armor and non-armor units.

While she is indeed capable of dealing with both types, she is not good at doing either. Her RoF is very poor, leading to an overall slow clearing even if with the ability to bypass armors. The low RoF hurts her the most against non-armors, where she lacks the AP advantage and is left with a weak skill. Speaking of her skill, Strike Focus is possibly among the weakest self-buff for any AR. The FP multiplier is weak, at a low 35% FP when FF FNCAR, another 3★ AR, can reach 60%. The difference is a lot more apparent if 6P62 is equipped with AP ammo, as AP stats do not scale with FP buffs unlike the raw FP stats from HV, to the point where simply running a FP self-buff AR with the support of HGs and SMGs can outscale her AP advantage completely. The Accuracy buff is only there to cover her existing weakness of low Accuracy against non-armors, and is entirely useless against armors as most of them have no Evasion.

6P62 is unique enough to be a niche, but her poor performance is her downfall. She is Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

Self-Buff FPSelf-Buff Acc
  • Nothing
AK-47, the culturally popular gun, is unfortunately rather bad in this game.

Stat wise, although she has a decent base FP of 53, her RoF of 65 hurts her performance severely, not to mention her low Accuracy of 35, giving her a hard time with trying to land hits on enemies. Her skill is a mess. The Accuracy buff is undesirable made only as an attempt to fix her low Accuracy, which leaves the tiny 35% FP buff. Another AR of the same rarity, FF FNCAR would have a 60% FP buff on the same cooldown and the same duration.

Her tile is awful. SMGs are frontline tanks protecting the ARs. With a tile like that, she would not buff anything without moving SMG to the back or putting herself in danger at the front.

Overall, AK-47 is not worth your attention. While she is given out for free early game through leveling, don't be fooled into using her as a budget AR. Her performance is simply too terrible and there are plenty other better options that are also budget. Not Recommended.

For those looking for an analysis with her special equipment, refer to the Equip section. TL;DR: it doesn't change her rating of due to still middling DPS, low RoF and ungodly bad tile position.


Not Recommended

  • Nothing
  • Low base RoF
  • Poor tile coverage making it difficult to buff the offtank
  • Limited monthly login reward doll (December 2018)
AR70 shares similar characteristics to ARX-160AR in the way that they both have the same multiplier nade and shares fairly similar stats. This also means she faces competition with M4 SOPMOD IIAR and 416AR, whom she loses against due to her weaker stats, weaker nade and worse rarity due to being a monthly reward doll (unless you started playing during the month and got her, then you still have problem of needing to spend cores on her). Remember, AP nades are inherently much more niche than Zas M21AR, FALAR or self-buffers, making it so that you'd at best invest in only a couple, and it is wiser to just invest in the best ones, IE. 416AR and M4 SOPMOD IIAR. The difference between AR70 and ARX-160AR is the tile buff and formation. Having her tile pointing upward is slightly better, but still not very preferred due to taking away the 4 position. Her buff is worse sadly. RoF buff over FP buff limits her target to only SR-3MPSMG, as SMG naders would rather taking the FP buff. As with any SR-3MPSMG comp, the best way to protect SR-3MPSMG is via overwhelming DPS, and a 3★ nader is not suitable for such task even with the tile buff. Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

  • Nothing
  • Low base RoF
  • Poor tile placement
  • Limited farmable event doll (Operation CUBE)
One of Operation Cube's limited drops. ARX-160 is a grenadier with the likes of M4 SOPMOD IIAR and 416AR.

ARX has a decent FP stats for her rarity, her stats spread overall is very similar to FF FNCAR, who is among the better 3★ ARs. However, her performance is not up to par due to not having any self-buff to back it up. Instead she is largely dependent on her nade, and being a nader, she ends up facing fierce competition with other naders such as M4 SOPMOD IIAR and 416AR.

Her performance is obviously weaker than both said naders. Her stats are weaker, her skill is weaker, and as an event drop, she is even harder to get despite being a 3★. You would have to start the game during an event that drops her and farm those maps (some of which are not very friendly for newbies) to get her. Oh and since you cannot craft her, you're left with spending cores on her, or farm more of her during event. The effort alone is not worth it.

ARX comes with a rare combination of buffs on her tile: FP and Accuracy. Despite having this rare and wanted tile buff for offtank, her tile placement however makes it very restricting to build a team with her. You end up either putting the offtank in the middle or run her in B-formation and taking away the important 4 position. Her buff may be perfect for SR-3MPSMG but remember, you need overwhelming DPS from the ARs as well to keep the enemies away from SR-3MPSMG, and a 3★ nader is not a very smart choice. Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

Night FocusSelf-Buff FP
  • Nothing
  • Very low base FP
  • Awful tile placement
  • Poor skill uptime
AS Val shares the same intended role and even the same skill as the "Night Princess", 9A-91AR, who is also a night self-buffing AR with the "Damage Focus N" skill.

However, unlike her title-bearing relative, AS Val is shackled to oblivion by very bad stats overall and an extremely inconveniently placed and ultimately useless tile buff.

Her stats spread is underwhelming, having middling RoF and an awfully low FP of 39. Comparing to 9A-91AR, AS Val is just a direct downgrade.

The short version is that she is generally not worth investing time and resources into, and that she serves the arsenal better as cores; she will work if you have no other options and do not have the time to wait for better alternatives, but the existence of 9A-91AR as a superior doll of the same rarity in almost every way introduces a hefty opportunity cost incurred by investing in AS Val instead.

Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

Self-Buff FP
  • Very high base FP
ASh has the 2nd highest base FP among all ARs in-game which is then buffed by her own skill. Her skill also offers a 50% crit rate buff, which means she can cap her own crit rate to 100% without needing any other buffs besides a maxed VFL.

However, her unusually low RoF heavily reduces her DPS output. Without any RoF buff, her performance is mediocre at best.

Her tile formation forces her to stay at position 4 if you want to buff the offtank SMG, but keep in mind that position 4 is highly contested. It is the position that the support t-dolls such as M4A1AR, RibeyrollesAR and HGs sit, taking that away would crumble the foundation of the team just for the sake of the offtank. It does not help that her own performance is subpar for the most part.

Not Recommended.

Ak 5AR

Not Recommended

Self-Buff FP
  • High skill uptime
  • Limited map drop doll (9-6 and 9-4E)
Ak 5 was first introduced to EN by way of a limited doll for chapter 9. Ak 5 and FF FNCAR share similar base stats, the only notable difference is Ak 5 has 2 higher base RoF.

Her one big difference is just her tile buff which in most cases actually docks some points for her. Her tiles are good for an offtank but for it to hit the offtank she'd have to occupy the position where you generally have a middle buffer AR or HG. This means that if she's on the tile 1 or 7 position, it means her tile buff does nothing while FF FNCAR's actually buffs Evasion. Unless of course if you're running SR-3MPSMG on 5 for some reasons.

Ak 5's next issue is her RoF, by default her and FF FNCAR is the same frame (refer to the Concepts tab for this), if she gets buffed with RoF, 2 RoF generally isn't enough to push her to a lower frame rule than FF FNCAR which makes their DPS esentially pretty equal. In the cases where she does hit a lower frame rule then she is for sure better but for her investment (limited doll at chapter 9), It's doubtful you'd need to invest in one more AR that's only marginally better than FF FNCAR in damage.

While AK 5 is most likely the "best" of the default limited doll drops, she's still not much of an upgrade from FF FNCAR, especially given that you most likely already have some good ARs by the time you attempt chapter 9. Her awkward tile buff and how far her acquirable chapter is, makes her a hard one to recommend. If you're truly in need of another FP AR then by all means, but she's an optional pick at best and generally Not Recommended for most at this point in the game. You're better off using FF FNCAR or Gr G41AR at this point in the game but she is usable.


Not Recommended

  • Nothing
  • Low base FP
  • Terrible nade
  • Limited map drop doll (3-6 and 3-4E)
If you have read about high explosive nade and skimmed through this analysis for the big red "Not Recommended", you should know well to avoid using CZ-805.

If you are not convinced, here's the break down. Her stats are unremarkable even for 3★ standard. No strong stats, only weak one, and it happens to be FP which hurts her role as a nader (if high explosive is ever used). She is a 3★ but she is not a budget option due to her rarity as a limited drop.

Her tile buff is enticing, giving a nice combination of RoF and Accuracy. But don't get the wrong idea that she will immediately be useful in a SR-3MPSMG comp, as this is more or less a trap to inexperienced players building a SR-3MPSMG team. Due to the poor placement of her tile, it is not easy to buff SR-3MPSMG, as she needs to take away the valuable position 4 that a buffer tends to sit on, or force SR-3MPSMG to sit in the maintank position. The comp requires not only the buffs, but also the overwhelming DPS of the ARs to reduce the threat down as much as possible in order to protect SR-3MPSMG. Too bad CZ-805 isn't the one for the job.

Of course she's Not Recommended by any means, except if you want her for just completing your collection.

FF F2000AR

Not Recommended

Self-Buff FP
  • Low base FP
  • Low multiplier due to low rarity
  • Cannot be obtained before chapter 5 outside of crafting
FF F2000AR is a 2★ AR of excellent performance, an outlier among other 2★ and one capable of even competing with higher rarity ARs. Although she can compete with some of the earlier career rewards, her inaccessibility (due to being craft-only for most of the early game) and the fact that you do not get her leveled and linked from the start means investing in her only slows your progression.

FF F2000AR has high RoF, a good tile, a skill that buffs something other than Accuracy, and even with her low FP she is still easily the best 2★ AR for early game use. 81 RoF is an incredible amount, even for a 5★ standard. Her low FP of 42 is negated by having a FP self-buff, so her only real downside is how hard it is to get a hand on her early on without crafting for her (FF F2000AR only drops from chapter 5/4e onward). This proves to be her downfall, as you are more than likely to get your hand on some of the pre-leveled career reward ARs (like OTs-12AR or members of the AR Team) before you see a single copy of FF F2000AR.

As far as 2★ ARs go, FF F2000AR is the cream of the crop. Unfortunately, being the best among the worst does not serve her well when you can simply get great ARs for free just from progressing the story. She is Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

AoEGrenadier FAMAS is another high explosive AR. As with any high explosive AR, her performance is definitely supar.

Stats wise, FAMAS has awful base FP, a bane for a nader especially one with such a low multiplier to begin with. Her RoF makes up for the lack of FP, but without any self-buff, she has nothing much to show.

Her tile is rather special and is probably the only good part about FAMAS. It is a powerful tile, buffing both the much needed FP and Accuracy to SMG. Surely that sounds like it would be good to pair with SR-3MPSMG? If her personal performance is not an issue that is. Having a terrible skill to begin with, she cannot protect SR-3MPSMG at all. Simply good tile buff cannot justify the use of such a weak AR. Not Recommended by any mean.


Not Recommended

  • High base FP
G3 is a 2★ nader with a very good base FP but rather terrible RoF, affecting her performance.

Low RoF is not the worst thing about G3, her tile formation is simply awful. In any coherent ARSMG comp, the SMGs stay at the front to protect the backline ARs. Her tile would either force herself in the danger of the frontline, or take away the safety seat of the backline by placing an SMG at the back.

While nade is certainly very useful early on due to long battles and its 100% hit chance, she scales terribly. If you are looking for a budget AR, look elsewhere. Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

AoEGrenadierCrowd Control Gr G3AR has now received a neural upgrade, making her one of the few AR grenadiers who have been modded. Unfortunately, she is still left with a few flaws despite being much improved from her base form.

Putting aside the fact that Gr G3AR's skill cannot outdamage the grenades from M4 SOPMOD IIModAR nor 416AR, Gr G3AR MOD's low RoF also hinders her overall non-skill DPS before and after skill. Throw in the higher rarity double speq/double scope advantage enjoyed by Gr G3AR's competition and the DPS gap widens even more.

On the topic of grenades, Gr G3AR MOD's "The Freezing Point of Courage" is a lackluster skill 2 for a grenadier AR. This is a conditional skill that can either stun enemies if they are at high health or deal additional damage when they are below 50% HP. While the stun can potentially be useful, grenadier ARs should not generally be placed in a situation where they are unable to kill their targets with the grenade damage; ideal matchups for AR grenadiers are ones where the enemy either dies or loses most of their Dummy Links from the AoE damage. The second condition (extra damage to low HP targets) isn't very noticeable in combat due to the trigger condition and relatively low multiplier.

In short, Gr G3AR is Not Recommended to be upgraded. The minor improvement in skill multiplier and tile formation does not outweigh her low base RoF and lackluster skill 2. This is especially true with the existence of M4 SOPMOD IIAR and 416AR, whose neural upgrades far outclass Gr G3AR's. Your fragments and data are better spent on those two instead of Gr G3AR.

(No, don't use her in 11-5. For more information, see the link in Notes section.)


Not Recommended

Self-Buff Acc
  • Nothing
Galil is a 2★ AR of middling stats, with high FP, low RoF and an outright useless skill. With a 500% Accuracy self-buff as an AR, who is supposed to have an inherently high Accuracy stat, - which she does - she might as well be playing a fan fare instead. She is however one of the most accessible ARs early game, as she is the first AR a player can obtain, and quickly become farmable in 2-1, the earliest map to drop an AR. While the Accuracy buff from skill is certainly appreciated early on due to dolls' low stats at early level alongside the abundancy of evasive enemies such as Scouts, it is still weaker than sure-hit skills such as grenade (Gr G3AR) and scales terribly against offensive self-buffers, quickly becoming obsolete even within the early context.

The primary issue with Accuracy self-buff is because of how little of an impact it makes on her performance, if it does, only by a split inch further. Admittedly, she would have an easier time at least landing shots, especially with her skill's excellent duration, but it won't be of much use/won't be of as much value anymore in later stages of the game. The only saving grace she has is her accessibility, and nothing else.

It is recommended to replace her as soon as possible in the early game, either by simply crafting ARs, or rushing for later maps which drops other better 2★ ARs.

An accessible AR, but definitely Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

Self-Buff FPSelf-Buff Acc
  • Nothing
  • Low damage buff
  • Largely pointless Accuracy buff
  • Limited monthly login reward doll
The real-life gun is based on the AKM and unfortunately that also holds true in the case of GFL, because INSASAR shares the same terrible skill that AK-47AR has.

While she does have a better statline and tiles compared to AK-47AR, it's not enough of an improvement to actually save her, and like all monthly dolls she suffers from the problem of having limited availability while not being good enough to justify going out of your way to obtain. Even if you need a budget AR, better performing ones can be obtained right from the start of the game.

Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

Self-Buff FPSelf-buff RoF
  • Long intial cooldown
  • Low multiplier due to low rarity
  • Awful tile placement
L85A1AR is a 2★ self-buff AR. There is nothing special about her, other than being mostly unused due to being a 2★ mediocre AR when every player has access to better ones for free.

L85A1AR's tile formation is not usable unless she is placed in the frontline or an SMG is placed to the back, neither which is a recommended practice - so her tile buff will generally be unused. Her skill has a long initial CD and a low multiplier as a trade-off to being able to buff both FP and RoF, which is not particularly impressive.

L85A1AR is Not Recommended. Even though she can deal passable DPS for a 2★ AR, nowadays new players will have access to better, already leveled ARs from Career Quest Rewards like OTs-12AR and members of the AR Team, and the very common FF FNCAR drop also eclipses L85A1AR as a budget option.


Not Recommended

Self-Buff FPSelf-buff RoF
  • Hybrid buff, allows you to use different buffs if you're planning to focus on RoF or FP.
  • Long initial CD
  • Poor uptime
  • Lackluster tile layout
  • Subpar stats
  • Limited monthly login reward doll (July 2020)
Magal is the monthly doll for July 2020 in EN.

At first glance, her skill seems like a really good one; gives two desirable stats and has a decent duration. However her base stats do not support this as the skill also has its own demerits due to the doll itself; it's a 3* which means that the skill is always going to be less potent that higher rarity version. Additionally, the skill kicks in at 6 seconds. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, however other 6s cooldown ARs like AN-94AR and AK-12AR have better uptime rotation as their skills only have a 3 second interval between them being able to activate again, which allows better timing with other buffs from the team. The combination of these two factors means that her peak stats with her skill up won't match up with other dolls that are more recommended to raise.

Pretty good Evasion doe.

Magal is Not Recommended to raise as other dolls are much more common, and perform much better as a sustained damage source.

Model LAR

Not Recommended

Self-buff RoFSelf-Buff Acc
  • Lower RoF multiplier than her competitors
  • Accuracy buff is situational
  • Limited event doll (April 2020)
Model L is a 3★ RoF AR with additional Accuracy buff as a trade-off of skill duration and multiplier. She is best summed up as OTs-12AR with weaker RoF buff and a mostly negligible Accuracy buff, a mediocre AR. Like most other 3★ event t-dolls that can serve as early game options, Model L's greatest downside is being time-gated in her own login event before being given at level 1. There is no point in picking her up this late when most new players would have already received the far superior option in ST AR-15AR, who comes at higher level. Model L is Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

Self-buff RoF
  • Lack of focus fire, leaving enemies alive longer than they should
  • Does not benefit from RoF tile buffs during skill (RoF remains locked at 150 while active)
  • Low base FP
In Singapore's National Service, your warrant officer and/or officers will tell you this: "SAR-21 from today on will be your waifu. You must protect her, you must cherish her as if she is a real waifu."

SAR-21 in GFL is AUGAR-lite. She uses the same skill as AUGAR, but has lower FP and does not have the all-class tiles, though SAR-21's tile buffs and coverage are plenty good as is. As an AUGAR-lite, SAR-21 also faces the same pros and cons as AUGAR. Having 150 RoF like a MG with skill on is great and all, but at the cost of attacking by "spraying" means every bullet hits a different target at random, leaving enemies injured rather than killing them off. This in turn gives your tanks more pressure as your other ARs in the team have their work cut out for them trying to finish off frontline enemies. This is compounded with the low base FP SAR-21 has. With a lower uptime for her skill, it will take longer for her allies to finish the fight.

SAR-21 having that low base FP also limits her to which enemies she can take on. Armored enemies will laugh at SAR-21's rubber bullets, high HP and priority targets such as Jaegers nae nae'ing SAR-21 while they deal massive damage to your team while SAR-21 struggles to kill them quickly.

This warrants the question - if you have AUGAR, why use SAR-21 at all? If you don't have AUGAR, can you find a situation to use SAR-21? That said, unfortunately SAR-21 is Not Recommended.

If my warrant officers back in service see this review about her, I'm going to be in trouble...



Not Recommended

Self-Buff FP
  • Very low base RoF
  • Low multiplier due to low rarity
SIG-510AR is not a terrible AR for a 2★, however there simply exist far better ARs given to new players for free, leaving no place for her in the early game. (No, her special equipment doesn't make her competitive in the lategame either.)

SIG-510AR has a fairly high base FP on top of a FP self-buff, making her especially hard-hitting for a 2★. However, she comes with an atrocious base RoF of only 59. This can be remedied by pairing her with a RoF buffer.

As with any 2★ AR is the game, SIG-510AR is quickly outshone by other higher-rarity ARs. Coupled with the fact that new players can receive better and already leveled ARs in the early game from Career Quest Rewards (like OTs-12AR or members of the AR Team), there is no point in using SIG-510AR. She is Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

  • Nothing
An easily obtainable girl when you are crafting for ARs. She has decent base FP, which is a necessary backbone for naders if only her nade is anything but high explosive. Her other offensive stats sadly does not save her either. With 61 RoF, a worse RoF than even AK-47AR, her performance is terrible across the board.

High explosive nade is a curse that deals decreasing damage with the scaling of her nade. It deals minimal damage to even those that are in the center of impact compared to that of other ARs', with the damage dealt to enemies still affected but farthest from the nade being practically non-existent. Her skill also has a long initial CD, meaning it will barely affect the battle when she does deploy her nade. Leveling this skill is a waste as its damage multiplier doesn't scale well.

Overall, she is Not Recommended.

Type 03AR

Not Recommended

Self-Buff FP
  • High skill uptime
  • Low base RoF
  • Long initial CD
  • Limited monthly login reward doll (February 2020)
Looks like PythonHG. Absolutely does not perform like PythonHG.

Type 03 is another QBZ weapon and is the monthly doll for February 2020. She, like most other monthly dolls, suffers the same fate of having a rarity of 3★ and the stat line to match. She is not completely unusable however; her skill increases her Firepower and crit chance which are two stats that DPS units would probably like.

Outside of usable skill, there isn't much going on for her. She shares several weaknesses with other monthly t-dolls that severely hold her back from viability. - You must wait for a few weeks before you could obtain her. This is detrimental to any budget 3★ doll as players would have better options to invest in by then. - She doesn't provide a better QoL than other more common 3★ (read: FF FNCAR/OTs-12AR). Those are more accessible and easier to be linked with dupes.

It is very unlikely that a player would be desperate enough to raise her. She is Not Recommended.

Type 56-1AR

Not Recommended

  • Nothing
Type 56-1 is unfortunately not as strong as her quote suggests, with her decent base FP being the only relief.

Stats wise, her comparably awful Accuracy and low RoF makes her suffer in dealing dishing out normal DPS. Skill wise, HE grenades are absolutely terrible. For more info: check Concepts. Her tile buff in itself is unique, but ultimately not great. She is the only AR who can provide crit rate buff for SMGs, but a 10% extra on top of base 5% crit rate is only 5.5% (rounded up to 6%).

Overall, she is definitely Not Recommended by any means.

For those looking for an analysis with her special equipment, refer to Equip Section. TL;DR: No she does not get any better with her special equipment.

Type 63AR

Not Recommended

Self-Buff Acc
  • Nothing
  • Awful skill buff serves only for early game
  • Cannot be obtained before chapter 6 outside of crafting
Type 63 is a 2★ AR with good stats spread for her rarity, with both above average FP and RoF. Sadly she is ultimately undesirable due to her near-useless skill and her rarity as a 2★.

Her tile buffs are decent for an offtank (offensive tank, ie. Molotovs, SR-3MPSMG, hand grenades) and as stated previously she has decent spread of stats but this is where sadly the compliments for her end.

As mentioned in GalilAR's analysis, Accuracy self-buff makes little to no difference to the DPS of the t-doll when compared to a straight damage increase like FF FNCAR. Coupled with the fact that she is only dropped very late into the game at chapter 6+, where players would have better options already, makes it hard to justify leveling her despite having good stats. You're better off looking at your 3★ rarity options or simply Investing in FF F2000AR.

Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

AoEGrenadier XM8 Is a mirror image of M4 SOPMOD IIAR with largely worse stats and lack of a second scope slot.

The base stats are nothing too impressive but not awful, it's 2 base FP less and 1 RoF higher than M4 SOPMOD IIAR. There's not much to say here other than she's simply worse than M4 SOPMOD IIAR as M4 SOPMOD IIAR is able to equip a secondary accessory making her stats much better.

Her tile buff is her only saving grace when compared to her counterpart but it has an awkward position where you'd be forced to have her sit on tile 1 to buff anyone and that's generally the maintank. Sitting her on tile 4 is an option but it's generally not practical as you're losing out on a middle buffer. It's not enough to warrant her use over other options as someone like 416AR who has a much more favorable tile position and is relatively common.

There's not much to really say other than XM8 is simply a worse M4 SOPMOD IIAR. Given you get M4 SOPMOD IIAR for free and that you won't see AP naders be used in high numbers, she's simply Not Recommended. You're best off though just getting M4 SOPMOD IIAR or 416AR given AP nades niche strength and both 416AR and M4 SOPMOD IIAR being the best in the given role.

64 ShikiAR


Self-buff RoFSelf-Buff FPHP ShieldTeam FP Buff
  • Low base RoF
  • Short self-buff duration
  • Has little control over which self-buff to choose from
  • Prone to have either too little RoF, too much RoF or too little FP due to skill
  • Team buff has long cooldown and requires setting up
64 Shiki is JP server's pride and joy, and a unique AR that plays around being supportive in her own way.

As a self-buffer, 64 Shiki is not particularly strong. Her base stats are lopsided with high FP but low RoF, leading to weak mobbing capability. Despite being an adaptive skill, Forewarning’s 3s duration is generally too short to be fully utilized. Without holding onto her skill until 6s to sync with buffers, her burst only lasts for 2s, and it is often possible for her to overcap her RoF if she receives the RoF selfbuff component on top of another RoF buff. With the ever-ballooning enemy health values, a 2-3s RoF buff is often insufficient to kill more than one or two enemy units before the second part of 64 Shiki’s skill activates, possibly granting a nearly-useless 25HP shield instead of the 55% FP buff.

If the player can set up 64 Shiki to give her 55% FP buff to allied DPS units on her tiles, however, she can provide the highest team damage skill buff in the game, overshadowing even the more specialized HGs such as Fringe Weaver JillHG (35%) or ContenderHG (40%). By moving other ARs into 64 Shiki’s tiles before she activates her buff, the team can deal huge burst damage. As a trade-off, setting this up is difficult since the other ARs must be on her tiles during activation, which is difficult during boss fights due to many of them requiring constant unit movement - the same reason that RibeyrollesAR often struggles to buff her allies properly in those encounters.

While 64 Shiki is not a great damage dealer, she does one thing that other dolls cannot with her powerful team buff. The applications are rare and the setup is very difficult, and is often unnecessary as standard team compositions can handle the same fights just fine. 64 Shiki is Specialist, and optional for those who enjoy a vastly different playstyle.



AoEGrenadierNight FocusSelf-Buff FPSelf-Buff Acc A-91. Unlike another AR (named 9A-91AR), this doll isn't very good at what her skill makes her to be.

While having respectable base stats and tiles, her skill is what really fails her. As a 4★ grenadier AR, she has to compete against the likes of other common alternatives in this niche, like the ubiquitous presence of M4 SOPMOD IIAR, and the almost tear-inducing despair when you get XM8AR. Due to Anti-Personnel Grenade N's penalty on the grenade's damage itself, M4 SOPMOD IIAR and XM8AR both have A-91 beat on grenade damage during the day. A-91 comes with worse RoF than either and cannot compare with M4 SOPMOD IIAR's ability to wield two scopes. However, A-91 has better per shot damage than XM8AR, especially if her self-buff is activated.

Speaking of A-91's self-buff, keep in mind this skill's very long initial CD. At a full 8s before she does anything useful, she is usurped by virtually every self-buffer (including her night battle specialist alternatives). It does apply as soon as the skill is activated, giving her grenade an effective 50% damage boost and reaching a 15x effective multiplier, on par with 416AR's, with an extra self-buff to damage afterwards. So while outdone by same rarity alternatives at day and not viable to field as a night-based self-buffer, she is a good option as a nader at night. I'll drink to that.

A-91 is Not Recommended at day. M4 SOPMOD IIAR is a proper grenadier to take out swarms with her stronger grenade and two scopes. But if you find yourself needing more nader options at night, A-91 is Specialist/Recommended.



AoECrowd ControlDebuffs Enemy
  • Worse at consistent DPS than self-buffers
  • Worse at removing large groups than grenadiers
  • RNG passive
  • Poor skill uptime so she cannot rely on her active during long fights
ADS is a 5★ AR that serves a rather different purpose primarily when compared to her class. While her class specializes in consistent reliable damage output, ADS focuses on debuffing and stunning her enemies through her corrosion mechanic.

ADS's Storm Surge is a skill that stuns and deal damage to the enemies once they reach 5 stacks of corrosion. At max skill level, a 2.4s stun is definitely not something to underestimate. She is capable of stunlocking a target provided that she has enough RoF and the target does not die too quickly for her to apply enough stacks. This gives her a situational use against Red Golyats/Hydras (if for some reason you need to fight one with ARs) and some very annoying enemies in later events (ballspitters). She has the tools to whittle down even the most armored and evasive enemies (there will be enemy buffs that significantly increase their Evasion in later events) by stunlocking them, using her detonation to bypass their armor and Evasion.

In practice, it is unlikely for her to ever apply enough of them to stun her target without the help of her active. In a normal ARSMG, ADS will be accompanied by another AR, who has the same targeting as ADS's, killing whichever they target before ADS has the chance to get 5 stacks of corrosion. Even against tankier enemies, ADS requires high RoF in order to apply her stacks quicker, a difficult task to achieve without running a RoF HG, who instead is likely to overcap the partner AR's RoF. Unfortunately, in order to proc her passive against regular mobs, ADS would have to rely on her skill most of the time.

As a crowd-control AR, ADS is Specialist and optional. Her ability to lock down a specific target is not something you can find in an AR, but sacrificing a DPS slot on the team for her utilities is far from ideal, especially when you can find similar utilities from SMGs as well.



  • High burst damage in short (6-8 second) fights
  • Charged shots can crit and are sure-hit
  • High base FP suitable for charged shot skill
  • Low base RoF
  • Long CD
  • Mediocre damage before 6 seconds and in longer fights
  • Random targeting can be problematic
As an AR with a charged shot-type skill, EM-2 is an extreme example of a burst AR. Her very high FP but low RoF complements this role.

Cookie Blam Shot allows EM-2 to quickly fire 3 randomly aimed charged shots that deal 3.5x damage, are sure-hit, and can crit. In short fights, this gives her burst damage second only to the likes of Gr G11AR and is very good against high Evasion targets, though her damage drops off sharply afterwards due to the long CD on her skill.

The random aiming of EM-2's skill can also be a significant downside, making it unreliable if you need EM-2 to focus a specific enemy while there are still other opponents around. Additionally, against lower HP targets it will almost certainly suffer from significant overkill.

EM-2 is Specialist and optional. With her charged shot skill, she can keep up with high performance ARs like Gr G11AR and ST AR-15ModAR under the right circumstances, but she lacks endurance in longer engagements and her random targeting makes her unreliable when you need her to snipe multiple specific targets.



Main TankSelf-Buff EVASelf-Buff FP
  • The other two stances are not as strong as her default
  • RoF buff may not be high enough for some ARs to push them a frame lower
Oh, the versatile SMG to contest the UMP45SMG monotony has finally arrived. In the form of a salty fish.

The entire design of C-MS revolves around "adaptability", being able to respond to any situation as a SMG. Maintank? Sure. C-MS has it covered with permanent Evasion with an ICD of only 1s. Damage? You got it. Here's some extra for ya. Need to snipe scouts? Say no more, fa- alright that's too far off.

Her tiles pretty much suit any AR that could always use more RoF and FP. However, C-MS' true unique point would be her skill. Having a permanent EVA up with essentially no cooldown, C-MS is outright amazing in the initial few seconds, often taking almost 0 damage. Being able to equip AP rounds also allows her to deal with Tarantulas with relative ease, thanks to the high RoF nature of SMGs and having an 85% damage boost on her skill. It is not uncommon for C-MS to hit permanent 200~300+ EVA with her skill, making her incredibly hard to hit for SF scum. Her Firepower isn't that great compared to SR-3MPSMG's but it's still workable if you'd like to use her as a damage dealing SMG. Do note however, C-MS is not a specialist despite having an Evasion self-buff. Her HP and skill multiplier is still lower than those who are specialized at this role like SuomiSMG and MP7SMG when used for certain boss fights in the future. This however does not degrade her value in battle in any fashion.

It's also important to set her skill to forced manual, otherwise she'd constantly be switching rounds every second, ingraining her beautiful high pitched voice into your eardrums and making her a rather weird SMG who can't decide on a role. Our local saltyfish is Highly Recommended for being almost infinitely versatile in the ARSMG context. You can almost never go wrong when choosing C-MS, RO635SMG or UMP45SMG as your maintank.



Main TankSelf-Buff EVATeam ACC BuffDebuffs TeamOfftankSelf-Buff FPTeam EVA Buff Poor man's C-MSSMG? Perhaps, but Dorothy does has her own quirks as well instead of just being a carbon copy of our saltyfish.

First off, Dorothy has a unique trait shared only with RO, where her skill is able to support both frontline SMGs pretty well. As an offtank, she'd be able to support the maintank's EVA by a ridiculous 80%, almost matching Welrod MkIIHG's effective EVA of 81%. Her more defensive skill lets her tank much better with an insane 100% eva buff while providing the much needed Accuracy bonus for offtanks.

Downside however would be that Dorothy as an offtank cannot buff quite as well if placed on 8, due to her tile formation. As a result, she tends to be used as a maintank for tile buff synergy. If that is not a concern however, Dorothy would be amazing at providing the maintank the large Evasion buff 1s into battle. As a maintank, she instead sacrifices a the offtank's EVA. This may or may not be an issue, as there are several way to remedy this, either by switching her stance, or move her to another column.

Her synergy with Piano Woman + JillHG would actually be pretty good, as Piano Woman's buffs are very practical and can be used in many scenarios, while helping to reduce the negatives of Dorothy's skill. Can be considered if you aren't fielding a crit damage team with RF, JillHG or AR, JillHG + Bleeding Jane. Overall, a really great T-Doll, Highly Recommended.

Gr G36cSMG


Main TankForce Shield G36c being a shield tanker is quite reminiscent of ThompsonSMG, except her overall stats additionally make her more geared towards tanking general mobs and her tile buffs are more AR-friendly to a certain degree. These aspects further broaden her niche to becoming both a boss and general use tank. That being said, her Evasion stat of 65 is still rather mediocre, but sufficient enough.

Her very high HP pool of 1015, which comes close to how much ThompsonSMG has makes up for it as well. As for her skill, unfortunately force shield skills tend to be rather inappropriate against general mobs, as they usually take too long to proc and it‘s not very team-supportive either. Her tile buffs are two steps above ThompsonSMG's as well. Both stats she buffs for ARs may come in rather miniscule amounts, but are still serviceable.

Overall, she's a slight improvement to ThompsonSMG in terms of general use. Although the fact remains that, to a certain degree, she remains a niche maintank, she's a viable maintank to use in regular scenarios. If you already happen to have a shield maintank levelled, however, chances are having another one won't do you too many favors.

To recap, G36c is a niche shield maintank more oriented towards general use like her. Sadly she's still overshadowed by traditional, team supportive maintanks like UMP45SMG but is still Recommended if you need more maintanks.

Honey BadgerSMG


OfftankSelf-Buff FPSelf-Buff EVA Honey Badger at the surface seems very similar to SR-3MPSMG. Her unique, arguably superior tile buff and coverage, however, leads Honey Badger to be more of a sidegrade to the general nader offtanks.

When sitting at the offtank position, Honey Badger has tiles that matches the general position of backline ARs, who are generally positioned in tile 1 & 7. The efficient tile coverage makes Badger more versatile than SR-3MPSMG, for SR-3MPSMG generally has to be placed in the vulnerable maintank slot at 5, or in a team with M4A1AR at 4 to make good use of her tiles. Badger's offensive stats are no slouch either when compared to SR-3MPSMG, as Badger has the advantage of higher base damage and slightly higher HP in exchange for lower RoF and base Evasion.

Unfortunately, her Mobility Focus skill has a very long 6s initial CD and has a worse damage increase multiplier than SR-3MPSMG. Coupled with the ill-suited traits for combat that are shared between SMGs, Badger's DPS contribution would be very far behind the ARs' by the time she pops her skill, and she needs a lot of time to catch up if it even is possible. It is clear that Badger is not necessarily a strong offtank for her damage output, but rather for her tiles.

The unique, very well-positioned tile buffs are more than enough for Badger to be a respectable addition to the SMG pool. With a powerful buff combo of FP and crit rate that can cover both backline ARs from the safety of her offtank slot, Badger can fit in most teams with relative ease. The lack of AoE may be a downside, but there are many battles where AoE is either not necessary or already covered by an AR like Zas M21AR, leaving room for self-buff offtanks like Badger to shine. She is Recommended.



Main TankCrowd Control
  • Low base Evasion
  • Not easily available during early game
Ingram shares a lot of characteristics with UMP45SMG, by which many have deemed Ingram a direct "3★ counterpart" to her.

Ingram comes with usable tiles of decent FP buff and triple-tile coverage, a smoke grenade (read UMP45SMG's analysis for info on smoke grenade) and a cheap price tag of being a 3★. Her stats may not be stellar as expected of a 3★, but she comes with everything a maintank should have, a rarity for any 2 and 3★ maintanks. Due to this, she makes for an ideal choice as a budget maintank for early stages and is an upgrade to the other early game maintank, STEN MkIISMG.

That is if she weren't so rare as an early game T-Doll. Early game SMG options are more often than not STEN MkIISMG and SkorpionSMG due to their availability. Since they are given out for free very early, they have more time to grow and thus would be more developed, eliminating any incentive to craft for more SMGs intentionally (for early game min-maxing reasons) if their replacements aren't obtained just as early. Ingram is hard to obtain for new players due to the low drop rate in early maps. For the most part she would come out of crafting rather than anywhere else. It is not uncommon to not get her until your first squad is already decently linked and leveled. While Ingram is indeed better than STEN MkIISMG, she isn't such a drastic upgrade that it would justify releveling a new tank at that point. Even if you do get her early enough to use her over STEN MkIISMG, she will most likely require cores if you want to progress steadily instead of staying in place waiting for dupes.

Overall Ingram is a solid budget maintank option, although it is worth noting that her availability can be a hindrance. Recommended for early game.



OfftankSelf-Buff FPSelf-Buff EVA JS 9 is a 5★ SMG who acts mainly as a second maintank of the team with her conditional Evasion self-buff capable of reaching incredible numbers under the right condition.

JS 9 comes with one of the best tiles among SMGs, providing 18% RoF and 30% crit rate for the entire backrow from position 8. Similar to UMP45SMG, her tiles alone can be valuable enough to put her on the team.

JS 9's skill Last Minute Preparations is a conditional skill that can provide FP self-buff and/or Evasion self-buff. Although hybrid, the skill is valued for its Evasion part rather than the FP part, as her offensive capability is lacking due to the long initial CD of 6s. On the other hand, the Evasion self-buff scales well with more groups of enemies upon activation, making her especially evasive against hordes. At max stack, she can receive a total of 505% Evasion buff.

As a downside, the condition to reach such heights is not easy. JS 9 has a similar problem with the Evasion tanks such as SuomiSMG due to her long initial CD, leaving her helpless before the 6s mark. The effectiveness of her skill depends on the number of enemies presented, but she is unlikely to reach her full potential against mob battles if the battles are too short. During long battles where her long initial CD is not an issue, she is faced with a different problem where there may not be enough enemies (boss fights). It is recommended to do your research beforehand before fielding her, for JS 9 does best during long battles with a lot of mobs.

SWAP Sangvis Ferri units, introduced with Isomer, are considerably stronger and bulkier while still spawning in similarly large quantities as their normal counterparts. As a result, offensive SMGs have a hard time outscaling the the upgraded defensive capabilities of SWAP SF units. JS 9 shines best in these scenarios, providing the maintank with much needed evasive defensive support due to the long nature of these fights.

JS 9 is Recommended. She finds her place in defensive teams with double maintanks, which is favored even against mobs as enemies becoming too strong for nader offtanks to handle. She is not the best fit for every content, but when she is, her performance is undoubtedly superior.



  • Low base FP
The molotov SMG that sits in between VectorSMG and SkorpionSMG, KLIN is a nice free addition for those who lack VectorSMG, or do not wish to dupe one.

KLIN shares the same 25% RoF tile as VectorSMG. KLIN's molotov, however, is weaker than her superior due to her low FP and lower multiplier. Her only advantage over VectorSMG is her tanking stats, with a small increase in HP and Evasion over VectorSMG. The difference is not drastic enough to be considered a sidegrade, but second best is still good enough.

The main draw of KLIN lies on her accessibility for those who joined before or during Deep Dive. Being a very accessible reward, KLIN might as well be considered free to new players, many of which are unlikely to be lucky enough to have VectorSMG and would gladly have an upgrade to SkorpionSMG in their arsenal. Outside of her accessibility, she also serves as an option for those who do not wish to dupegame.

KLIN shares the same strength and weaknesses as with other molotov SMGs. These are covered in VectorSMG's analysis, as well as the comparison guide in the Guides section. Occupying the offtank position, she synergizes well with your typical 7 position ARs such as Gr G11AR, 416AR and Gr G36AR, who provide her with FP buffs and in return benefit greatly from KLIN's RoF buff. Overall, KLIN is Recommended.



Main TankSelf-Buff EVADebuffs Self
  • High base HP
  • Good tile buff and coverage
  • Good skill uptime
MP7 is a 5★ Evasion tank that directly competes with SuomiSMG in the niche of drawn out engagements due to her nice uptime but poor initial cooldown, generally making these dolls not efficient for general use.

MP7's skill is essentially a direct upgrade to SuomiSMG's in every way. Her Moon Dancer skill provides her with 30% more Evasion and an added bonus of 50% movement speed increase for the same duration of 5s. These make for impressive buffs, especially given how MP7's base Evasion isn't horrible (SuomiSMG's base 56 Evasion vs. MP7's 69). The movement speed isn't all too useful but it's a convenient upside in case your reactions are slow when avoiding AoE attacks.

MP7's base stats are impressive as well. She has a lower health pool than SuomiSMG, but better Evasion overall. As she still has the effective HP to tank most important threats, her lower HP does not affect her as much as it would someone like ShipkaSMG. The eHP difference between MP7 and SuomiSMG is not so drastic, and MP7 can effectively tank whatever SuomiSMG can tank. That said, when considering her higher base Evasion, better skill multiplier and better tile coverage, this leaves her with an immediate advantage compared to SuomiSMG.

MP7 will suffer the same weaknesses as SuomiSMG however. She has no defensive buff until 6s and relying on her below average base Evasion leads to a lot of scratch damage in general fights. In her niche however, MP7 is most certainly the best and the one that's Recommended to invest in for the times where you need her skill.



Main TankSelf-Buff EVA
  • Very high base EVA
  • Above average/high HP
  • High Accuracy
  • Holograms forces enemies to focus on them if in range
  • Near immortal under the right circumstances
  • Holograms can be affected by shield
  • Good tile coverage for maintank
  • Confusing
  • So rare that it caused an outroar in the older servers
  • Passive skill requires you to actively take damage
  • 4 guaranteed attacks generally doesn't do much due to her maintank nature
  • Holograms are super weak against anything that hits all links at once
  • Holograms loses effectiveness as she loses links
Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the rarest of them all?

Get ready to rush B, for P90 enters the fray armed with not 1 link, not 5 links, but up to 5 links with 5 additional holograms! (No extra core fee for holograms required).

P90 is truly an odd SMG never seen before, having an active, a damage skill, a passive and a lump of salt accompanied by her unicorn status. She has a pretty good uptime on her passive alone (3s/6s) and ramps up to ~1.7x Evasion at the last moment. The downside would be that she has to take damage first. It'd be sort of a trade off for pretty much not having ICD on her passive in exchange for taking some scratch damage. Her active is truly a confusing one, so let's take our time and go through it.

Firstly, her active does 3 of the following; Summon holograms, fire 4 guaranteed hit critical shots and triggers the same aspect as her passive with a different uptime. The guaranteed critical shot is pretty self-explanatory, so let's cover her other 2 skills.

Holograms At 3 HP each and 999 armor, you're almost bound to always take 15 shots on holograms as long as the incoming projectiles do not ignore armor or splash onto links. A pretty useful utility of the hologram is that, if enemies are within range of the holograms, they'd always retarget to the hologram instead, stopping their bullets on whatever they were aiming at previously. This part of the skill is amazing, often serving as a 6s ICD forceshield for 3s if the enemies do not ignore armor or do not splash damage. Any sources of shields will also be applied onto the holograms, further boosting their HP to ensure they would not fall against hordes. P22HG makes for an amazing partner to P90 in that regard, thanks to this interaction. However, do keep in mind that the number of holograms deployed is tied down to the remaining links P90 has at the point of skill activation.

Arc Shadow (Active) While the holograms are active and diverting enemy fire, P90 gets an addtional buff similar to her passive. However, it would instead ramp up for 5s, reaching ~2.48x Evasion at the end. While still not as high of a boost than the kind traditonal Evasion purist SMGs would get, she does make up for it with her high Evasion, pretty much negating incoming damage completely for the initial 3 seconds due to her holograms. Her active does not require her to have 5% of her HP chipped as a prerequisite.

P90 is truly unique, as she can serve as a force shield/Evasion tank hybrid and perform much better than almost any other tanky SMG under the right conditions. Her forte is often SF boss fights, even against Dreamer thanks to her Evasion paired with the hologram, allowing her to remain on the field for much longer unlike other SMGs.

If you managed to get your hands on this rare unicorn, she'd be a "Highly Recommended" for content that requires Evasion tanks and doesn't cause much splash damage. If you're using her against swarms, do pair her with P22HG or HS2000HG for more effective usage of her holograms. She'd be the impenetrable fortress with mighty shielding against the likes of terrifying SWAP units. Otherwise, you can consider her as "recommended" or "niche".



OfftankAoE Originally introduced to EN as a rescue doll, PP-19 Bizon is the 2nd relevant hand grenade offtank for the EN server.

She's most often compared to PPS-43SMG, as they often trade blows despite PPS-43SMG's lower rarity. The main reason for this is simply because of PP-19's lower base damage when compared to PPS-43SMG's (26 vs 33), leading to Bizon's marginally weaker nade despite having better multiplier.

On the other hand, Bizon has many advantages that can push her ahead of PPS-43SMG, namely her tile buff and her higher Evasion. Her tile buff is a concentrated 24% FP buff to one doll comapring to PPS-43SMG's 12% to at most two dolls. While there are teams that run a support AR such as RibeyrollesAR or M4 instead of a HG, Bizon's tile buff is still better, as RibeyrollesAR deals negligible damage and the damage from the doll at 7 can often eclipse that of M4's. In every other cases where the buffer is a HG, Bizon wins by default with her two times stronger tile buff. Her Evasion is also slightly higher than PPS-43SMG's and serves as an advantage no matter how small this advantage is.

Overall, despite Bizon's weaker nade than PPS-43SMG, her general advantage in term of tanking stats and tile buff make her a more versatile option. She is not just a pure hand nader like her lower rarity competitor, she can also rely on her powerful tile buff to support her team when grenade is not a strong option. A versatile offtank, Bizon is Highly Recommended.



  • Very high base FP
  • Good tile coverage
  • Deadly grenade skill
  • Excellent performance for a 3★
Unlike her long-lost server-crasher of a sister, PTSD Pinkpasha does everything right for an offtank. Sitting at 33 FP, her FP is the highest among the SMGs. Even as a 3★ with her lower multiplier, PPS-43SMG's nade is still very powerful thanks to the very high base FP.

As for her skill, hand nades are different from molotovs for their larger explosion radius as a result of not having a fire pool on the area of impact. One may wonder if losing the fire pool from molotov, which makes up a significant contributing factor in the nade's damage is a worthy trade, in which case the answer is absolutely yes. A large percentage of damage done comes from the explosion even though the tooltip says otherwise. This is due to the initial explosion having the ability to take out multiple dummies from the enemies, leaving fewer bodies for the fire pool to burn, not to mention battles occasionally ending earlier than the duration of the pool extends to, or the offtank retreated earlier to save health, removing the fire pool entirely.

PPS-43SMG capitalizes the deadly aspect of the explosion with her high FP and hand nade's large radius. A well-supported PPS-43SMG, with the help of the larger radius, is capable of one-shotting the backline squishies even when thrown at the frontline tanks, eliminating the dangerous backline threats completely without even having to remove the meatshields at the front first, something molotov offtanks cannot do.

PPS-43SMG also comes with several weaknesses that keep her from being competitive late-game. Being a hand nader SMG, she relies solely on the explosion damage, which means if her nade misses the crucial targets, or simply unable to deal significant damage to the targets due to their being too tanky, she fails her job. Her tile buff is lackluster, unlike the tile buff of those like VectorSMG or Bizon. Lastly, her defensive stats are mediocre as expected of a 3★, putting her at a risk when fighting stronger enemies. As a result, when fighting enemies who are either too strong for her to tank, or too tanky for her nade to be effective, or too spread out that nades are simply nonviable, PPS-43SMG is only a liability.

Regardless, PPS-43SMG has enjoyed her long time as one of the best offtanks in the game. It was only a matter of time before the limit of being a 3★ starts to show. She is still Recommended for early game, but will fall off later on as contents get harder.



Main TankSelf-Buff EVADebuffs Enemy
  • Can only be obtained once (7-6)
Not only do players acquire RO635 for free at Level 90 x5 Dummy Link for completing 7-6, she is also one of the best maintank SMGs in the game, matching her main cast role. All of RO635's tanking stats are already very solid, and she frequently receives an additional map bonus of +20% Evasion in later story maps and event maps.

RO635 specializes in early damage mitigation using her short ICD self-buff/debuff skill. Mental Deterrence is a versatile skill that combines a massive EVA buff with damage reduction on top of an incredibly short 3s ICD. It is more than capable of tanking short mob battles, burst damage in boss fights (provided her uptime of 5/12s isn't an issue), and the debuff component can even help reduce incidental damage taken by the offtank.

Her tile buff provides a fairly small amount of RoF and Accuracy, and unfortunately her 10% boost is just short of letting some ARs (AN-94AR, Gr G36AR MOD and several night ARs) hit a higher frame threshold compared to other RoF MT tile buffs like UMP9SMG's 12% or MP7SMG's 15%. When building a team with RO in mind, her tile is not often a big factor, but rather her more powerful skill and stats.

RO635's unique and powerful kit cements her as a Highly Recommended maintank. In any fight where a good maintank can be appreciated, you can always count on RO for some shock and awe.



  • Low base HP
  • Very low base FP
  • Small nade radius
Skorpion dayo~, a girl with peculiar eyepatch and butt-stock twin-tail accesories, introduced from the early games as one of few T-dolls that helped Anti-Rain team. For early game, she's one of the easily acquireable assets, who isn't overpowered, yet you'd be glad to have.

Skorpion has rather low HP that affects her durability. Instead however, she comes with amazing Evasion stats, surpassing even 4 and 5★. She can definitely tank very well especially during the early game. Her tile buff is also very good, wasting none on useless Evasion that plagues many low rarity SMGs. Make no mistake that AR's Accuracy during early game is something that can be improved on, thus the Accuracy helps out more than it seems to be. Alongside STEN MkIISMG, Skorpion is very accessible, being a map reward from Chapter 1 as well as from level-up rewards. She can be easily raised without using cores, making her a very beginner-friendly SMG.

During the early game, Skorpion and offtanks in general tend to not have their time to shine due to the lack of proper equipments, level and skill level. It is unlikely for her to take the MVP. However, what she has for her is the ability to bypass Evasion of a nade skill. Her molotov, especially if skilled even for the first few levels, can be very helpful as it helps ARs taking out the frontliners, most notably the evasive Scouts, faster. Her usefulness quickly increases as you hit midgame where large hordes of enemies are often seen and Skorpion is more geared and skilled. However at the same time, Skorpion would face heavy competitions in the form of VectorSMG and PPS-43SMG. Skorpion has a very poor FP stats. Her uneven defensive stats make her squishier than she should be. Combined with the low skill multiplier of a 3★, she does not have the late-blooming potential that other better offtanks do. Eventually she falls off in lategame.

With that said, Skorpion has her place during the early game. Her accessibility as a map and level-up rewards plus her evasive stats that favour early game make her a great stepping stone. She is an ideal choice for your first team's offtank. Recommended for early game.



Main TankCrowd Control Type79SMG is a fairly traditional 5★ maintank with balanced stats spread, a flashbang and decent tiles..

Type79SMG's HP is fairly high among maintanks. On the other hand, her Evasion is on the lower end, but still servicable. She offers one of the better tile buff out there. 20% of much needed FP to ARs is always good. Unfortunately she only covers two tiles, making her less than ideal when supporting 3 ARs, but otherwise does just a fine job in a 2 AR comp. Type79SMG also comes with a flashbang, and is one of the two viable maintanks with it alongside UMP9SMG. As a 5★, the stun duration is a direct upgrade over the 4★ UMP9SMG. Unlike UMP9SMG however, Type79SMG's tile buff of 20% FP is often more potent than 12% RoF.

As a flashbang SMG, she also shares the same strengths and weaknesses with other flashbangers. Flashbang is deadly especially when it nullifies a large group of enemies, or when it stuns an elite such as a Manticore. This is very apparent when mobs are heavily escorted with tanks like Scouts and Guards, even more so at night where Scouts are extra annoying to take down quickly (Defense Drill) and Manticores are as deadly as bosses. Of course, the flashbang comes with its many weaknesses as well. With a cooldown of 5s and an added throwing time of approximately 2s, it takes a long time to get the stun out into the fight. Type79SMG is bound to take damage as she does not have the smoke to slow the enemies down and buy more time for ARs like UMP45SMG, nor the short cooldown Evasion buff and damage debuff of RO635SMG to minimize damage taken. It is not uncommon to see her unable to throw her flashbang due to short battles, or for her flashbang to only hit a couple of enemies due to most have already been killed. On top of that, flashbang has no effect on bosses. Running a flashbang SMG against bosses would just be running a meatshield with no skill to use. This restricts her to be best used against regular mob and elite battles that are difficult and long enough for flashbang to be useful.

Although Type79SMG isn't a must-use option like UMP45SMG and RO635SMG are as maintanks, she certainly has her merit. Having a flashbang SMG to field is very useful at times, and her performance in general is very good as is. Recommended.



Main TankCrowd Control Since launch, UMP45 has always been regarded as the ideal maintank SMG when it comes to general content. What she offers isn't amazing tank stats or skill, although she does have nicely balanced stats overall, but by having easily the best tile buffs among SMGs.

Her tile buffs give a powerful combination of FP and critical rate, both being valuable to ARs. With the change in critical damage calculation and fairies, critical rate buffs have only gotten stronger since launch. The buff she provides beats even 5★ SMG in terms of value. You would expect such a tile buff to be on one or at most two tiles, yet UMP45's tiles cover all 3 ARs at the back, opening up her potential in 3AR teams. Keep in mind however that critical rate buffs are largely ineffective during nighttime, where ARs wear PEQs instead of VFLs for Accuracy, reducing their base critical rate down to only 20%, or 26% with UMP45's tile buff (unless they're ST AR-15AR or M4 SOPMOD IIAR who can wear two accessories at the same time).

Outside of her godly tiles, UMP45 comes with her iconic smoke grenade. At one point, smokes were among the best skills for maintanks, but with newer SMGs added to the game they're starting to show their limit. Smokes come with a very low cooldown, and the debuff from them is very powerful, enough to overshadow your usual debuffs from HGs that only pop after 6s. Enemies debuffed by a smoke are very susceptible to kiting due to their lower movespeed and RoF, and at the same time gives the tank limited facetanking power. The downside however is also apparent. Being a throwable, smoke nades may be thrown in a bad spot, especially when there are tanks or speedy frontline enemies taking the aggro. The radius, while large, is still limited, making misthrown nades appear wasteful. Her nade is also ineffective against bosses that rely more on cut-ins than regular attacks, and with the large downtime between smoke grenades, UMP45 makes for a poor tank in long battles, especially against bosses.

For an old timer, UMP45 is still doing her best. Highly Recommended.



Main TankCrowd Control
  • Immediate stats improvement for low cost from MOD 1
  • Mediocre and anti-synergistic MOD 2 skill
  • Neural upgrade does not change her performance nor playstyle
UMP45SMG MOD is underwhelming. Outside of the extra stats and improvement to her skill/tiles, there is not much else worth noting about her.

UMP45SMG MOD 1 provides the most significant upgrade to herself. UMP45SMG receives a tile upgrade, skill upgrade and a large amount of extra HP. The stronger tile buff and skill is always welcomed as they are her bread and butter, while the 40 extra HP bring her base stats up to par with other SMGs.

Her MOD 2 grants her an additional effect on her smoke. Enemies that are affected by this take damage whenever they fire. Unfortunately, the damage is low and the skill itself works against her own kit, which is reducing the enemies' RoF.

Her MOD 3 grants her a new costume and her special equipment. The equipment is only a minor improvement to your regular suppressor (+15 Evasion over +10 from gold suppressor). Even if the cost to enhance this suppressor is fine to most players, the cost to neural upgrade her to MOD 3 is especially overpriced for what little gain she gets.

For players who want to upgrade UMP45SMG, it is Recommended to only bring her to MOD 1 and to give the fragments to someone who is more deserving of the investment.



Main TankCrowd Control Aside from her arguably better assets, UMP9 doesn't perform nearly as well as her sister for a maintank. That's not to say she's bad, though. With well rounded stats, tiles fitting for a maintank and a defensive skill, UMP9 is the benchmark of 4★ maintanks. Speaking of 4★, being one also means she is a common SMG to be found, making her a very beginner-friendly T-Doll for those who would like to graduate from using budget 3★.

Unfortunately, while being regarded as one of the better maintanks in the past, UMP9 has not aged as well as her sister. Flashbang is a flawed skill due to its long initial cooldown, its unreliability as with any throwable and its ineffectiveness against bosses (read Type79SMG's analysis for info on flashbangs). The new SMGs added into the game after launch can easily replace her by taking advantage of her flawed skill and come with more suitable, low cooldown skills that are more reliable and work on bosses. She is no longer the go-to and is only viable when her flashbang is necessary.

Despite the flaws in her skill, UMP9 is a servicable, easy-to-obtain and easy-to-use maintank. Recommended.



OfftankAoE A cool and calm silver-haired girl. Vector is one hell of a fearsome offtank SMG, blessed with a strong tile buff and the most lethal molotov skill.

Vector comes with a whopping 30 base FP. When combined with the 5★ skill multiplier, she is capable of dishing high AoE damage with her molotov. Her tile buff, while only affecting one AR, gives a very high value buff to one AR instead. This allows her to pair especially well with 416AR/Gr G11AR where Vector receives the FP buff while the AR receives some much needed RoF.

Molotov is a powerful AoE skill with a low initial cooldown of only 3s. Vector can synergy fairly well with smoke grenades. The skill is also often compared with hand nade (PPS-43SMG and Bizon). While hand nades are used to clearing out large scale low-health enemy hordes, molotov is better at dealing with concentrated high health groups of enemies or conga-line formations. As with all throwables, Vector is also susceptible to targeting, potentially wasting her skill completely if she throws the wrong way.

Overall, Vector is Highly Recommended.



Main TankHP ShieldSelf-Buff EVASelf-Buff FP
  • High EVA and HP makes her an ideal tank
  • Tile coverage affects both AR and SMG
  • Decent tile buffs
  • Terrible against hard-hitting enemies
  • Passive DPS skill is next to useless
  • Collab Locked doll
HenriettaSMG's identical base stats as P90SMG makes her excellent for tanking normal light-hitting mobs like Rippers or Strelets. Her skill “Full Moon Protector” gives a passive 10HP shield for 8s at the start of battle, and if the shield is lost, gives HenriettaSMG a 20% increase in Evasion every 2s. While the stacking Evasion buff is not very strong by itself, each Evasion stack turns into 15HP of shielding with HenriettaSMG's active skill - which considerably improves her long-term survivability.

Against more hard-hitting enemies (eg. SWAP brutes), HenriettaSMG's tanking ability significantly drops due to her subpar self EVA buff and lack of a robust damage-negating mechanism (eg. force shields/P90SMG's holograms).

HenriettaSMG's passive also has a DPS component: it gives her a 30% increase in FP every 2 seconds her HP shield remains unbroken and these damage stacks grant her additional RoF with her active. Unfortunately, even if her RoF reaches the cap, HenriettaSMG's DPS is roughly only 175% of her normal DPS, which is significantly lower than the multiplier of other offensive SMGs like SR-3MPSMG (260%). Considering that even SR-3MPSMG’s usage is limited in the current meta, we can conclude that HenriettaSMG should not be used as a DPS SMG even though her skill gives her that ability.

In summary, she is a decent SMG to have around if you are clearing normal mobs as long as you don’t ram her towards hard-hitting enemies.


Micro UziModSMG


  • Molotov skill gets an improvement to perform spectacularly if all enemies are clumped together in one section, allowing massive area of effect.
  • Kinda really needs that clump.
While still having a pretty low FP stat, Micro UziSMG alleviates one of the major disadvantages of Molotovs vs Frag Nades with her MOD2 skill, allowing her molotovs to spread a little further on the field while providing an extra tick of damage, albeit at a slower rate. Surprisingly enough, this proves to be insanely effective in taking out tight hordes since overlapping flames will be counted as multiple instances of ticks, effectively doubling, tripling and so on on the effects of her MOD2 skill. Note that because new burning areas are only generated every 1.5 seconds, getting Micro UziModSMG's first skill to at least SL9 is desirable to get the most out of her second skill as it raises her skill 1 duration above 4.5 seconds, allowing for 3 procs of her 2nd skill.

Another major bonus of her mod is that it fixes her absolutely horrible pre-mod tiles, allowing her to function as a proper SMG in soaking up damage while still being able to deal a respectable amount of damage.

However, do you really fight tight stacks of mobs that often? Without overlapping fires, she's not all that much different from VectorSMG or KLINSMG aside from the slight advantage of having multiple ticks of flame damage.

Micro UziModSMG gets an Optional rating. While the MOD fixes a lot of her previous flaws and opens up new functions to her usage, she doesn't really differ all that much from your traditional molotovs unless you have super tight packs of enemies. Skill is pretty good but be mindful of the costs of having to level up 2 skills paired with the fragment/core cost. Stopping at MOD2 would be a wise choice, as her MOD3 SPEQ has pretty much 0 synergy with her role as a molotov offtank (it's an ITI for a nader, really?).



Main TankNight FocusSelf-Buff EVA
  • Mediocre multiplier during daytime
PM-06SMG is a 5★ SMG that has a night battle focus. This is a pretty rare trait for a SMG to have.

Out of the box, PM-06SMG looks as to be a doll that has a generic self-Evasion and self-Accuracy skill, which is nothing unique as SMGs such as MP7SMG have similar skills. That's where the similarity diverges however.

PM-06SMG heavily leans to night time performance; her skill is on a very short ICD (4 seconds) with a very long duration (10 seconds). At night, this skill grants an impressive 150% Evasion (which is the same as specialized self-Evasion buffers such as SuomiSMG but less than MP7SMG), with an irrelevant Accuracy bonus.

This quick activation and long duration makes her a solid pick for night operations, but unfortunately limits her use in daytime as the bonuses are heavily reduced.

PM-06SMG is an Optional doll to raise. She has a consideration when a player has raised some of the more generalist options (for example, MP7SMG and C-MSSMG to name two) and wants to raise some specially designed SMGs for specific scenarios.



Main TankCrowd Control Known for her curiosity and serious personality, PP-19-01SMG (Vityaz) is a 4★ SMG Maintank whose skillset is identical to that of UMP45SMG. Unfortunately for Vityaz, the general meta shift towards heavily armored and deadly enemies hasn't done her usability many favors, not to mention that UMP45SMG has now received a Neural Upgrade and left Vityaz in the dust.

In every aspects, Vityaz falls short in comparison to UMP45SMG, even pre-Mod. With inferior tanking stats and a different tile buff that doesn't cover tile 4 and provides a less-strong RoF/Acc combo, Vityaz is a strict downgrade to UMP45SMG due to her worse coverage and unremarkable tile buff.

While this hardly makes Vityaz a bad Maintank (she'll still be better at the job than budget options like IngramSMG, for instance), UMP45SMG is often a far more compelling pick due to her superior team utility and endgame growth potential. All in all, this little knight here is Optional at best.



OfftankSelf-Buff FP
  • Low base Evasion
  • High skill & equip investment
  • DPS is tied to the number of dummies still alive
  • Does not benefit from some stats that help ARs
SR-3MP is a self-buff offtank SMG with a uniquely high multiplier of 260% and excellent uptime/ICD. When maxed out and properly equipped, SR-3MP can deliver DPS on par with if not exceeding that of even the strongest ARs in the commander's armory. Unfortunately, all things that sound too good to be true have a major weakness, and SR-3MP has several:

○ Needs to be placed in the front line, where she is susceptible to taking damage and losing dummy links.

○ Using SR-3MP sacrifices the important AoE burst from an early offtank grenade, and she can't hit the broad side of a barn at night without sacrificing a crit scope/ITI to equip a PEQ.

Regardless, she is a community favorite for a good reason. A unique doll promoting a different playstyle, she is Recommended for those willing and able to invest into her and watch as she does something you don't often see in an SMG.



Main TankAoE
  • Very good balanced stats for a 3★
  • Good starter maintank! ( owo)b
  • Low base FP
  • Awful tile buff
  • No defensive skill
  • Mismatch role
Ahhh STEN MkIISMG, 9 times out of 10 you're more than likely going to use this doll at least once during your early game. I say 9 times because unless you roll a better SMG in the beginning, this girl will be your first tank next to SkorpionSMG, as the the game hands her to you on a silver platter.

Despite having an offensive skill, STEN MkIISMG is a maintank due to having the perfect stats for a maintank. Her stats is comparable to that of UMP45SMG, one of the best maintank in the game, with the same HP but 1 higher Evasion. That tells a lot about her already when she can directly compete with an SMG of higher rarity than herself (and not just any random SMG, but one of the best). Alongside SkorpionSMG, STEN MkIISMG is very accessible because of her being a Chapter 1 map reward as well as level-up reward. She can be easily raised without using cores and her early appearance lets her take on the spotlight of being a very beginner-friendly SMG.

Unfortunately, her stats are the only good thing about her. Due to her low FP, she is a very lackluster offtank despite being designated as one. As a maintank, she now instead lacks a defensive skill. But the worst of all, her tile buff is absolutely useless. Evasion is not even needed for ARs and Accuracy is neglected especially when it is only 10%. These glaring weaknesses mean she is best replaced if it isn't too costly for you.

Good stats but terrible tiles and a skill that is essentially useless for a maintank, STEN MkIISMG falls off faster than her partner SkorpionSMG. If there is an opportunity to replace her without slowing down your progress, feel free to do so. Optional for early game.



Main TankCrowd Control Type64SMG introduces herself as a feminine girl, having traits of being quiet, polite, tea-loving, and weak at athletic merits. A usable but all the while replaceable budget maintank SMG, who doesn't offer anything special in particular.

She has a high HP pool of 880 and a mediocre base Evasion stat of 65, which is sound by 2★ SMG standards. This means she has lower HP but higher Evasion than her fellow 2★ flash SMG, M38SMG, while having very similiar stats with Spectre M4SMG with the only difference being a marginally higher Evasion stat and a 20% RoF tile buff instead of a 20% FP tile buff.

Having a defensive skill, she would be more suited for a maintank SMG role. Flashbang is a good defensive skill for general content, yet ineffective against bosses. Its initial CD is also quite long, as with any other flashbang SMGs. However, her buff tile coverage is lackluster, only buffing the AR directly behind her, which is usually seen for offtank SMGs. Maintank SMGs should have better tiles, which Type64SMG lacks.

Optional for early game, but as with many of the other 2★ SMGs, replace her when you get better SMG(s) like IngramSMG or the UMP sisters.



  • Small nade radius
  • Limited farmable event doll (Operation CUBE)
Z-62 is a reliable offtank SMG obtainable from Operation Cube.

She has a more offensive statline compared to SkorpionSMG, with a high base FP stat of 28, allowing for a more powerful early burst against enemy mobs, while still being able to function as a frontliner.

Her tiles are ideal for the offtank position at 8, allowing her and ARs to buff eachother, provided she's paired with the right ones, because the 12% FP certainly does help. The Evasion buff on the other isn't of any significance.

Being a limited drop, her biggest drawback lies in her obtainability compared to other craftable Molotov SMGs, as the game gives you several copies of SkorpionSMG, while VectorSMG has a more powerful burst and better tanking capabilites. However, Z-62 is still worth using, should you need a molotov SMG during the absence of the ones mentioned above.

Optional whenever you lack a molotov offtank.

100 ShikiSMG

Not Recommended

Main TankHP ShieldSelf-Buff EVASelf-Buff FP
  • High base HP
100 Shiki is a 5★ SMG with high HP and low Evasion, and a highly unusual skill.

While Sakura Reflection may at first seem like a useful skill, its 8s initial CD holds it back from any semblance of viability. Compared to the other 8s ICD maintank skill (Force Shield) that negates all damage when activated, the lackluster performance of 100 Shiki's skill is apparent. Generally, maintank SMGs with faster activating skills like Smoke Grenade or stronger long-ICD moves like P90SMG/Gr G36cSMG's Squirrel or Force Shield are far more preferred.

100 Shiki is therefore Not Recommended, due to other maintank SMGs simply doing the job better. Her special equipment buffs her base stats but doesn't address the core problem with her Skill, and is also Not Recommended to enhance.

Cx4 StormSMG

Not Recommended

Main TankSelf-Buff EVA
  • Good skill duration
  • Accessible as CT chapter 1 reward
The Beretta Cx4 Storm is an obtainable doll during the event Continuum Turbulence. She is a maintank with emphasis on long duration Evasion buff. Unfortunately her long CD, weak multiplier and large gap in skill uptime put her behind other SMGs.

Cx4's skill Concealment Focus is an Evasion self-buff that similar to Evasion Focus of SuomiSMG and MP7SMG. Unlike the latter, her skill has semi-long duration in return for lower multiplier. Sadly her initial CD is the same at 6s, making the skill impractical. During long fights, her longer duration is often countered by boss cut-ins, as they can easily eat up the skill duration, leaving her vulnerable afterward as she requires at least another 6s before she can activate again. The least fortunate part of her skill is that it is strictly weaker than even low CD maintank, mainly RO (75% Evasion buff + damage debuff) and CMS (65% permanent Evasion buff).

Good art, mediocre performance, Cx4 is Not Recommended unless you like her.


Not Recommended

  • High base HP
  • Low base Evasion
  • Very low base FP
  • Awful tile buff and coverage
  • Limited monthly login reward doll (November 2018)
EVO 3. Another monthly doll who I sadly have no interesting one-liner for. All there is to know is that she's related to SkorpionSMG, but how well do she match up to her?

Starting off with her stats, as she is a hand nade offtank, except her FP stat sadly doesn't do her role justice at all. 23 is possibly the lowest an offtank could get. It is unlikely that she would be able to kill anything worthwhile when she herself has one of the worst FP in the game as an offtank SMG.

Unfortunately, it looks like nothing is fair to EVO 3. Not only she has terrible FP, her tile buff may as well not be there at all. Raw Accuracy buff and nothing else is hardly impactful. She makes STEN MkIISMG, a hand nader who is a better maintank than an offtank, looks good as an offtank.

She's simply Not Recommended. SkorpionSMG still reigns surpreme.


Not Recommended

Main TankCrowd Control
  • Australian
  • High Base HP
G'day mate~, F1 is a potential drop reward from the major story event, Deep Dive, with her defining feature being her Australianishness and having an amusing voice line.

All jokes aside, she's pretty mediocre in terms of actual usage compared to her close rival, MAC-10 (IngramSMG). She has a really mediocre tile buff and its coverage isn't all that good either. 40% ACC and 15% EVA for ARs is rather insufficient in contrast to MAC-10's 12% damage, given your ARs would never need that Evasion in the first place.

While her health pool is quite adequate, her low Evasion inches her further to frequently taken hits and suffers the same problem as MT-9SMG, but only to a smaller extent, since her smoke grenade will at least cover for her in most fights. F1's base HP is indeed better than IngramSMG's, but unless you do not have one raised already, I would really steer away from using F1, for IngramSMG is simply better in every other possible way.

I wouldn't advise raising her even under budget constraints, since there're better options out there, IngramSMG being a no-brainer. To a certain extent, even STEN MkIISMG would make a better choice, as her acquisition doesn't demand as much as a limited event doll, and her base stats are tankier. Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

Main TankSelf-Buff EVA FMG-9 is an Evasion tank, and unlike SuomiSMG, she stays very true to the title of her role.

FMG-9 has the highest base Evasion among all SMGs. Even more so that her skill is Evasion focus, bringing her Evasion to even higher levels. This leads to an interesting demonstration of her dodging just about everything thrown at her, especially if buffed further.

Holding the title of having the highest Evasion among SMGs is cool and all, but at what cost? All FMG-9 has going for her is her massive amount of Evasion. She lacks everything else. Her HP is among the lowest, making her a lot less effective as she risks dying just from getting hit if it happens. It doesn't help that enemies later on have much higher Accuracy, as well as higher damage, leaving her only meager inches from losing a dummy to regular mobs, and getting one-shot from most bosses. Her cooldown is also long, as with any SMG with Evasion focus. When against aggressive enemy placement or when you kite poorly, she is very likely to take an unfortunate hit before she gets any opportunity to get her skill is up.

Unlike other maintanks who come with smoke, flashbang, or mental deterrence (RO), FMG-9 has no utility to offer to the team. She only buffs herself, whereas other defensive skills can help out other members such as the offtank as well. Her tiles are also very underwhelming, only covering 2 slots with an underaverage FP buff. Don't even think of her as a budget SMG option. She is a limited drop so being a 3★ serves more of a limitation to herself. Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

Main TankSelf-Buff EVA
  • #1 GFL maymay
  • Very high base Evasion
  • is a neko
  • is a good meme source
Arguably one of the most notorious T-Dolls in all of Girls' Frontline nyastory, IDW. Despite the stupidly large abundance of memes that have crept upon the surface thanks to her infamy, some credit is at least warranted for her.

Being an Evasion-reliant SMG maintank, with an incredibly high base Evasion stat of 85 but incredibly low HP pool of 750, whose Evasion is then further buffed by her skill, allowing her to evade attacks even better, I suppose the most fitting description for her would be 'inflatable tube cat'. In other words, she can evade more attacks but will fall quicker due to her practically being paper thin. It's also important to note that Evasion tanking becomes less reliable in later chapters, making her niche obsolete.

As for her tile buffs, while they have good coverage, allowing her to buff most ARs, the buffs themselves are rather useless. Though I suppose if you do use her, and if push comes to shove, her tile buffs would help your ARs survive once IDW is incapacitated. Then again, should this occur, chances are you're fighting enemies with higher Accuracy/damage, in which case your ARs wouldn't survive much longer than she did. Besides, maintanks aren't usually supposed to die so early.

Anyway, IDW being a relatively decent Evasion tank for her caliber makes her a less than reliable maintank overall, especially long term. She may be used early game when in need of a maintank substitute, but should be replaced ASAP. Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

Main TankSelf-Buff EVASelf-Buff FPSelf-buff RoF
  • Even higher base Evasion on top of improved first skill
  • Still very low base HP
  • Still awful tile buff
  • Second skill does not improve her role as a maintank
IDWSMG, despite receiving a neural upgrade, has managed to be consistently disappointing. She had low health and terrible tiles before, and still has low health and terrible tiles now with MOD.

IDWSMG MOD plays the role of a hyper evasive SMG, though her second skill offers purely offensive buffs. Her kit may be interesting but clearly lacks any synergy with her role as a maintank, and she has to deal with an SMG's weaker offensive base stats of and different buffing needs compared to ARs. On top of that, she also has to deal with the FP penalty on a T-Exoskeleton (and regretfully, her anti-synergistic MOD 3 special equipment).

IDWSMG receives a stat improvement with her Neural Upgrade, as well as a bonus of 10% crit rate on her tile buff plus some Evasion (useless for ARs). A maintank's tile buff significantly affects their viability, and IDWSMG is sorely lacking in this department even after MOD. Her stats remain highly evasive but without any bulk or low-ICD defenses. Since even the most evasive of SMGs require a certain amount of health pool to keep them afloat if they finally take a hit, IDWSMG's effective survivability ends up being lackluster even after upgrades.

This Neural Upgrade does not fix IDWSMG's existing issues with a weak tile buff and low HP, and a maintank that does slightly more damage is not a niche that IDWSMG can effectively fill when even C-MSSMG barely qualifies despite being substantially better both offensively and defensively. IDWSMG is Not Recommended to be upgraded.


Not Recommended

  • Good tile coverage
  • Decent damage buff
  • High base HP
Oh M12 is really cute, so I pretty much leveled her entirely just because of this purpose, she's ok all things considered but there's a lot of viable offerings in her price range or cheaper.

M12 is originally a login reward as well as a possible drop on event maps, making her acquisition much harder than someone such as SkorpionSMG or VectorSMG. In terms of tiles they're pretty mediocre, as you're effectively only getting an 8% damage increase to 2 dolls unless you have a HG buffer in the middle, which will make it only 1. Calling 8% for each doll underwhelming would be an understatement, especially considering Z-62SMG gives better buffs with essentially the same coverage.

Stats are nothing to write home about. High base HP but she's an offtank so it's a bit unusual, low base Evasion and middling base damage for a molotov. Due to her multiplier as well she's pretty much on the level of SkorpionSMG in terms of molotov damage which again isn't impressive.

SkorpionSMG has the advantage of acquiring free links and essentially being free of core usage, while M12 has to deal with using cores as links. M12 can't compete with the likes of PPS-43SMG, the sad reality is she doesn't make the cut. She's not awful on the wide spectrum but there're better options out there for a cheaper price or just significantly better options for much more worthy results. Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

OfftankAoE Shibafu, is this your creation?!

Potato art jokes aside, M3 is a pretty decent offtank for her rarity in terms of Firepower - rocking a FP value of 30 and a more balanced defensive stats among 2★. Her problem however, is her multiplier, her tile and the existence of better offtanks even right from the start of the game.

To start off, her tile is outright awful. For early game, Accuracy is somewhat effective, but far from ideal and can only become worse later on. Evasion buff on ARs is useless no matter how you look at it. Hand nade's effectiveness mostly comes from its radius in order to take out critters. During early game, it is not as good as molotov (from SkorpionSMG) due to it being unable to take out dummies from explosions (read PPS-43SMG's analysis for info on hand nade). You only damage the backline slightly, thus your DPS would still need to break through the frontline first in order to be able to take them out. Later on, she has a hard time competing as an offtank as well, first due to her low multiplier from skill, potentially making her miss out on one-shot threshold, and second due to the existence of PPS-43SMG.

Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

Main TankCrowd Control M38SMG is another one of those 2★ girls who are ignored in favor of the higher rarity girls in the early game.

Boasting the highest HP among the 2★ SMGs with a whopping 1015 HP at level 100, people would think that M38SMG could maybe be a good maintank; that is, however, off-set by her low Evasion stat. M38SMG holds the unfortunate title of being the SMG with the lowest Evasion stat in the game.

M38SMG comes with a flashbang, a relatively useful skill that is held back by its short duration due to her being a 2★ and the unlikelihood that you would spend data on skilling her up. Her tile buff, while providing relevant stats, gives a miniscule amount at only 5% damage and 10% RoF.

With the career quest rewards now providing lots of combat reports and T-Dolls as well as RO635SMG becoming available at level 90 with full Dummy Links, there is no point in picking M38SMG up as your maintank since you will be replacing her very quickly. Even STEN MkIISMG is a better option, being given for free early on, and you can simply pick up Gr MP5SMG and RO635SMG (as well as any viable SMG you might've crafted along the way) as you progress through the story.

M38SMG is Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

Main TankCrowd Control The Carl Gustav m45SMG, or just m45SMG, is the lowest rarity smoke grenade SMG. At only 2★, m45SMG will drop early and often.

With pretty bad Evasion at 62, m45SMG relies more on HP tanking with her fairly modest HP stat of 925. Smoke grenade is, as always, a really good skill to have with super low initial CD, lowering enemy mobility to allow for easier ability to kite and potentially clumping the enemies up for an AOE nade to clean up.

However, m45SMG being a 2★ means her multiplier is especially weak; without skilling her up, her smoke's effects may as well be unnoticeable. This defeats the purpose of being an early game temporary doll, as you need to skill her up to make her skill meaningful. m45SMG's tiles are also tragic, providing a meager 10% RoF and a worthless 10% Evasion. She provides her AR friends with very little of what they need.

With the career rewards, progressing through early game is rapid. As a new player, you are better off using STEN MkIISMG who is given very early before transitioning to Gr MP5SMG and RO635SMG (and any viable SMG you might've crafted along the way) as you progress through the story. There is no point in making a detour picking up m45SMG only for her to be replaced later.

m45SMG is Not Recommended. At least she can be in the dorm cooking oishii pan.


Not Recommended

OfftankAoE The famous MP40, one of the most extensively used SMGs by the Axis powers during World War 2. She is past her prime, and it is also reflected in GFL.

Sitting at 29 FP, 1 FP lower than VectorSMG, MP40 has very high FP for her rarity, coupled with 925 HP, higher than some maintank SMGs, but a low Evasion of 58, her HP can take some hits, but not for very long. Her downfall mainly comes from her molotov multiplier - 5.5x, the lowest amongst the molotov SMGs.

To add on, her tile buffs are almost completely useless too. Accuracy and Evasion buffs are not the most appropriate buffs to give to ARs, with a tile coverage of tile 4 only from tile 8, as she is an offtank at heart.

MP40 is Not Recommended, even for the early game, where girls like SkorpionSMG, STEN MkIISMG and PPS-43SMG do the job better than MP40 ever will.


Not Recommended

Main TankCrowd Control
  • High base HP
  • Very low base evasion
  • Limited monthly reward doll (Aug 2020)
MP41 is another 3★ monthly mediocre t-doll released only to fill up your index before being scrapped. It's 2020, yet Mica has the audacity to release an SMG that is effectively a downgrade to 3★ smoke SMG from launch called IngramSMG. MP41 is replaceable, comes in very late, and costs core as you cannot craft nor farm her. She is simply Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

Main TankForce Shield
  • Has special exo that gives 23 more Evasion than 5★ T-Exo
  • Very common among 4★
The only force shield SMG of her rarity, MP5. A "mini-ThompsonSMG" if you will. An underlying problem all SMGs with this particular skill have is that they sacrifice a little bit of Evasion for a chunk of HP. MP5 is no exception, although in her case, her HP of 870 isn't even high-end. Accompanied by her bland Evasion stat of 68 at max, which is the same as IngramSMG's, she barely scratches the surface for a maintank. While her exclusive UX exo patches up the Evasion part, she retains all other weaknesses, including terrible tiles and a long cooldown.

Being a 4★ force shield SMG, she also has to compete with the 5★ version ThompsonSMG and Gr G36cSMG. Sadly she has no value over them beside having higher Evasion and a potential of getting a mod. Her shield's duration is shorter, her HP is lower, her tiles barely contribute to the team and ThompsonSMG being a very common 5★ means there is no excuse of using her as a budget option (core cost isn't even worth mentioning as force shield is a late game niche where core supply is no longer an issue).

To recap, MP5 has a niche where she is the worst at it. Her special exo covers for one of her flaws, but the means of acquiring it are tedious and even then, she wouldn't come close to being optimal to use either. She remains niche and is Not Recommended, go level a ThompsonSMG instead.


Not Recommended

Main TankCrowd Control
  • Very high base HP
The initial reactions depending on what type of commander you are is either, "oh god it's a taurus gun" or simply "ooo dark skin cutie." MT-9 is your below average maintank that edges out against worse SMG's but is beaten by the better budget options.

Her tile buff is nothing to write home about. It has a small damage buff, a useless Evasion buff, and mediocre tile coverage. Her stats fail as a maintank, and although holding a very nice pool of HP, her Evasion is relatively low and the only thing to cover for that is her flashbang which features a mediocre initial CD and can't cover for her poor Evasion in the shorter fights.

Her rarity is reflected in her skill. She has the 2nd shortest flashabang skill, lasting only 3.5 seconds (a whole 1 second shorter than Type79SMG). This puts new commanders in a situation where they'll find repairs to be more frequent due to her skill and stats, and as a result, have her fighting against a boss with a good chunk of her health lost.

MT-9 will lose out to the other budget options in many aspects, her core investment as a login doll reward, mediocre tile buff, below average stats and a short duration flashbang. All these points combined puts her into the Not Recommended category for the new commander.

Micro UziSMG

Not Recommended

  • Low base HP
  • Very low base FP
  • Awful tile placement
Micro UziSMG, commonly known as the butt of the joke by the community, is known for her awful tile formation that makes you wonder why she even exists in the first place.

If the tile formation alone does not convince you that she is simply not a good SMG, there are other issues with her as well. First off is her FP stat. At a mere 24 FP, she is on par with SkorpionSMG, who has a more sensible tile formation as well as more availability due to being a reward from chapter 1 as well as from level-ups. Her tank stats are also a direct downgrade to SkorpionSMG's, with similar HP and lower Evasion. You would think that perhaps she would have some sort of strength to set her apart from another molotov SMG of the same rarity, but not only is her tile formation out of place, her stats are also a downgrade.

At least she gives you 1 core in return. Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

Main TankCrowd Control
  • Long initial CD
  • Tile only covers two backliners
  • Limited event login reward doll (Christmas 2019)
OTs-39 is a well-balanced 3★ SMG maintank and one of the few addition that is actually solid and can compete with the older 3★ mainstays like IngramSMG, PPS-43SMG and SkorpionSMG.

OTs-39 comes with good stats of high HP and decent Evasion. She has the strongest FP tile buff among 3★ SMGs, making her a great low rarity pick. Although her tile only covers two backliners, she can be used in a B formation double maintank team, or simply as a maintank in a team with 2AR 1RF as backline. This is commonly employed in the early game as M14RF is a solid early RF option who does not mind the lack of tile coverage from OTs-39, while the other two ARs receive full benefit from her tiles. Her skill, as with other flashbangers, is often a niche pick in mid-to-late game due to faster battles, but is perfectly viable early on where battles tend to last longer.

Unfortunately, her main downside is her availability. Given the new early game progression, newbies could easily progress far beyond the need for a budget t-doll, as their existing team would be already leveled or they may have already crafted stronger SMGs.

Despite OTs-39 being an impressive SMG for her rarity, the meta has shifted far past her prime with an ever-decreasing need for ARSMG teams in the mid and late game. She is Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

OfftankAoE Say hello to PP-2000, because you'll be seeing a lot of her during your career as a commander. Being a 2★ doll you can expect her to be very common. While she's not the worst choice for offtank early game, the availability of SkorpionSMG makes her less than desirable.

PP-2000 comes with a generous amount of Evasion for a 2★ SMG. Her FP stats is fairly high, fitting the role of an offtank. However, the FP advantage is hindered by her lower multiplier. While her tile buff does give out usable stats with FP and Accuracy, the placement is less than ideal, especially when she is paired with another SMG with the same buff formation like Vityaz.

Not necessarily a stellar choice, especially with the other better option being given out for free. Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

Main TankSelf-Buff EVA
  • Very high base Evasion
  • Very long duration
Oh PP-90, how your victory phrase contradicts your actual abilities.

First thing on the chopping block, her HP value. Rocking a low 795 HP at max level, she's one of the maintank SMGs with such a low HP value, besting girls like IDWSMG and FMG-9SMG - both being maintanks - and drawing on HP values on girls like PP-2000SMG and SkorpionSMG - which are both offtanks. For a 4★, this is really bad.

Pipi-90's Evasion stat is nothing to scoff at though, 86 Evasion - one of the best SMGs in that stat department, and her skill enhances it by another 45% with almost permanent uptime. Now you may be asking, "That's just bananas! Isn't that great?"

Here's the thing, in higher story chapters and future events, enemies that have a high Accuracy stat will be more prevalent, making her Evasion prowess obsolete. You can't avoid bullets if they keep hitting ya, and that's where her abysmal HP value will be what drags her down. Sure, you can say you could use her in earlier chapters, but PP-90 is not exactly the cheapest doll on the block, being a 4★ SMG.

Her tile buff is also another problem. A small boost to FP with a decent Evasion boost to ARs. Evasion that your ARs will likely never make any proper use out of. Tile coverage also ignores the AR at position 4, losing out on that FP buff.

Unfortunately for PP-90, all that combined makes for a terrible package for a maintank SMG, Not Recommended in any scenario. She is cute though, if only the drills on her hair can be something more, maybe she'd be useful then.

(Kamina shouting in the background)


Not Recommended

  • Very low base Evasion
  • Low base FP
  • Low multiplier due to low rarity
  • Awful tile placement
  • Crashes the server (Meme)
Papasha might just be the very example of what an offtank shouldn't be. There's not much good to say about her. Even among other 2★s, she's one of the worst offtanks out there. In fact, she and her sister stand on complete opposite ends.

Save for her relatively high HP and RoF, which shouldn't concern her role, the rest of her stats are less than satisfying. Her mediocre base FP stat of 26, combined with her low hand grenade damage multiplier of 5.5x, produces rather poor results. To give her some credit though, it at least covers a decently large surface. In terms of survivability, she's not very resilient either, even as an offtank. With a low base Evasion stat of 56, the only thing acommodating to her tanking capability is her high HP of 970 at max.

Then there's her synergy with ARs. The stats she buffs for ARs are good, but the increase is low and their placement makes team building complicated. You're given two options. Either put her in the middle of the backline along with two other ARs standing next to her, or disregard her tile buffs entirely and put her in the traditional offtank position next to your maintank. There will be repercussions and little to no reward for either of these these formation choices.

In case this hasn't been made blatantly clear already; If you're looking for a cheap offtank, she is not the one. Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

OfftankSelf-Buff FP SCW is a limited doll from 8-6/8-4E that shares many similarities with SR-3MPSMG & Honey BadgerSMG. Due to their similarities, the basic concept that applies to SR-3MPSMG such as equipment and buff synergy may also apply to SCW.

SCW features similar base stats to SR-3MPSMG other than a significant amount less HP (925 to 840). However, the real difference is in her tile buff and skill. Her tile buff in reality isn't all too impressive and the coverage is only 1 doll compared to SR-3MPSMG's, which usually covers 2 or 3. The skill contrasts itself from SR-3MPSMG by featuring a lower damage multiplier, longer initial cooldown (6s instead of 4s). SMG in general are not often associated with offensive prowess, thus they need to play the catch-up game with their higher multiplier during skill, and having a damage self-buff that pops at 6s means she will need take a lot more time to catch up, in other words, she might as well not do any damage. The Evasion boost is a bonus to keep her fragile self alive but the multiplier is low and the cooldown is not ideal at all.

Not Recommended.


Not Recommended

Main TankSelf-Buff EVA Shipka is a 4★ Evasion tank SMG just like SuomiSMG. The difference is that she trades a good chunk of HP for more Evasion. Unfortunately however, losing the HP turns out to be her downfall, making her a worse SuomiSMG. As an Evasion tank, she is specialised in face-tanking long battle thanks to the constant uptime of Evasion focus. Be aware however, it is a specialised role as the initial cooldown is long and unsuitable for short battles.

Unlike SuomiSMG, Shipka has a generous amount of Evasion. Although her skill has worse multiplier than SuomiSMG's, her base Evasion is more than make up for it. Under the effect of the skill, she has higher Evasion than SuomiSMG, scoring nearly 300 Evasion just by herself.

While gaining more Evasion is a step in the right direction, losing so much HP hurts her role. Due to how niche Evasion tanks are, they are best used against long drawn out battles, including some boss battles where a single hit from the boss hurts a lot. With her lower effective HP, she cannot tank as many hits as someone like SuomiSMG, especially when luck is not in your favour. The high base Evasion may give her a better time as a generalist than SuomiSMG, but it would be unwise to use her as one over a proper generalist such as UMP45SMG and RO. Shipka is Not Recommended.

Spectre M4SMG

Not Recommended

Main TankSelf-Buff EVA A girl who think she's popular but in truth she's ignored by everyone. Spectre M4 is an early game SMG that's focused on Evasion tanking, nothing much to say.

Having stats of 66 Evasion and 880 HP while possessing the 6s initial CD Evasion skill means she's another face-tanking and Evasion-reliant SMG. Her high HP is good enough, but her mediocre Evasion when coupled with Evasion boosting skill isn't doesn't fortify her survivability by a lot. Even IDWSMG arguably does a better job in terms of Evasion tanking. Her tile buff should be usable for early game, judging how it only buffs the AR directly behind her while giving a nice 20% FP boost. That's one good point that goes to Spectre rather than IDWSMG.

Then again, I suppose there's lots of other alternatives beside Spectre and the other 2★ SMG folks. And thus, Spectre will be ignored again. Not Recommended

  • "Lonely" by Akon playing in the background*


Not Recommended

Main TankSelf-Buff EVA
  • High base HP
    • Low multiplier on top of mediocre Evasion
    • Limited event login reward doll
    T77 is essentially a 3★ PP90, a maintank SMG with long duration Evasion buff. As a result, she suffers the same fate as PP90 due to the low multiplier of her skill on top of her weak 3★ stats spread.

    T77 comes with better HP and tile buff than PP90 but at the cost of reduced Evasion. Despite this, her survivability is below average in comparison to other meta SMGs due to her low rarity. As T77 is a limited t-doll, not a farmable nor craftable one that you can get day 1 and dummy link with dupes for cheap, she's not accessible to most players who would want a budget maintank (unlike dolls such as IngramSMG).

    Evasion Focus T is an awful skill that somehow survived until this day to be released on a relatively new t-doll such as T77 herself. The multiplier is very low, especially for a 4s initial CD skill. Its long duration is not impactful due to most fights being short, and the long ones are overwhelmingly difficult for the low multiplier of T77's skill to sustain herself.

    T77 is Not Recommended at all. You can find better options both for short and long term engagement elsewhere.


    Not Recommended

    Main TankSelf-Buff EVA Alright offering all around, TMP has good base Evasion, decent tile buffs but a somewhat counter intuitive position and poor base HP.

    To start we'll get to the tile buffs, they're pretty decent actually, one of the better tile buffs out there if she was an offtank. The position is kind of awkward given her role as a tank but this can be mitigated if you're running an elaborate setup that has two maintanks I suppose. This can hurt her general score just because of the awkward position she has to be but I suppose you could make her go into the maintank position but that would only fullfill one doll buff. Pick your poison I suppose is the answer here.

    Read SuomiSMG's analysis if you're wondering why she's not ideal for general use. Her CD again lends herself to being used in a smaller number of fights and her health pool really doesn't help her out at all. While Her base Evasion makes her ultimately have more Evasion when in skill than SuomiSMG, the sheer health difference can't be met by simply 17 more Evasion (277 for TMP, 260 for SuomiSMG, assuming max equips & skill). TMP suffers the same problem as ShipkaSMG, she has the Evasion to back up her role (ShipkaSMG being able to get to 294 Evasion) but can't defeat SuomiSMG's amazing health pool (1100 hp total).

    If there's one thing going for TMP it's at least that you can argue she has nice tiles but given the niche role she provides but I have a hard time recommending her over just picking either a MP7SMG or SuomiSMG. The role itself is niche enough as is and I would rather go for the best option rather than 2nd rate. Niche/Not Recommended.


    Not Recommended

    Main TankCrowd ControlDebuffs Enemy
    • Skill 2 can blind enemies even if they are immune to stun
    • Underwhelming base stats for a MOD unit
    • Long cooldown and downtime on debuff if used against bosses
    Type64SMG MOD was one of the very first MODs in foreign servers, but the EN server got her in Singularity, at which point her MOD skill's usefulness started taking a turn for the worse.

    As with all Neural Upgrades, Type64SMG MOD receives an overall improvement to her base stats, tile buff, as well as her existing skill multipliers. Nevertheless, her base stats remain relatively underwhelming, even losing to STEN MkIISMG Mk II in both Evasion and HP.

    Unique among Stun Grenade users, Type64SMG's MOD skill "Silent Flash" additionally lets her decrease enemy Accuracy, even affecting bosses and elite units normally immune to stun. This makes Type64SMG slightly more versatile, since this kit lets her function somewhat well in both mobbing and bossing situations.

    Nevertheless, Type64SMG Mod still shares the same weaknesses as flashbang SMGs and Welrod MkIIHG: they are ineffective against common Paradeus enemies like Uhlans, Rodeleros and Doppelsoldners who are immune to stun and have sure-hit mechanics. Against ELIDs, her overly defensive kit is not worth the loss of a nader SMG, and she is mostly ineffective against Smashers whose damage aura cannot be evaded. Against SWAP SF and regular SF to an extent, her flashbang also comes out too slowly to be effective against their blitzkrieg offense.

    What about bosses? Type64SMG MOD's performance remains lacking. She can be treated as a tankier alternative to Welrod MkIIHG who is capable of taking hits while still reducing the enemies' Accuracy, but her multiplier cannot compete with Welrod MkIIHG and her debuff uptime is severely lacking, not to mention the lack of Welrod MkIIHG's powerful universal tile buff. Type64SMG also cannot tag team as well as the like of P90SMG and force shield SMGs, and she cannot support the maintank as well as DorothySMG.

    Type64SMG MOD is largely outclassed by other existing SMGs despite receiving her upgrade. She is Not Recommended.


    Not Recommended

    OfftankDebuffs SelfSelf-Buff FPSelf-Buff EVA UMP40 is functionally perhaps one of the most confusing Dolls. She's the only SMG that buffs SMGs, albeit with an unusual crit rate buff and effectively has a system where she can either be a DPS or an Evasion SMG. We'll split her analysis into two sections, one for each of her roles.

    Evasive Focus: We'll start with her skill not being activated at all, forcing her to stay in her passive form. In this case, she'll progressively gain an increase in Evasion with a maximum of 5 stacks (50%). The issue being that it takes 2s for each stack to be added, meaning it'll take her 10s for her to get to her full Evasion (199, assuming full equips. Take a look at the notes tab for her Evasion at other stacks). This makes for a rather disappointing tradeoff for the amount of time spent to wait for these stacks. In retrospect, when you compare this to C-MSSMG, she gains 204 Evasion in only 1 second while it takes UMP40 x10 the time to get there, like why must you do this Mica. I suppose if we ignore C-MSSMG' existence, UMP40 would feature really good uptime and Evasion after 10s, but this is hardly practical, given even PP-90SMG has around the same Evasion as UMP40 (197 Evasion for PP-90SMG) and her skill pops at the 4s mark with nearly as good uptime.

    Damage Focus: In this case, the situation remains somewhat similar, where UMP40 still needs her max of 5 stacks for her to function optimally. This takes 11 seconds as you'll have to activate your active portion. In this state, she becomes as durable as me on a wheelchair (ie. RF levels of durability) so she'll function as an AR more than a SMG. While UMP40 in this state trades blows with SR-3MPSMG simply due to the uptime, the amount of time it takes to get in this state is hardly practical. Eventually in theory, she'll overtake SR-3MPSMG in terms of damage in a perfect world where you can manage a long enough fight. Against bosses however, you can simply set SR-3MPSMG to manual and avoid most downtime she can encounter. As mentioned, UMP40 becomes a complete glass cannon as well so you either hope for some other SMG to tank for her or cry at the tactical mistakes you've made. Her tile buffs again make little sense, given she needs an escort SMG or anything to actually do the defending instead of her, making the Crit rate effectively do nothing. Mind you this is I suppose somewhat "useful" in the context of a gimmick if you add in offensive SMGs with a silencer making their crit rate 100% by way of her tile buff but again this is hardly practical as now they have little acc to speak of and now all the smgs have no tanking power.

    As an overall summary, she gains her full power rounding the 10/11s mark in her evasive and damage focus context but her rivals (C-MSSMG for Evasion, SR-3MPSMG for damage) far overtake her even when she's in her optimal state. Her debilating downsides and overall just confusing tile buff makes her not as applicable as her counterparts. She's just not practical for both focuses and Not Recommended for tactical gameplay.


    Not Recommended

    OfftankSelf-Buff FP
    • Good all-rounder base stats
    • Skill is a consideration for adding more damage in killing enemy escorts in boss fights
    • Heiwari
    • Competes for the same position as SR-3MPSMG, who is more potent
    • Usage outside of her skill is not noteworthy, so careful consideration needs to be made in knowing when to use her
    • Heiwari
    X95 is an SMG that debuts in the major story event Isomer.

    X95 is a doll that has a skill that is markedly different from most other SMGs thus far. While at first glance, the skill puts her in the same category as other damage-focused SMGs such as SR-3MPSMG/Honey BadgerSMG (but not SMG naders like VectorSMG), the skill has a nuances that put her apart from these two.

    First, the skill changes her target priority to enemies that have the lowest health. This doesn't mean that she automatically goes for the lowest health percentage wise; she goes for the enemy units with the lowest maximum health instead. This means she will be hitting the squishier backline targets rather than the relatively tankier frontline targets usually. Unfortunately, while this seems great to hit dangerous enemies such as Jaegers(!), she shouldn't be relied on to do this job. Her damage is still SMG tier and while she does get a sizeable boost when the enemy health is low, you're still trying to kill a full health (usually) backliner with this damage. This doesn't happen most of the time as she is usually the solo damage dealer at that point in time due to your ARs still being focused on whittling down the Guards/Scouts what have you.

    Second, her tiles are nice. She gives relevant buffs down the line to all three backliners, which means that you have flexibility in your team lineup. RoF and Accuracy buffs are not to be underestimated, especially when dealing with evasive enemies/longer fights to keep up consistency in damage output.

    The drawback to X95 is that her skill is liable in making her overkill her targets by a lot. This is due to the aforementioned effect of "ramping up" her damage the lower health her target has. This does allow her to finish off wounded targets/adds during longer fights. This is especially useful for some fights as you are guaranteed a HOC to help in AoE bombardment which softens targets up, allowing X95 to already have a trigger off the lower health for the damage bonus for the first and subsequent hits instead of from the second hit onwards.

    X95 is an optional doll to raise. She is Not Recommended for players who already have a wide variety of offensive SMGs raised such as SR-3MPSMG, Honey BadgerSMG, or JS9 (in terms of tiles and similar effect). For players who wish to use X95 but do not know what type of battles she can be used in, compare her to SR-3MPSMG (who is in effect a much, much more potent version of X95 in the damage class).



    Main TankDebuffs Enemy
    • High base HP
    • Good tile buff and coverage
    • Accessible as CT chapter 2 reward
    • Long initial CD
    • Skill only debuffs single target
    • Poor skill uptime
    The AK-74U is a maintank SMG obtainable from clearing E2-9 of Continuum Turbulence. She is a single target debuffer maintank who can cripple an enemy during her skill duration. The strength of her debuffs is very much powerful, but single target debuffing does not do very well when the job of an SMG often involves tanking multiple foes at once.

    AK-74U's Purge Reaction cripples an enemy by decreasing both their damage and Accuracy. The Accuracy debuff translates into a 100% Evasion buff for whoever is tanking said enemy, which is without a doubt powerful. The nature of her skill also lets her play a more supportive role in a double maintank comp where she is able to support another tank via debuffing. It is also worth noting that she will apply this debuff regardless if her shot hits or not, or if it is blocked by force shield.

    On the other hand, she cannot effectively handle the common hordes of mobs with her single target debuff and her long initial CD. Against high priority targets like Manticore, she instead faces the RNG of targeting the wrong enemy given that these targets are often accompanied by their own escorts of trash mobs. Not to mention, many of them are far too deadly that debuffing them would not change the tide of battle if they are able to attack even once (Hydra's lethal 10-hit barrages, Gundam's disruptive full screen bombing). Against bosses, she instead has her own disadvantages. Her skill's effectiveness is halved and her uptime does not allow her to perform well in long battles. Many bosses are also unaffected by at least one part of her skill, either via sure-hit (ignoring Accuracy debuff) and/or one-shot nuke (overkilling your t-dolls even with their damage debuffed).

    For experienced players, AK-74U's skill usefulness can be manually flicked on when needed either as an additional layer of defense or to buy time for defensive skills to be up again. This can be useful if you can use this skill in the middle of boss hard hitting abilities, but for the average Joe you're gonna get much better mileage with some of the more premier tanks like MP7SMG.

    She is Specialist, and optional to raise.



    Main TankSelf-Buff EVA
    • Very high base HP
    • Good skill uptime
    • Has 3 Live2D skins
    Suomi is a 5★ Evasion tank SMG that, despite the name of her role, has awfully low Evasion but massive HP similar to ThompsonSMG. Keep in mind that this role is not a name for generalist SMGs who are evasive by nature, but rather those who have long lasting power, suitable (thanks to Evasion Focus) for tanking bosses and elites and are more in line with force shield SMGs as a specialist. Just as any specialist would have in common for some unknown reasons, her stat spread of high HP and low Evasion gears her toward longer fights and her skill has a long initial cooldown unsuitable for general usage. She is best used for fulfilling certain Specialists rather than for daily use.

    Suomi's strength comes from her lasting power. Her large health pool, the massive boost of Evasion that brings her Evasion to 260 (not counting any additional buffs from teammates and fairies) and its great uptime after the initial cooldown make for an amazing combination. She can last for a very long time thanks to this, whereas other SMGs would not be able to. This makes her ideal for drawn out battles where Evasion still works in situations like Agent's Fight. This is simply a Specialist for a good reason however. Low base Evasion and long initial cooldown spell out a lot of scratch damage. In a regular battle, it is very unlikely for her to make use of her powerful skill. Her tile buff and coverage do not help either. While they are not as awful as ThompsonSMG's tiles, their coverage is lacking and the buffs are far from the best, definitely not enough to justify her other weaknesses if used as a generalist.

    Because of Suomi's Specialist, there are not many situations for her to be utilized. On top of that, Evasion tanking is a role that is very susceptible to meta changes, plus better and more accessible Evasion tanks are expected to be released later down the line. Her viability is always on a thin line, she is a Specialist and entirely optional to raise.



    Main TankForce Shield
    • Very high base HP
    • Common among 5★
    Thompson is a 5★ force shield SMG with ridiculously high HP but also ridiculously low Evasion. Her skill is very powerful but has a long initial cooldown of 8 seconds. While she is indeed bulky with her massive HP, having low Evasion and a skill she cannot use early enough in most battles due to its long ICD, means she will take more scratch damage and inflate your repair bill. These factors make her a very specialized SMG rather than a generalist, and should be used only to fulfill certain Specialists rather than for daily use.

    Her HP is her biggest advantage over other SMGs. Having 238 HP per dummy, she could tank a Jupiter's shot like a champ twice before losing a dummy link (not with all Jupiters though, some are too powerful for her to take two shots). She effectively has twice the tanking power in such cases, as other T-Dolls would go down in 5 hits, 1 for each dummy, due to their lower HP. On the other hand however, her low base Evasion of 56 can be rather disconcerting. As mentioned earlier, this will accumulate scratch damage when faced with regular mobs where she cannot dodge as well as other, more well-rounded SMGs. Her tile buff and coverage is very unappealing. 15% Evasion is absolutely useless for ARs, and 12% FP is a meager buff amount. Even a 3★ SMG could beat her in terms of buffing.

    Force shield is Thompson's signature skill, with only two other SMGs sharing the same skill, Gr G36cSMG and Gr MP5SMG. Being able to evade all attacks under the duration of the skill gives it incredible potential. Only SMGs of this particular class are capable of accomplishing such a feat, such as tanking a deadly cut-in skill from bosses, multiple shots from Jupiters and surviving Golyats. Its downside is also apparent however. With an 8 seconds cooldown, it is very unlikely that you would be able to take full advantage of this skill outside of those very specific scenarios. It is clear that Thompson is a Specialist SMG and should only be raised for these specific situations alone. And when you do, it'll surely have been worth your time.

    4 ShikiRF


    Self-buff RoFSurehitAoE The 4 ShikiRF is a RF that attempts to bring back the interesting but very lackluster piercing shots mechanic presented on PzB39RF and JS05RF.

    Instead of being an active skill, the piercing shot from 4 ShikiRF comes from her passive, where she unleashes a piercing shot to the furthest target on every 3rd shot before going back to her original target. The biggest downside of piercing shot prior to 4 ShikiRF is its long aim time and low damage, not to mention being CD-locked prevents the skill from being used more than once. While 4 ShikiRF does not improve its damage, being on a passive lets her activate piercing shots more often, as well as allowing her to have a self-buff active skill that complements the sure-hit component of piercing shot. With the prevalence of evasive armored enemies at night, the consistent sure-hit shots are appreciated.

    4 ShikiRF's weakness also comes from her passive, as piercing shot cannot critically strike. This limits her potential damage ceiling as she cannot take advantage of critical damage multipliers coming from buffer fairies and capes. She also has relatively low FP for a RF, affecting her performance against heavily armored enemies where AP is not sufficient enough to fully pierce them.

    4 ShikiRF is Recommended, due to her unique and usable skill that allows her to be used as a generalist when needed. Commanders should anticipate situations where her passive is greatly appreciated and her usefulness will skyrocket.

    Carcano M91/38RF


    Charged ShotSurehit
    • Extremely high damage (45x) on skill against non-elite
    • Low intial cooldown and cooldown
    • Passive aspect of the skill allows multiple procs during downtime
    • Significantly higher FP than average
    • Skillshot doesn't miss
    • Mediocre RoF
    • Overkill issues
    • Skill doesn't provide much value as compared to generic FP/RoF choices except for specific mobs
    • High skill investment to be consistent(Skill level 10)
    Carcano M91/38RF, more affectionately known as "Purple", "Grape", "Cino", or "Ceno", is an interesting addition to the RF family. She is best known for her quick but very deadly 45x multiplier charged shot that can decimate big targets.

    Purple's skill "Mask of Hermes" is a charged-shot skill, but unlike other charged-shot skills, her skill has no aiming time nor scaling mechanic. With its 45x multiplier, Purple is capable of one-shotting most if not all non-elite enemies with minimal to no external FP buffs. It is recommended that players level her skill to SL10, as this will completely eliminate the RNG factor of her Active present when using her skill at lower levels.

    While 45x is overkill against most enemies, starting from Chapter 10 onwards the game introduces more enemies with very high health pools (9k+ per link), such as Hydras and Gundams. As these enemies often also pose an extreme threat to your dolls, the ability to take them out quickly is highly valued.

    It is worth noting that all non-boss enemies are considered elites until they've stopped once during battle. Beside few trash mobs that are considered perma-elites, enemies such as Uhlans, Typhons, Goliaths and Striders are considered perma-elites and thus cannot have their elite status removed for the sake of Purple's 45x multiplier. Pay attention to these enemies and avoid using Purple against them.

    While Carcano M91/38RF is niche, her niche is in very high demand from Chapter 10/Singularity onwards, earning her an overall status of Highly Recommended. Players looking to invest into Carcano M91/38RF should get her skill to 10, as this completely eliminates the chance of bad RNG causing her to not be able to use her skillshot in time if she doesn't get any stacks before 6 seconds.

    Enemies that grape can and cannot face due to elite tag

    Gr G28RF


    Self-Buff FP G28 is a 4★ RF to fill in the rank of FP RFs of M14RF and Lee EnfieldRF. Just like the two, she is powerful and is very much viable.

    Her stats spread is lovely. While her FP is on the lower end, it is compensated by her own FP self-buff. Her high base RoF is desirable, allowing her to nail those heavy-hitting shots of a FP RF more often. Overall she is simply great. A 4★ version of M14RF and Lee EnfieldRF you could say.


    Lee EnfieldRF


    Self-Buff FP Lee EnfieldRF is pretty much the FP version of WA2000RF. She also has great stats spread but instead of RoF self-buff, it's FP self-buff. Her DPS is comparable on paper, but due to Lee EnfieldRF being FP focused, she's prone to overkilling, resulting in her being less efficient.

    Good thing is, as content gets harder and enemies grow stronger, she will be more effective. What will distinguish her from the RoF RFs is that she hits harder, and will need fewer shots to kill something. Even if she shoots slow, she is still at an advantage when she can kill one whole platoon in three shots, while others take five. But that's something more prominent in later chapters. Not that she isn't viable right now, in fact, she can beat anything RoF RFs can, just a bit slower and thus taking a bit more scratch damage. Against latter enemies with higher armor value, she will shine more thanks to being able to punch through armor harder.

    Highly Recommended.



    Self-Buff FP
    • Very high base RoF
    • FP self-buff
    • Strong performance for a 3★
    • Very accessible
    • First day Frontline Supplies reward
    • Low base FP
    • Low multiplier due to low rarity
    Our resident War Goddess is probably one of the better 3★ RFs we currently have access to, if not the best. Compared to other RFs, she falls short on FP, but makes up for it thanks in part to her high base RoF of 43, which is highest among all RFs, paired with her damage self-buff of 60%.

    When given proper equipment and placed in an optimal composition, (with RoF buffing HGs for example), she can output damage on par with that of some 5★ RFs, making her a solid choice, even for meta RFHG composition. One such favored comp being Lee EnfieldRF, M950AHG, Welrod MkIIHG, Five-SeveN, and herself.

    Due to her also being a first day reward for many new commanders, they're able to invest in her quickly to help carry new commanders throughout the entire early game and be a nice transition for your future RFHG squad in return.

    To note, M14 in the early game is very powerful and is able to hold her own vs ARs even without buffs simply by merit of her stats and skill. Since she again is a first day reward which means you can invest into her right away. It is a practical option to slot her in an ARSMG team in the early game to x5 link. Check the top of the guides section to read more into why M14 is highly capable early on. She does have her weaknesses though, her base FP is on the lower side for a RF and her per shot DPS is stifled by her lower rarity and won't beat Lee EnfieldRF in the pure damage front but she is without a doubt the best 3★ RF. (Her mod fixes all these weaknesses though)

    Due to her insane base RoF, Good self buff, immediate access to all commanders (first day frontline reward) and the ability to contend with higher rarity dolls she is Recommended.



    Self-Buff FP
    • 2nd Highest base RoF of any RF
    • Powerful passive ability
    • SPEQ isn't much of an upgrade over a VFL
    • Base FP still is on the lower end
    Your resident War Goddess thought was not satisfied by her status as simply an early game carry or the best 3★ RF so she came back, put on some new clothes, and introduced a higher standard for self buffing RFs.

    M14RF MOD plays on all her strength and elevates them to a much higher level, resulting in her raw DPS exceeding even that of WA2000RF / Lee EnfieldRF, who are both frequently regarded as the top 2 DPS RFs. Her MOD2 skill is pretty simple to understand, which pretty much adds a 1.1x multiplier for 6s to all her attacks in a 100% crit rate + no AP penalty scenario. Being a damage buffing RF also means that the common AP penalty issue isn't that big even if you don't have enough AP to fully pierce. Oh right, she gets even more RoF with her MOD, as if her base RoF wasn't ridiculous enough. Surprisingly enough, her MOD3 equip isn't as terrible as it seems. The added Accuracy is pretty neat, considering her Accuracy is on the lower end of the spectrum among RFs. Feel free to invest in her SPEQ if you have the resources, otherwise it's rather optional.

    With many shikikans having a M14RF levelled already from their early game, it wouldn't be that big of an investment as compared to modding T-Dolls that are terrible pre-mod and great post-mod, since you wouldn't have to start from scratch. While not bringing anything new with her MOD2 skill, she does surpass all existing options in DPS RF category. Being a 3★ > 4★ MOD also means that it wouldn't be that painful on your resources. Until R93RF comes along, M14RF would be your go-to RF for general usage. Even then, R93RF requires a charge-up time to get her RoF stacks (which she loses if she switches target), while M14RF can just pump out all her shots. Recommended.



    SurehitDebuffs Enemy
    • Cannot miss during skill duration
    • Can still crit with skill despite being surehit
    • Bonus damage to non-armor
    • Bonus debuff on hit during skill
    • Good tile formation
    • Gets absolutely no benefit from RoF buffers due to fixed shooting speed
    • Auto-retarget backrow during skill
    • Not optimal for general usage due to locked ROF
    EN server's representative, M200 is a unique RF capable of performing tasks that none others are. With her skill up, she is the only RF to be able to shoot not one, not two, but up to six charged shots, capable of bypassing any Evasion, with the additional potential of landing a crit. This defines her role as an anti-Evasion RF, making her a powerful RF option against evasive enemies at night, where other RFs have trouble with due to the night penalty.

    On the other hand, M200 has many issues. Due to the fixed and lengthy aiming time, she does not benefit from RoF buff and is very ineffective against large groups. It is Recommended to pair her with a RoF RF such as WA2000RF to escort her to her targets. Her targeting during her skill can also be a hindrance against constant streams of moving enemies especially. She does not prioritize any specific target and may ignore bosses or elites if there is another enemy standing further from them within her range. In addition, if she fails to one-shot a target and another target meets her targeting condition, she will not finish them off, leaving another menace barely alive.

    With new events bringing ever increasing numbers of armored and evasive enemies at night, M200 completely dominates the field as one of the strongest picks against them. She is Specialist, but Highly Recommended when you need her niche.



    Self-Buff FPSelf-buff RoF
    • Passive is ineffective against soft targets
    • Targeting is changed on skill activation
    A top tier self-buff RF and one of the newer additions to that category, R93 is a solid competitor for the likes of WA2000RF, Lee EnfieldRF and M14ModRF in both raw DPS and general usability, thanks to her potent stats and powerful hybrid skill.

    R93 has incredible stats spread with high FP, RoF and Accuracy, a direct upgrade to even WA2000RF's. While FP and RoF are important, the high Accuracy is also appreciated for enemies that have significant Evasion and armor at night.

    R93's skill "Lucky Trigger" has an active and a passive component. The passive has her ramp up her RoF against the same target after every shot, up to 3 stacks. Under the right conditions, this can give her extremely high pre-skill DPS, which is invaluable when you need to kill certain enemies before skill activation without compromising later damage output. The nature of her passive also means she benefits strongly from HGs with RoF tiles, as these let her build stacks faster.

    Her active skill is a 40% FP self buff, but also makes it so her passive stacks no longer reset, turning it into a permanent 33% RoF buff for the duration of her skill. The multiplicative nature of hybrid skills like R93 is part of why she's so potent, as such the two combined buffs work out to an effective 86% damage multiplier under ideal conditions.

    R93 is best used against high HP targets (i.e. Uhlans, Doppelsoldners, Hydras, Manticores) but is hardly a slouch in other scenarios. At worst she still has similar performance to other top of the line self buff RFs, while at her best she has overwhelming sustained DPS no other RF can match.

    R93 is a guaranteed reward from the EN 2nd anniversary point event, meaning that while her availability is limited she's also not subject to production RNG, and it is Highly Recommended for every commander to get her from the event and level her.



    Self-Buff FPSurehitAoE
    • Excellent burst DPS
    • AoE capability
    • Superb crit damage from her exclusive equipment
    • Collab Locked doll
    • Subpar AoE coverage
    RicoRF is a welcomed surprise coming from the Gunslinger Girls collab, entering G&K as an exceptional general use RF.

    RicoRF's base stats, although not exceptional, still keeps up with the likes of WA2000RF, R93RF and Lee EnfieldRF. Her skill “Tower of Tisiphone”, passively grants her a 15% FP buff every 3 shots, up to 45% total due to the 3 stack limit.

    While this is less compared to Lee EnfieldRF (75% FP buff), RicoRF's FP buff is passive and gives her significantly higher uptime than Lee EnfieldRF.

    “Tower of Tisiphone” also has an active component that lets RicoRF deal 3x damage to the furthest enemy, and additionally hit enemies around that target. This bamboo+AoE combo sounds good on paper, but in practice due to the fact that she targets the furthest enemy, the resulting AoE would affect fewer enemies compared to similar dolls like QBU-88RF where the AoE's center is the enemy with highest HP.

    What makes RicoRF truly shine is her exclusive equipment “Dueling cards”. It grants RicoRF a massive crit damage boost of 45%, which is 20% higher than a normal gold cape and far higher than even other RFs with a special cape like StellaRF. This massive crit damage boosts her into the ranks of other top tier RFs, achieving DPS levels higher than both Lee EnfieldRF and WA2000RF. This equipment also meant that RicoRF synergizes well with crit rate buffing HG such as Five-seveNHG, as she will benefit slightly more from having maxed crit compared to other RF.

    Speaking purely from a gameplay perspective, RicoRF is the most important doll you need to get from the gunslinger girl collab. Her massive crit damage boost means that she can deal high damage consistently, and the fact that her AoE skill is subpar can be ignored as long as you treat that as the cherry on top and rely on her autoattack DPS instead. She is one of the best general-use RF out there.

    Highly Recommended.



    Self-Buff FPSelf-Buff Acc
    • Good tile coverage for HG buff
    • Does not sacrifice a lot of offensive stats for Accuracy (a heavily underestimated stat)
    • Exclusive (can only be obtained through Point Event and rare rescue events)
    • ICD is 1s longer than classic self-buff rifles
    • Picky about which fights she would shine in, and is outperformed by lower rarity substitutes in most situations
    The Stealth Recon Scout, or the SRS, is a rifle that comes free :tm: from the 2019 "Entrance Exam" Point Event.

    She can be considered the Firepower equivalent of T-5000RF as they both showcase a skill that improves Accuracy along with their respective offensive stat. This Accuracy boon trades off a bit of their offensive buff but it by no means makes them useless.

    In current EN content, it is very rare to see heavily armoured enemies evading and dodging your shots. That makes SRS perform worse than her 5★ counterpart Lee EnfieldRF-Enfield and on par with Gr G28RF in terms of raw damage. However this does happen in some encounters currently, but this combination will be prevalent in the future due to the fusion of nighttime gameplay mechanics. Her Accuracy boon comes into great effect in these circumstances as these enemies have enough armour to heavily discourage the use of ARSMG, and enough Evasion that other rifles with pure FP/RoF buffs/non-surehit abilities will have a hard time against.

    Overall, SRS is a strong contender if you need a rifle to do lots of damage and lack Lee EnfieldRF-Enfield in the current state of EN. She is Recommended to raise in this regard, but if you do have Lee EnfieldRF-Enfield she will be a low priority due to her worse multiplier, the lack of appropriate enemies to fully utilise her skill on, and general core-heavy costs (both because of her rarity, and her exclusivity).

    Stella HoshiiRF


    Self-Buff FP
    • Double targeting makes for strong mobbing potential
    • High base RoF with special equipment
    • Low multiplier and worse initial CD than other generalists
    • Low damage per shot due to double targeting
    • Limited collab doll (VA11-Hall-A)
    StellaRF was once a powerful mobbing option among RFs. However, with the new and improved SWAP Sangvis Ferris and the new faction Paradeus, her weaknesses are starting to show.

    StellaRF's quirk is her passive double targeting. Despite being a FP self-buff, her damage per shot is weaker than usual due to this passive, as her damage is halved into two shots. Her DPS is low due to her lower multiplier, and she cannot concentrate her firing to a single target unless it's the only target, but she makes up by being especially effective against multiple soft targets commonly found when fighting SFs. Overall, she is a very powerful mobbing RF, as long as her low DPS and weak concentrated firing does not hurt her.

    Unfortunately, with new factions coming out, enemies have become much tankier for her halved damage shots to be effective against. Elites such as Gundams (Doppelsoldners) are commonly found, sporting high enough armor to render StellaRF ineffective, while posing a threat to the team due to her lack of concentrated damage to take them out quickly. As a result, StellaRF has fallen out of favor.

    Once an excellent and unique generalist, StellaRF is now niche and is only Recommended when you are still fighting soft targets. She is not a great pick against the new factions, that is the job for other RFs.



    Self-buff RoFSelf-Buff Acc
    • Worse offensive stats than her competitors
    • Lower RoF multiplier and worse initial CD than her competitors
    • Accuracy buff on RF is usually unnecessary
    T-5000 can directly be compared to SVDRF as they are both RoF RF of the same rarity.

    Sadly she's on the losing side of the fight. Her stats are lower than SVDRF with FP at 126 and RoF at 36. This wouldn't say much until her skill is taken into account.

    T-5000's skill takes 1s longer to activate unlike WA2K and SVDRF. It also trades 15% RoF buff for 50% Accuracy buff, a meaningless trade as Accuracy rarely makes a difference especially with RF's already high Accuracy stats and their role as armor killers more often than not. Night battles still cut whatever final Accuracy has been accounted for by 90% so it's not as effective as it may seem.

    Doesn’t sound very special when put that way, does it? Well, because it isn‘t, but not to her dismay. While T-5000 is weaker than SVDRF, she's not terrible enough to be brushed aside. Additionally, unlike SVDRF, she's nowhere as rare to pull so she's a Recommended option, just that she is replaceable.



    Self-buff RoF
    • Tsundere girl is not to everyone's liking
    • Some Commanders will never get her somehow
    WA2000, your textbook tsundere. No waifu game would be complete without them, except this one just happens to be a very powerful doll that should not be taken lightly.

    WA2000RF's stat spread is spot on. Her RoF is notably high among RFs, with a RoF self-buff complimenting it. This means she requires the least babysitting from RoF buff to be able to perform very well. She might as well fit in ARSMG with how independent she is. Her FP is on the low end among the 5★, but that does not stop her from performing very well, achieving one of the highest DPS among RFs.

    Highly Recommended.



    Self-Buff FPSelf-buff RoF
    • Lackluster before MOD 3
    • Very high cost to reach her capped potential
    FF FN49RF MOD is a clear example of a RF going from “zero to hero.”

    With her neural upgrade, the FP and RoF stat increase coupled with the higher damage multiplier of her skill makes her a more noticeable choice as a FP self-buff RF. Along with her skill 2 "Cold Fighting Spirit" and her new SPEQ buffing her RoF, FF FN49RF MOD is a strong DPS option comparable to other prominent RFs such as SRSRF, M14RF and Lee EnfieldRF.

    However, FF FN49RF MOD is far from being cost effective. To go from zero to hero and compete with other RFs, she costs a large sum of memory fragments, data as well as equip enhancement fodder. FF FN49RF requires every bit of stats, including the RoF from her SPEQ to save her from mediocrity. Yet at the end, while she can have improved DPS, she still falls behind M14RF MOD and Lee EnfieldRF. Her low Accuracy isn’t completely fixed either, making her hard to field at night against Paradeus. This high investment makes her a burden to players with limited resources. She is Optional until you can comfortably raise her without costing you progress.



    Self-buff RoFNight Focus
    • Very high base RoF
    • Very high multiplier at night
    G43 is another one of those girls that come to life at night, boasting a 85% RoF self-buff, which is even higher than WA2000RF's, but don't let that number fool you. Her skill's initial CD is 3 seconds longer than WA2000RF's, making her too slow to be bursting important back line targets (Nemeum would've shot the first volley by then).

    Her damage is quite decent for a 2★ RF, but her Accuracy is too low for her to do any substantial DPS. Compounded by the fact that she's a night specialist RF, you will only see use for her when you have no other options, or if you need a budget RF for night ops.

    Fortunately for our cute German, she's Optional in the early game if you need a budget night specialist RF, but is bound to be replaced by more powerful RFs later on.

    Maybe with her rumored MOD 3 she will see use at another opportunity?

    Mk 12RF


    Self-buff RoF
    • Low base FP
    • Lower multiplier and worse initial CD than her competitors
    • Critical damage does not bypass armor
    • Not as good as the top tier general RFs in future content
    • Limited event doll
    The Mk12 is an obtainable rifle from the story event Continuum Turbulence. She has the highest base RoF at the time this is written, and the first hybrid self-buff RF with her RoF and crit damage self-buff.

    Mk12 has the highest base RoF of any RF in the game at 46, surpassing even M14RF. Her high base RoF gives her a significant edge in pre-skill mobbing capability compared to most other RFs. Unfortunately, her FP also takes the title of being one of the lowest at only 101 FP. Against enemies where this reduced FP results in Mk12 taking more hits to kill a dummy link, this actually worsens her effective DPS.

    The low FP also puts Mk12 at a very unfortunate position vs. late game enemies who often have heavy armor . Her skill "Inspiration of Wrath" unfortunately only buffs her RoF and crit damage, which isn't as useful as a straight FP buff against the aforementioned enemies. With the AP rework, the lower effectiveness of crit damage buffs relative to Damage buffs is not as big of a deal for players with maxed 5-star AP ammo - but it can significantly reduce Mk12's effectiveness for players in the early game that can't quite fully breach enemy armor with their equipment yet.

    Despite all of these caveats, Mk12 can be a killing machine if she picks the right enemies to fight with. The 30% RoF and crit damage gives Mk12 an effective 66.4% DPS increase - easily on par with other 4-star RFs. While Mk12 cannot be compared with the top RFs such as WA2000RF, Lee EnfieldRF or R93RF, she is very much a decent option to have in the early game. A downside to this skill is its slightly longer initial CD and its low multiplier due to being a hybrid skill; don't expect her to cap RoF with ease just because she can buff RoF with her skill.

    Mk12 is a handy RF to have in the early game. However, she suffers the same problems with SVDRF, gaining her only an Optional rating.



    Self-buff RoF
    • "Relatively rare" amongst 4★
    • Not as good as the top tier general RFs in future content
    SVD is a wonderful starter gun as she is the best performing 4★ RFs out there. Her base FP and RoF stats, being 130 and 37 respectively, are very good and go hand-in-hand with her skill, making her one of the go-to RFs in early game.

    When given the right buffs, SVD can be a heavy hitter who's able to dish out a lot of DPS. Being an RoF self-buffer, she is less dependent on having RoF buffs from HGs. Regardless, she does require some RoF buffs to hit as close to the cap as possible, though often it is easy enough to leave room for at least one more FP HG. Typical starter comps would include one FP buffer like SAAHG or GrizzlyHG, and one RoF buffer like AstraHG or M950AHG. The last HG can be a FP buffer like Gr Mk23HG or a utility HG like Welrod MkIIHG.

    • Other options such as StechkinHG or Five-seveNHG are just as viable, though an FP buffer would have to be placed on position 5 instead.

    Nevertheless, in the current meta SVD struggles to keep up with first-line general-use RFs such as R93RF, RicoRF, Lee EnfieldRF, and WA2000RF as the player progresses and have the resources to invest on them. Since generalist RFs are often shoved out of meta in future content (due to enemies having a much larger health pool and can give your frontline immense pressure if not properly dealt with), SVD won’t see major use in the near future. Strong specialist RFs like Carcano M91/38RF (single-target sniping) or M200RF (sure-hit) will be fielded much more often for ranking maps despite not being as generally flexible as SVD.

    SVD is a RF Recommended for early game. She would probably be replaced as you progress as her stats are subpar compared to other general-use RFs - though some of the top-of-the-line RFs (like RicoRF/R93RF) are limited and you may not have a choice in the matter. SVD is Optional if you already made significant progress in the game.


    Not Recommended

    • None
    A crate drop from Singularity, Ballista unfortunately does not have a kit matching her rare availability.

    Her skill revolves around her unique stacks which allows her to fire off an additional shot. Combined with her active, she gets 14s to gather up stacks before her skill duration ends. This roughly translates to 9 stacks, meaning she'd 9 extra hits off during first skill activation. However, there's a downside. The skill would end prematurely if all the marks are consumed, meaning that you'd want to shoot slower if you're looking to maximise the usage of the mark, stuttering slightly after the mark is consumed. Prior skill activation, you should get a 5 marks leeway. Afterwards, at 9s/10.5s/12s/13.5s, you'd get 1 mark respectively. Somewhere around 72~84 RoF should be fine.

    With essentially what's a self-imposed cap and a skill that decreases in effectiveness against multiple groups of enemies, Ballista really pales in comparison to your generic FP buffing RFs. While she boast a 1s better uptime, the RoF limitation paired with bad ICD and bad uptime outright shoots her back in the face. There's honestly almost no reason you should ever field Ballista over other RFs. She doesn't bring anything functionally new compared to your RoF/FP buffing RFs and doesn't have any form of utiltiy such as sure hit to cover up her terrible state.

    You might find some use for Ballista in a boss battle that lasts for 14s or so, but even then she's really terrible. She's almost right beside JS05RF as one of the few worst 5★s made in this game. She gets a "suisad", or "Not Recommended" rating.

    Gd DSR-50RF

    Not Recommended

    Charged Shot
    • Very high base FP
    • Low base RoF
    • Very long initial CD
    • Charge shot not optimal for general usage
    Ara, ara. If you've read our reviews on NTW-20RF and M99RF then you get the general idea with DSR. In short, she's a sure-hit RF with long initial CD of 8s and low damage without stacks, making her a weak option among the many sure-hit anti-elite RFs. Unfortunately, DSR is nothing more than fan-service. She is niche and Not Recommended. For more details, you can read NTW-20RF's analysis.

    FF FN49RF

    Not Recommended

    Self-Buff FP
    • Low base RoF
    • Low multiplier due to low rarity
    If you're reading this, you're probably a nutjob who only runs 2★ (2★ RFs are terrible you should just run 3★ instead if you're even considering budget). FF FN49RF's stats are not very good, with average FP but rather low RoF. Her skill is certainly not terrible since it's not a charged shot, but it's still mediocre due to the low multiplier and her already low stats as a 2★. To keep it short, she is Not Recommended.


    Not Recommended

    Self-Buff FP
    • Very high damage per shot (good for basic data sim leaderboard)
    • Fixed rate of fire that is also low
    • Prone to overkilling
    • Has to reload and reload time cannot be reduced effectively
    The ZVI Falcon is an extremely unique T-Doll whose implementation mirrors her firearm's IRL characteristic of a fixed 2-round box magazine.

    Unlike most other RFs, Falcon fires at a fixed rate and needs to reload* after consuming her two normal bullets. At base RoF, Falcon will shoot twice, reload, and shoot one more time before her skill comes off cooldown and she fires an extra special bullet before emptying her second magazine.

    While RoF buffs improve her reload speed, Falcon derives very little benefit from such buffs (just like MGs), experiencing a DPS increase of only 33% after 100% RoF buffs have been applied. While this means Falcon scales best with Damage buffs, stacking a lot of damage on Falcon also often has poor returns due to the inevitable overkill her normal attacks incur and the fact that she's likely to waste her two shots on frontline enemy meat shields and be stuck reloading when high priority targets come into range.

    Despite Falcon's decent theoretical DPS, her awkward firing cadence and reloading requirement makes her impractical to use in an RFHG echelon. Her special bullets have a low multiplier and make Falcon unreliable at assassinating high priority targets, and no fight will last long enough for Falcon to enjoy the stat buffs they give. While Commanders who try hard enough can make Falcon work for hunting down Manticores and Hydras, all the self-buffing RFs can do the same job with less setup, so why bother?

    Falcon's extremely niche use is one-shotting basic data sim with her 1.5x basic attack multiplier. Take Falcon, NTW-20RF Mod, Mosin-NagantRF, PythonHG, and M1895HG Mod to hit 0.23s on basic data leaderboards. First come, first served. Other than this, she is Not Recommended.

    ○ Reloading takes about 2.8s at base RoF (reload time = 120/(RoF + 10)). Force-activating Falcon's skill during reload can let her shoot her special bullet before she finishes reloading, at the cost of increasing total time spent reloading. No, JerichoHG doesn't give her buffs on reload.

    Gepard M1RF

    Not Recommended

    Charged Shot
    • Low base RoF
    • Long initial CD
    • Low damage multiplier due to rarity
    • Charge shot not optimal for general usage
    • Limited monthly login reward doll (August 2019)
    I figure you'd get bored of reading the same "It's a Big Nuke" shtick. To speed things up; It's niche and that means you should just use the better NTW-20RF, Gd DSR-50RF, TAC-50RF, etc.

    So I'm making a quick review of her art. It's nice art. Anyway, her skill sucks and her rarity fails her as it means again she has to compete with better nukers that have better multipliers and base damage. 143 is fairly low and even if it was insanely high you'd have to somehow have enough to be able to get over the fault of having a lower multiplier.

    She is pretty cute though and has nice skins at least. But in all seriousness, if you're interested in Big Nukers read the review of NTW-20RF, or TAC-50RF, in essence, don't be half-assing it by going for a lower rarity one, it won't do you any good especially given how niche their role is. Not Recommended.

    Someone tell MICA to stop adding Big Nukers, I'm tired of writing reviews for them.


    Not Recommended

    Charged ShotAoE
    • High base FP
    • Low intial CD
    • Low base RoF
    • Long aim time for such a weak nuke
    • Charge shot not optimal for general usage despite the penetrating effect
    • Limited event doll (Voucher event)
    JS05 is a RF that introduces piercing shot, a charged shot that does damage to all enemies it passes through, and thus is considered one of the first RFs to introduce AoE to their kit. Given that JS05 aims at the furthest enemy, one would expect her skill to hit multiple enemies on its trajectory, effectively allowing her to clear out waves of enemies, but that is not the reality we live in.

    Piercing shot has all the properties of a charged shot, which means JS05 cannot crit with her skill. Most of RFs' damage comes from crit with their inherently high crit rate from base and crit damage from cape. By removing the ability to crit on top of the skill's awfully low multiplier, there is little to no chance that piercing shot can kill anything at all even when fully charged. The skill also suffers very long aim time of 1.5s. Even with a low initial CD of 4s, having to aim for another 1.5s is not a good sign for a RF who is suppose to be able to handle mobs. Speaking of mobs, piercing shot is very often unhelpful, being restricted to conga-line comp from the enemies in order to hit more than 2 groups at a time (before going back to her awful pre-skill performance with her low RoF trying to clear out the same enemies she could not kill due to the awful damage from her skill).

    JS05 is Not Recommended. The implementation of piercing shot on her kit is flawed and hardly useful. If you wish to make use of this mechanic, 4 ShikiRF is the RF you are looking for.


    Not Recommended

    Debuffs SelfSelf-buff RoF
    • High base RoF
    • Very high multiplier
    • Decreases her Accuracy (Does not matter vs enemies with no Evasion)
    • Slightly longer ICD than standard
    K31RF is another RoF increasing RF who's skill functions as an inverse to T-5000RF's. Instead of trading a lower RoF increase for an additional Accuracy buff, K31RF decreases her own Accuracy for a higher RoF multiplier.

    K31RF has a slightly longer initial CD of 6s instead of standard 5s for a self-buff RF. In exchange, her multiplier is higher than usual, effectively making her as fast as WA2000RF during skill. The bigger downside to her skill is that she receives an Accuracy penalty, making her a bad pick against evasive enemies in general.

    In the early night chapters, K31RF's performance is largely unaffected by the Accuracy penalty as armored enemies tend to have 0 Evasion. However, later contents come with evasive, yet heavily armored enemies like Doppelsoldners and Uhlans (not to mention the evasive non-armored escorts that often come with these enemies). It becomes increasingly harder for ARSMG to cover her weakness as only RFs are capable of penetrating these enemies. At this point of the game, K31RF's Accuracy penalty becomes her downfall since every other RF without said penalty will outperform her against these enemies.

    Although K31RF is able to match up to WA2000RF in performance with her high RoF multiplier, she is not as versatile due to the Accuracy penalty, especially against later contents. She is recommended in the early game, but Not Recommended later on.

    M1 GarandRF

    Not Recommended

    Charged Shot
    • Auto-retarget backrow
    • Decent base stats for a 3★
    • Pings
    • Auto-retarget backrow
    • Long initial CD
    • Charge shot not optimal for general usage
    M1 Garand would have been a decent 3★ RF if no alternatives were present. But sadly this is no longer the case with new client.

    Similar to SV-98RF, M1 Garand comes with decent stats spread for her rarity, competing those of the same rarity and even the 4★ RFs. At one point this made her an option for new players who lack better RF in their early game. But with new client showering new players with cores, combat reports and even a free leveled RF (SpringfieldRF), raising M1 at this point would be a waste of effort. She falls off hard and cannot keep up with self-buff RFs.

    M1 Garand is Not Recommended.

    As a side note, M1 is actually quasi-bugged in that she resets her targeting to the backrow with zero input. This serves as an advantage where she is able to achieve a feat that no other RF beside IWS 2000RF and M200RF can accomplish. She automatically retargets to the more dangerous backlines during battle, ignoring the bulky tanks whom most RFs are likely to target first and would get stuck on until they kill it. However, do note that it can also be a double-edged sword as this trait of hers interferes with what she should be targeting, such as a low health Elite who is approaching your team but isn't being focused properly due to M1 spotting a new target.


    Not Recommended

    Self-buff RoF
    • Very low base FP
    • Low multiplier
    • Limited map drop doll (6-6 and 6-4E)
    M1A1 might seem great due to her extremely long RoF buff skill uptime, but she faces a very serious issue, namely that she has the lowest FP stat among all RFs.

    Combined with her minimal RoF buff and, despite its long uptime of 15s, these factors make her overall DPS output one of the lowest among all RFs, even when compared to Nuke RFs like M1 GarandRF or the other limited drop doll M21RF, not to mention other self-buff RFs.

    Because of the 15s uptime and initial CD of 5s, battles would have to be drawn out in order for her skill to reach its full potential. RFHGs aren't suited for longer battles, as HGs, while some do boast high Evasion stats, have an abysmal HP pool. No matter how high a doll's Evasion, nothing can withstand the test of time.

    Overall, M1A1 is Not Recommended by any means.


    Not Recommended

    Charged Shot
    • Cute
    • Long initial CD
    • Charge shot not optimal for general usage
    • Limited map drop doll (4-6 and 4-4E)
    M21 is a cute doll unfortunately met with the fate of being a limited story drop.

    To reiterate, she suffers a curse many other limited drops are inflicted upon; the curse of being mediocre and existing the sole purpose of dorm decoration. M21 is no exception. She has a relatively low base FP stat of 118, especially for a burst doll, and her damage multiplier of 5.5x isn't very high either, putting her in 2nd place for worst skillshot RF (second to only Super-SASS).

    Her stats are well below-average and she can't even be applied early game for general use, given there are better counter parts out there, and the fact that, by the point you reach the map she drops from, you've probably already left the early game phase.

    This leads us to the underlying problem with limited dolls. Their rarity. In most situations, you'll find that if you do want raise them, you'll need cores. Early core investments can be rough for new commanders, as they are hard to come by during one's early game as is. There are many other dolls out there that are low in investment, but lead to a much higher return than what M21 could offer.

    M21 is Not Recommended for commanders.


    Not Recommended

    Charged Shot
    • Very high base FP
    • Low base RoF
    • Very long initial CD
    • Charge shot not optimal for general usage
    M99 fills the role of a sure-hit RF with her skill. Unfortunately, this is a highly competitive role where many other RF perform better, so M99's comparatively long initial CD of 8 seconds and lackluster damage at low stacks makes her far from being a good pick. M99 is niche and Not Recommended. For more details, you can read NTW-20RF's analysis.


    Not Recommended

    Charged Shot
    • Highest base FP among RFs
    • Low base RoF
    • Very long initial CD
    • Charge shot not optimal for general usage
    • Lewd Senpai
    NTW-20, once a romanticized nuke, now fills the role of a sure-hit RF. In the anti-elite role, NTW-20's high initial CD and her lackluster damage at low stacks makes it difficult for her to perform well, especially given the need to kill threatening enemies sooner rather than later.

    With the change to charged-shot RFs, NTW-20 has her initial CD reduced to 8s instead of 15s, but with her skill multiplier significantly reduced accordingly. By waiting for stacks and firing off the skill later, Interdiction Shot can be charged back up to deal its original multiplier.

    Instead of being solely limited to one-shotting enemy bosses after some heavy setup, NTW-20RF is now more flexible and can be used as an anti-elite RF, crippling a single target with her sure-hit, armor-penetrating shot. This niche is highly competitive - other RFs can often do a better job than NTW-20. Kar98kRF has a much lower ICD (4s) and better damage output against elite enemies at 0 stacks (two shots of 2.8x vs one shot of 3.4x), while Carcano M91/38RF can deal a whopping 45x damage to non-elites at a 6s initial CD. Since most elite enemies will become non-elite after stopping, there are few scenarios, if any, in which NTW-20 can outperform her peers. She can be considered heavily outclassed in the charged-shot niche, like the vast majority of RFs with a similar skill.

    NTW-20RF's only advantage over the other charged-shot RFs is her fully charged damage multiplier, which can deal high enough damage to possibly one-shot some weaker bosses. In most boss battles, this is impractical, as many enemies tend to either have skill sets that directly counter stall teams, or too much health for NTW-20 to one-shot. Any player who can meet the unit, equipment, fairy, and micro-control requirements to properly stall such fights would have a much easier time fielding conventional teams instead.

    NTW-20RF is simply niche, and is Not Recommended.


    Not Recommended

    Self-buff RoF
    • Good overall stats
    • Lower RoF multiplier due to mixed skill
    OBR is essentially a 3★ budget version of the T-5000RF, with performance that corresponds to the lower rarity. With the same Lock-on Focus Skill as T-5000RF and a similar base statline, OBR's RoF will be similar to T-5000RF's both with and without their selfbuffs, and she has to deal with the same cons that T-5000RF's kit has.

    OBR's much lower Firepower puts her in a rough spot, however: her DPS is now low enough to be matched by non-Accuracy RoF buffers like SVDRF even against evasive enemies at night. When fighting armored enemies with 0 Evasion, she no longer has any DPS edge and performance falls to the level of 2★ RFs like G43RF/VM59RF.

    Her limited status hinders OBR's usefulness as a budget pick as well - most players won't get her at a time when they need a budget RF, and even those who do would have better luck forming their first RFHG out of more accessible and flexible RFs. Therefore, she is Not Recommended.


    Not Recommended

    Charged Shot
    • Very high base FP
    • Low base RoF
    • Very long initial CD
    • Charge shot not optimal for general usage
    OTs-44 is a 3★ big bamboo with amazing FP fitting of her role. Sadly she is held back by her rarity and how niche her role is.

    Being a 3★ bamboo, she has lower multiplier comparing to her peers. This leads to a weaker nuke shot, a weakness that could lead to her failure as a bamboo. While it is possible to overcome such weakness by putting even more effort into buffing her up, big bamboos in general are used for their risk tolerance over small bamboo, not when you have the perfectly maxed out comp. On top of that, bamboo is such a niche and luxurious role that having a 3★ rarity serves more as a drawback than as an advantage, since the core cost and rarity is not an issue anymore at that point of the game. There are other better big bamboo existing already, like NTW-20RF, M99RF and PTRDRF, one of which is a 4★ and the other is one of the more common 5★ RFs.

    While having impressive stats for a 3★, being a budget option is sadly not something her niche demands.

    Not Recommended.

    Gr PSG-1RF

    Not Recommended

    Charged Shot
    • Long initial CD
    • Charge shot not optimal for general usage
    • Limited farmable event doll (Operation CUBE)
    PSG-1 is another 4★ nuker with a designated shot skill just like SpringfieldRF and Mosin-NagantRF.

    In comparison, PSG-1 can serve as a better generalist than either SpringfieldRF or Mosin-NagantRF without their special equips, thanks to her higher base RoF. However, once the special equips are taken into account, she loses to both of them as either bamboo or generalist. Her RoF and FP are both lower than SpringfieldRF and she lacks the damage potential of Mosin-NagantRF's massive FP and crit damage. This makes her less viable to be used in the small bamboo team, as by the time you develop your own small bamboo, you would have the means and resources to invest in special equips to outscale her.

    She's also not as readily available, as she is only traditionally obtainable as an event drop and can only be crafted from the heavy crafting pool in the future.

    To recap, PSG-1 is the weaker of 4★ bamboo and is Not Recommended.


    Not Recommended

    Charged Shot
    • Very high base FP
    • Very low base RoF
    • Very long initial CD
    • Charge shot not optimal for general usage
    Just like with her Nuke counterparts, M99RF and NTW-20RF, I'm going to preface this by saying that Nuke RFs should never, under any circumstances, be fighting anything but event bosses. They have a very low RoF stat and their skills take much too long to proc in general fights.

    Now that introductions are out of the way, PTRD is what I like to call your "budget Nuke". She has a damage multiplier of 7x, rather than 8x, and this alone pushes her into almost unusable territory. Nuke RFs are already niche enough in their own right, and the crutch of having a low damage multiplier, means that this could be the difference between one-shotting an opponent and not. Most of the time, x7 will not be enough.

    To reiterate, nuke squads are a luxury and are not something that you should pursue if you're not completely stacked on echelons. PTRD is in an awkward position, where nukes are niche enough in their own right, so if you're going to invest in one, you definitely don't wouldn't want to half-ass it, meaning PTRD will simply be thrown away in favor of M99RF + NTW-20RF. Honestly, unless you really cannot acquire both M99RF and NTW-20RF, or you're confident you've done the math and are able to one-shot something with PTRD+another nuke, PTRD is Not Recommended.

    Her SPEQ does not add any meaningful stats to her as a nuke RF, thus does not affect her performance in this regard.


    Not Recommended

    Charged ShotAoE
    • Low base RoF
    • Long aim time for such a weak nuke
    • Charge shot not optimal for general usage despite the penetrating effect
    • Limited farmable event doll (Deep dive)
    PzB39 is to put it simply, JS05RF but worse due to her rarity decreasing her base stats as well as her multiplier. To keep this short, PzB39 has weaker base stats beside the irrelevant +1 higher RoF than JS05RF as well as worse skill multiplier, while retaining all weaknesses of the skill itself. Refer to JS05RF's entry for the analysis on piercing shot. Not Recommended.


    Not Recommended

    Charged Shot
    • High base FP
    • Very low base RoF
    • Long initial CD
    • Low damage multiplier due to rarity
    • Charge shot not optimal for general usage
    • Limited monthly login reward doll (April 2020)
    RT-20 is a mediocre 3★ charged shot RF, typical for a monthly t-doll. She has all the weaknesses such as long CD and terrible RoF, but without any strength to show.

    RT-20 can be seen as a direct downgrade, 3★ version of PTRDRF, another mediocre charged shot RF. Beside having very high FP that can be compared with even 5★ RFs, she cannot leverage this fact because of her lowly 3★ skill multiplier and awful RoF.

    RT-20 is Not Recommended, there is just no room for a low rarity charged shot RF.


    Not Recommended

    Self-buff RoF
    • Low base FP
    • Low mutliplier due to low rarity
    SKS is a 2★ RoF RF. The RoF part does give her some value right off the bat, but sadly it does not save her from being a very weak RF. 2★'s stats are low by default, but in her case, she's drawn the shorter end of the stick. To make it fair, let's compare her to VM-59, who is also a 2★ RoF RF, but with higher FP and RoF. That alone defeats her entire purpose, if she has any to begin with, seeing that 2★ RFs tend to be very bad.

    Investing in SKS would be ill-advised. Look into more powerful options such as M14RF in the higher 3★ rarity tier or look at other options.

    Not Recommended.


    Not Recommended

    Self-buff RoF
    • High base RoF
    • Very long buff duration
    • Low base FP
    • Low skill multiplier
    SM-1 is the login doll for the Continuum Turbulence login event for the EN server.

    When you take a look at SM-1's stats, you may notice a striking resemblance to another rifle, the M1A1RF. Indeed, her stats seem to be a copy-pasted version of M1A1RF's stat table with even the skill being the same. The only differences between them is that SM-1's health is higher, her Accuracy is higher and her RoF is higher, to trade off a bit of Evasion.

    Unfortunately just like with M1A1RF, SM-1 isn't up to par with other rifle choices. She has the same low FP with M1A1RF and a very long but very weak self-buff that just doesn't give enough oomph to deal with difficult enemies.

    She is Not Recommended to raise.


    Not Recommended

    Self-buff RoF
    • Decent overall stats
    • Reasonably quick nuke with a decent multiplier
    • Long ICD
    • Low multiplier for self buff
    SPR A3G is a charged-shot RF that tries to bandaid in a self-buff for good measure, but fails to excel at either nuking or DPSing.

    Her extremely-edgy sounding Arrogance skill is simply a rebranded charged-shot skill that has a secondary self-buff component. With an 8s initial CD, this was once a rather short CD for a nuke skill that has been left in the dust after the charged-shot rework.

    Other 4★ charged-shot RFs such as Mosin-NagantRF now come with a much shorter initial CD and can charge up by holding onto their skill. This highly increased their flexibility, as the player can choose to fire a quick, weaker shot at a low health target or charge them up to full damage when necessary. SPR A3G meanwhile is stuck with an 8s initial CD and no stacking mechanic, leaving no flexibility for her. The self-buff component would have been her one advantage, if not for its lackluster multiplier of only 25% RoF that activates way too late to help in a typical battle, if it even procs in the first place.

    To add insult to injury, SPR A3G also has a longer aim time of 1.5s unlike Mosin-NagantRF and SpringfieldRF's 1s, so she cannot synchronize damage with other small bamboo RFs for the nuke niche even if you wanted to use her. SPR A3G is therefore Not Recommended.

    SSG 69RF

    Not Recommended

    Self-Buff FP
    • Low base RoF
    • Low multiplier due to low rarity
    • Limited monthly login reward doll (January 2019)
    She's an M14RF that has reversed all her stats. She focuses all of her power towards Firepower rather than RoF.

    While on the surface this seems like something beneficial, the RoF is so low that you're going to need heavy investment in buffing it. When considering such a steep cost, the issue is that there are just better options, like Lee EnfieldRF and M14RF.

    SSG 69 isn't bad per se, but the competition is stiff. Her low 30 RoF really is a detriment when you consider that you won't hit the same threshold of RoF as M14RF and can't reach the same damage highs as Gr G28RF. It's a real shame that SSG 69 is simply dragged down by the low skill multiplier her rarity imposes on her as well as a Firepower-focused stat spread.

    As a result of the above limitations, she is Not Recommended. If you're looking for a strictly better option, M14RF, Lee EnfieldRF, and Gr G28RF will all perform much better.


    Not Recommended

    Charged Shot
    • Decent base stats for a 3★
    • Long initial CD
    • Charge shot not optimal for general usage
    SV-98 is a 3★ RF with no particular specialty to offer outside of decent stats. But stats alone aren't cutting it nowaday with the rapid progression thanks to the new client.

    Tied with M1 GarandRF, her stats are fairly good for a 3★ RF. SV-98 has 122 FP, 74 Accuracy, and 37 RoF, a good amount for a 3★ that can even rival some 4★ RFs. For a while, her stats make her a solid budget option for those without any RF in the early game. However, with new client providing new players with cores, combat reports and even a free leveled RF (SpringfieldRF), SV-98 is more or less a waste of effort. She falls off hard into midgame and has no way of competing against a self-buff RF.

    SV-98 is Not Recommended.


    Not Recommended

    Charged Shot
    • Nothing
    • Long initial CD
    • Charge shot not optimal for general usage
    SVT-38 is a 2★ RF, who's got nothing going for her at all. She has no upside and a niche skill that does not get to fulfill its purpose due to the existence of better niche RFs already. Read NTW-20RF's analysis to read up on the "Nuke" Niche.

    As a quick reminder the Nuke niche is one where you intend to hit a boss with an immense 1 shot skill so that you skip their AoE skill in which they are temporarly invincible (Only some bosses possess such skills), but if you intend on picking up this niche you're better off choosing the best ones for the job and not someone of subpar tier like her. The skill itself does not lend itself to ever being used in mobbing as the initial CD is far too long to ever be used and will only be dealt to 1 enemy.

    Her stat spread is very balanced, but not good enough to save her from mediocrity. If you really want to raise a 2★, every other 2★ RF either has straight up better stats than her (G43RF), or a skill that works in any situation (all of them). Like most 2★ RFs, it is recommended to invest in M14RF and other RF dolls in the higher rarity subsection as they're much more capable for general use.

    Not Recommended.


    Not Recommended

    Self-Buff FP
    • Low skill multiplier due to low rarity
    • Must compete with competitors who have better stats spread and easier to obtain
    • Limited Isomer Preparation login reward doll
    As another fairly unremarkable 3★ RF from login rewards, ScoutRF suffers the unfortunate fate of being harder to obtain and link compared to the easily available M14RF, while falling short of her competitors' performance.

    Her base stats don't compare favorably to M14RF or any of the higher-rarity self-buffer RFs that the player may have access to, with only 35 base RoF and a fairly low Damage stat and skill. While ScoutRF does perform a little better than 2★ RFs and other 3★ selfbuffer RFs like wz.29RF or Type 56R, you're scraping the bottom of the barrel at that point.

    Without anything else to really distinguish her, ScoutRF is Not Recommended, as she brings nothing new to the table.


    Not Recommended

    Charged Shot
    • Has a special ammo that boosts her RoF significantly
    • Low base RoF
    • Reliance on special equip to perform adequately
    • Charge shot not optimal for general usage
    SpringfieldRF is a beginner-friendly RF that can jump start your first RFHG until you can replace her with better ones, as she is given to new players after clearing 5-4 at Level 70 and 4x Dummy Link.

    SpringfieldRF's stats and skill are far from optimal. She has a pitiful 32 RoF and 128 FP, which is quite low for a charged-shot RF. Early on, she is not used as a charged-shot RF, but rather a generalist, in which case her skill is not very suitable for the job. Comparing to M14RF, a 3★ RF, SpringfieldRF is weaker in every aspect: her RoF is much lower, and while her FP is higher, she lacks a self-buff like M14RF does and her sustained DPS suffers.

    While SpringfieldRF's performance as a generalist can be improved by obtaining her special equipment in 1-4N, the process is time- and resource-consuming to the point where players would benefit more by simply leveling another RF instead.

    Her availability gives SpringfieldRF a use early on to fill a spot in an early RFHG, but ultimately she is just a temporary option due to her poor stats. She is Recommended for early game, and Not Recommended once you can replace her.

    As a side note, SpringfieldRF was once considered a small bamboo, a nuke RF capable of one-shotting bosses when paired with FP HGs and her partner, Mosin-NagantRF. Sadly this is only true in the past, as new bosses are more than capable of avoiding being one-shot with their complex kit and higher health pool. As a result, the boss OHKO niche is no longer relevant, and other team comps with better sustained damage output can easily outperform her in such encounters. Even for high-priority targets like Hydras and Gundams, other anti-elite specialists can handle these much better, especially since SpringfieldRF's targeting of the furthest enemy may not always let her hit the right foe.

    Super SASSRF

    Not Recommended

    Charged Shot
    • High base RoF
    • Good Kouhai
    • Long initial CD
    • Charge shot not optimal for general usage
    • Limited monthly login reward doll (July 2018)
    Super SASS, your adorable kouhai protagonist. A hard working doll that's set on performing. Despite her hard work, she is actually below average in her niche and is outperformed by her counterparts.

    Her counterpart, M21RF, who shares a similar skill with her and actually outperforms when comparing base FP (118 vs 115) and SV-98RF, who blows through with a solid 122. This makes SASS not only the weakest aimed shot, but it actually seats her in the position of the weakest burst RF in the game. She has an above average RoF stat which can put her on par with SV-98RF for mob clearing, though you'll be using more cores as she is a monthly login reward, making her hardly obtainable.

    She is unable to be used effectively in any bamboo composition and performs sub-optimally due to her conflicting skill, relative to her above-average RoF.

    SASS is sadly Not Recommended for commanders.


    Not Recommended

    Self-Buff FP
    • Decent base stats for a 3★
    • Limited monthly login reward doll (September 2020)
    • Rough competition from M14RF and higher-rarity RFs
    T-CMSRF is another monthly 3★ login RF T-doll. She is therefore hard to obtain despite her rarity, and you cannot obtain copies to make dummy-linking her cheaper.

    As with most 3★ RFs in this position, T-CMSRF ends up being compared to the ultimate budget option M14RF. With a higher base FP and lower RoF than M14RF, T-CMSRF's overall DPS ends up being only slightly lower in practice. Unfortunately, her low rarity stats and skill multiplier means she doesn't match up well to any of the common higher rarity self-buffers, and M14RF is more easily obtainable, linkable, and has a Neural Upgrade available to scale into late game.

    T-CMSRF isn't entirely bad, however; she does surprisingly better than other 3★ login RFs such as ScoutRF or SSG 69RF. Like M14RF, her lower base Accuracy hardly matters for earlier content that demands RFs. She can work for unlucky players looking for another decent RF option that haven't managed to get or ran out of higher rarity ones, but since you have to log in for three weeks to get her, it's unlikely for this to be the case.

    If you lack any better alternatives, she can be considered for raising. Otherwise she is unfortunately Not Recommended.


    Not Recommended

    Charged Shot TAC-50, your friendly maple syrup has come along to shake up the bamboo scene. Unfortunately, this area is already as dead as a cemetery. TAC-50 is another nuke RF with an interesting twist.

    She suffers from a much lower base multiplier compared to her counterparts, but her nuke is able to crit, which makes her shot extra potent with the right fairies and HGs. From her base alone, she's able to hit 7.875x damage when critting with a fully upgraded cape. Pair it with a 5* shiny Command Fairy? You're hitting around 14.56~x worth of damage without HG buffs on crits.

    While big numbers are fun and all, TAC-50 is still unable to escape her nature as a nuke shot RF. Her drone also causes a huge headache, randomly jumping between targets every second. You'd most likely have to manual her and squint your eyes to look out for where she's marking, after all you wouldn't want her to fire that meganuke on some Dinergate instead of the boss, would ya.

    While she sits on the throne of nuke shots, ultimately she'd still be a queen without much content to rule over. She'd be an excellent choice if you're looking for bamboos to raise, however you'd still be better off raising traditional DPS/Self buffing RFs over any bamboos. TAC-50 earns herself a "Not Recommended" status, or at best a "niche" status. Having such a devasting nuke shot does however open up more possiblites in nuking bosses, so if that's what you're looking for, feel free to grab yourself some maple syrup.


    Not Recommended

    Self-Buff FP
    • Low base FP
    • Low multiplier due to low rarity
    • Worse offensive stats than her competitors
    • Limited monthly login reward doll
    Type 56-Semi went missing in Arctic Warfare but she's finally shown up. She's overall nothing special but she's not the worst in the case of 3★. She's directly comparable to M14RF in that they share similar skills but she simply put the stats in the wrong places, as SSG 69RF does.

    For some odd reason she put her stats more towards the HP front making her have less base damage than M14RF and to boot only middling RoF. The Accuracy stat even isn't there for her at 65 compared to M14RF and SSG 69RF's better Accuracy stat, while this may not mean much, the perspective I'm exclaiming is that she simply put her stats in the wrong places. The RoF is respectable but nowhere close to M14RF and sadly her low base damage makes her multiplier skill worse than it should be.

    Not Recommended.


    Not Recommended

    Night FocusSelf-buff RoF
    • Toot toot
    • Low base RoF
    • Long initial CD
    • Limited monthly login reward doll (February 2019)
    • Worse than her 2★ counterpart (G43RF)
    Toot, Toot, it's a new monthly login reward.

    She features a night based RoF buff of 90% which is insanely high but is murdered by her bad base RoF and ICD, making her actually worse than G43RF. G43RF possesses 40 RoF while Type 81R only has 32, which means that even with 81R's better RoF buff her RoF is actually lower than G43RF's. (74 RoF on G43RF 20 frames, 60 RoF on 81R 24 frames).

    The only saving grace here is that her base damage is at least better than G43RF's but that's not enough to overtake her 2★ rival. Her stat distribution kills her in every way, other than the awful ICD of 8s, she also has a rival that's simply better and cheaper to use.

    Toot, toot, she's Not Recommended.


    Not Recommended

    Night FocusSelf-Buff FP
    • Nothing
    • Free L2D I guess
    • Low base FP
    • Low base RoF
    • Long initial CD
    • Impractical during the day
    • Unusually rare
    Hanyang Type88RF is an odd one. One of the rarer 3★ RF to acquire in the game, yet her stats are incredibly lackluster.

    The first thing most people will notice first would be her insane FP buff at night, an baffling 90%. However, her base FP of 108 is low for a 3★ RF, and her RoF is even worse. One could compare Hanyang with M14RF in the FP department and buffs, but M14RF has a better buff and higher base RoF going for her, meaning she's more versatile.

    Another comparison you could make would be Hanyang and G43RF. The main reason why G43RF is considered viable is due to her skill, increasing her RoF rather than FP, so that she can shoot more during her skill's uptime. Unfortunately for Hanyang, shooting slow but hitting hard is not often the go-to for night battles early on.

    Hanyang also shares an issue she inherits from her fellow night specialist RFs. Namely, her ICD. At 8 seconds, her skill simply activates way too late into a fight to provide any meaningful impact.

    In summary, Hanyang is Not Recommended. There are far too many RFs that outclass her.


    Not Recommended

    Self-buff RoF Remember her? I don't either. The unfortunate fate of BM59, same as the real life M1 GarandRF vs BM59 scuffle for popularity, the BM59 is often overshadowed by the M1 GarandRF. Then M14RF walked in...

    BM59 has the lowest Accuracy of all RFs, which is so low that even some ARs manage to overtake her ACC. this wouldn't be much of an issue if it wasn't actually concerningly low. The upside is that she has great base RoF and a RoF self-buff, which is makes her a more practical choice than other 2★.

    However, like the other 2★ RoF RF SKSRF, the lack of FP and Accuracy will hurt her DPS a lot, she is usable in the early game, but Not Recommended for long term use.


    Not Recommended

    Self-buff RoF
    • Low base RoF
    • Limited monthly login reward doll (September 2019)
    Despite being a rare self-buff RF, wz.29 is not destined to be the next M14RF. Similar to the other monthly self-buff RF SSG 69RF, wz.29's biggest issue is her RoF. While it is nice that she has a RoF self-buff to hopefully compensate this, she still suffers from being slow and sluggish pre-skill. Her base RoF makes her self-buff not as effective as you would expect, to the point where a 2★ RF (BM59) can shoot faster than her. Her other issue is her availability. Being a monthly t-doll, most players who get her would have gotten better options by then, and even if they don't, her viability is short-lived as she is still lackluster overall. She is Not Recommended.


    Not Recommended

    Night FocusSelf-buff RoF
    • Common drop in 10-4E
    • Cute
    • Long initial CD
    • Impractical during the day
    • Limited map drop doll (10-6 and 10-4E)
    XM3 is a night RF of average stats. Being a night specialist, she shares the same major weaknesses as other night RFs such as Hanyang and G43RF: long initial CD and weak daytime multiplier.

    As powerful as it seems, nighttime RFs tend to be restricted to fighting non-evasive enemies, as they cannot equip PEQ to overcome nighttime penalty. Running RFs at night means you need to pick the right enemies, restricting the otherwise restricted XM3 even further. Despite having the strongest RoF self-buff among RFs when she finally picks the right fight, she simply cannot pop her skill fast enough. 8s initial CD is a major drawback. Most battles would end at this point, and battles that last any longer (boss fights) are often ill-suited for the slow and squishy RFHG. Everywhere else, she either faces Accuracy issue (nighttime evasive enemies) or heavy penalty on her skill (daytime).

    Unfortunately, XM3 is Not Recommended.

    Carcano M1891RF


    Self-buff RoFTeam RoF BuffTeam Crit Rate Buff
    • Not that stellar innate RoF
    • Very low performance standalone, even with SL 10
    • Requires specific setups to shine, otherwise she's just a RF with an odd HG skill
    M1891, aka "Pink", "Cano" or "Strawberry", is another unique RF added to the roster. Sharing similar tile buffs with Carcano M91/38RF in the sense that they both buff RFs on tiles, M1891 is often regarded as getting the short end of the stick. This is mostly due to her skill which has very low values for both RoF and Crit Chance buffs.

    It should be pretty clear that M1891 is by no means your traditional pure DPS rifle, as evidently shown by her relatively mediocre RoF and terrible skill mutlipliers, especially with 2 RFs being the more common choice. This hurts M1891's standalone performance considerably as she heavily relies on the number of RF's in the team to get larger RoF/Crit buffs.

    However, the right way to approach M1891 would be if you need her unique support/DPS hybrid kit. For example, she has crazy good synergy with the HG T-Doll PythonHG, matching if not exceeding the DPS done by SVDRF due to her skill being able to procc PythonHG's passive. Other synergy includes helping Carcano M91/38RF to get more of her valuable skill shots by utilizing M1891's tiles.

    M1891 proves to be a truly unique RF, but at the same time it hurts her standalone performance a lot. Due to her nature of being a subpar DPS/Support hybrid, she earns her self a status of "Specialist" (and Recommended for use for players wanting to utilise their PythonHG). Fret not, there are plenty of scenarios for her to shine when her younger sister Carcano M91/38RF calls for the support of her trusty Onee-chan.

    IWS 2000RF


    Debuffs SelfSelf-Buff FP
    • Low base RoF with skill that reduces RoF further
    • Very prone to overkilling due to high FP
    • Auto-retarget backrow during skill
    • Wants adequate and suitable enemies to be present to maximize her usefulness
    • Not suitable for general usage
    IWS 2000RF is a highly specified FP RF, sacrificing her RoF for a huge increase in FP. She's especially good when dealing with heavily armored units or bosses mainly, due to her high damage which can easily reach 1000+ damage per shot.

    This kind of damage causes players to tunnel vision her capabilities, thinking that her damage is sufficient for most if not all content. This is not the case. IWS 2000RF' incredible damage per shot is a specialized niche that is used to deal with high health and incredibly armoured enemies; the FP increase greatly mitigates any armour reduction and the damage allows her to finish fights that have a dangerous enemy that must be wiped out as fast as possible. She is one of the several units that are capable of feats like this, with an infamous alternative of Carcano M91/38RF, but with the difference that IWS 2000RF can consistently output this damage over a period of time rather focusing everything into one shot.

    Due to her debilitating debuff in the stat that RFs would ideally want more of (her RoF), her use in echelons that deal with general enemies or 'slightly more than a little' number of enemies is limited. Once she pops her skill she becomes one of the slowest firing units in the game. One can attempt to reduce this disadvantage by stuffing the echelon with RoF buffing handguns (the infamous Exodia), however this echelon type is Not Recommended as it is for a very specific purpose and will not deal with a lot of other fights very well. One can attempt to pair her with another RF that can take advantage of the RoF buffs as well (such as Lee EnfieldRF/M14RF), but the argument comes again to debate whether her overwhelming Firepower is required for the fight in question. In almost all circumstances, it is not and so the patched up echelon performs worse than when using the more common and less damage inflicting RFs together.

    These comps require extremely heavy investment from the player for, not just IWS 2000RF, but also the HGs and the additional RF if added. The equipment to make such feats achievable flawlessly also require significant investment. Therefore these comps are Not Recommended to be made immediately as a first RFHG comp for new commanders. To recap, she is Specialist and one should identify exactly when the situation calls for the use of this Austrian Princess and her unparalleled Firepower.



    Charged Shot
    • Low initial CD
    • Very fast aim time
    • High skill damage even without charging any stack
    • Unpredictable targeting without the presence of boss
    • Charge shot not optimal for general usage
    Kar98k is one of the very first anti-elite RFs in the game. Coming from an era where elite enemies neither posed a threat nor called for specific T-Dolls to counter them, Kar98k has always been shunned away due to her inability to mob or boss effectively. With the bamboo rework that substantially improved her Chain Shot and the impending release of new elite enemies that need to be dispatched ASAP in the ever closer inching future, perhaps Kar98k will finally find her place.

    Chain Shot is a unique double-shot skill, allowing Kar98k to hit two targets. This lets her effectively swap to a new target if her first shot has successfully killed one, making it effective against both elite units who come with a sizable health pool as well as multiple groups of threatening foes. As with other charged-shot RFs, Kar98k’s two shots both bypasses armor and Evasion, allowing her to snipe evasive enemies at night even with the night penalty in effect.

    Unlike other charged-shot RFs, Kar98k's damage is far higher at zero stacks AND can be activated sooner. For comparison, SpringfieldRF and Mosin-NagantRF deal 2.8x damage at zero stacks, 5s into battle, and scale into 6x at max stacks. Kar98k, on the other hand, deals 2.8x damage twice at zero stacks, at only 4s into battle. This makes her a great option for sniping out high priority enemies without having to charge up in order to deal sufficient damage to them. When her damage at zero stacks is not high enough, Kar98k can simply hold onto her skill and activate it in sync with any accompanying HGs' skills, resulting in a much bigger burst to take out beefier enemies with ease.

    Although it has a low cooldown of 4s, Chain Shot's targeting is somewhat unpredictable against non-boss units, making Kar98k unreliable in sniping dangerous mobs such as Jaegers and Strikers when they are being protected by meat shields like Guards (who can eat up both her shots just by themselves). Combined with the lack of self-buffing attribute, she is not effective against trash mobs and should be used primarily against elites instead, as Chain Shot seems to hit the right target more often when in the presence of such enemies.

    Kar98k is Specialist, and as with other anti-elites, her use is limited. With that being said, she is an optional pick with a unique, strong skill who may see more use in the future against elite enemies, against whom Carcano M91/38RF cannot deal high damage.



    Debuffs Enemy
    • High base FP
    • Good tile formation
    • Low initial CD and high multiplier for a charge shot
    • Skill gains upward 30% additional damage from battle victories
    • Charge shot not optimal for general usage
    The Barrett M82A1 is the crate reward for the story event Continuum Turbulence. She may look familiar to some of you anime geeks, because her artist is indeed the artist that drew Yuzuriha Inori from Guilty Crown.

    As for usage, the M82A1 is a rifle that is considered one of the alternatives to Carcano M91/38RF in the business of hunting dangerous high priority enemy units (namely the infestations of Doppelsoldners that are prevalent in the post-CT era). She competes with the likes of Kar98kRF in this Specialist.

    Revelation of the False Idol has a relatively high multiplier for its initial CD and this is made even better to aid her prolific use in the CT ranking stage "Hurricane Rescue" by using the advantaged map buff to really make those shots count. It is unlikely that in a single battle she can fire all three of her bullets to make use of the quirk; however if she does fire this third bullet, she is still able to use the skill but it won't ever launch this special bullet for the current battle again. Add on to the fact that she can build up her bullet damage by racking up successive victories, she is indeed a force to be reckoned with.

    She is a Specialist and optional RF. Players should not prioritise raising M82A1 if there are gaping holes in their current rifle lineup as self-buffers are still some of the best in dealing with threats. However if a player has enough of a lineup to make some teams and would like an additional player in Doppel hunting, don't be afraid to give Funeral Parlor a ring to borrow her for a spin.



    Charged Shot
    • Low base RoF
    • Reliance on special equip to perform adequately
    • Charge shot not optimal for general usage
    Out of the box, Mosin-NagantRF is not a rifle that is suited for general use. She has a low base RoF and possesses a skill that focuses a lot of damage in a single shot which makes her unsuited to dealing with multiple groups of enemies. She does have a decent base damage statline of 131 and this gels well with her 6x multiplier at maximum charge from her skill. She can be compared to SpringfieldRF as they both have a very similar job.

    Her skill is a short-cooldown sure-hit skill that deals a lot of unavoidable damage to a target. This is especially useful to taking down or severely crippling high priority targets like Doppelsoldners. While it is definitely not as good as Carcano M91/38RF's skill (after all, who is), she can do it adequately enough. It gets better when she gets her mod.

    Speaking of special equipment, Mosin-NagantRF gets her own from 5-4N, the Hahya Memory Chip. It provides a whopping 30+ Damage which is the highest out of all equipment and 30% Crit Damage. This is a much better version of a cape, and allows Mosin to be better in two fronts; the flat damage allows her pre-skill damage to become much higher and scales her skill in addition. Unfortunately the crit damage doesn't scale her skill, but it helps with her normal attack damage which will begin to hurt a lot with the aforementioned damage increase.

    Despite all the benefits described above, sure-hit rifles are Specialist by nature. While fulfilling an important Specialist, there are quite a few candidates in this area that do their job without as much investment that Mosin requires. She is a Specialist and optional RF to raise.



    Charged ShotSelf-Buff FPSelf-buff RoF
    • Heavy reliance on chapter 5N SPEQ to perform
    Boasting superior FP per shot with almost no downtime, Mosin-NagantRF post Mod is a RF with excellent mobbing capabilities, growing stronger with every kill.

    Mosin's approach towards wave-clearing as a RF is different from the usual generalist self-buffers. Instead, Mosin paired with her MOD 2 skill and Hayha Chip allows her to deal massive damage per shot akin to Firepower buffing RFs with skill on, snowballing into a killing machine on the field. Paired with the option to nuke high-priority targets via Steady Shot, she can receive a RoF buff from her second skill if she manages to kill her target. As a result, you'd likely want a balance of RoF and DMG buffs to maximise Mosin-NagantRF's potential.

    That being said, being a 4★>5★ MOD also means she's an expensive investment. While her role as a mobbing/nuker hybrid is unique, the game tends to reward more specialized setups in the future, meaning you'd likely only get to use one of her Specialists rather than both at once. As such, there's a lot of 5★ RFs that can do the same job without requiring a SPEQ (Hayha Chip) and MOD3 investment. She earns herself an optional status. An excellent MOD but only held back by the core costs and limited number of moments to fully shine on the stage.



    Charged Shot
    • FP can reach the next level of high
    • Can take out both high priority targets and their escorts
    Don’t let the shiny new exotic red rarity border fool you; NTW-20RF is just as situational and Specialist as before.

    NTW-20RF MOD 3 rewards players who are able to get the kill shot with her first skill, allowing additional weaker shots to be fired with her second skill. Her passive improves her damage against targets with 50% HP or higher, ensuring that she can one-shot her targets.

    Her kit may seem cool and powerful, but its practicality leaves much to be desired. Her initial CD is still fairly high and in most cases she would be doing the same job of hunting Hydra/Gundam as existing RFs such as Carcano M91/38RF. In comparison, NTW-20RF's CD is longer and her multiplier is weaker than Carcano M91/38RF. Her follow-ups can miss, making it ineffective at night. Worst of all, she is incredibly costly and neural upgrading her may take up to 5 months as Fire Control Cores are time-gated. The only advantage she has over Carcano M91/38RF is that she is not penalized against bosses and elites. Unfortunately, as mentioned in her original analysis, bosses are complex enough that simply bursting them down is a very difficult task (not to mention her targeting might mess her up by one-shotting an escort if she does not have enough damage to one-shot the boss), and there are RFs that can handle elites at a cheaper cost like M82A1RF as well.

    She is optional as other rifles like Carcano M91/38RF and M82A1RF in part can do the same job you probably want NTW-20RF for. If you have extra frags and willing to put in additional investment, she is fine for the additional utility her second skill can potentially bring the team.

    As a side note, she has the most FP out of any rifle when using a max enhanced special equipment along with her 190+ affection bonus. This makes her extremely useful for Data Ranking leaderboard.



    Charged ShotAoESurehit
    • Low DPS ceiling
    • Requires 3 shots on the same target for passive
    • Passive does not crit, leading to weaker scaling to crit than other RFs
    • Passive AoE is so small it might as well be single target
    The QBU88 is a 5★ rifle that is probably best known for her obscurity among the Imoko dolls as she doesn't get as good of a treatment compared to the others.

    QBU88's stats are nearly identical to SpringfieldRF with special equipment, with very high base RoF and a FP not too far from average of the RF class. Similar to SpringfieldRF, QBU88 has very good pre-skill DPS.

    QBU88's Rock Piercing Cloud is a charged shot that specializes in dealing AoE damage. With its low CD of 4s, she can swiftly thin down enemies by activating the skill early. The passive portion of the skill cannot miss when it procs, and being AoE allows it to deal extra damage to enemies with dummy links similar to that of a grenade. Unfortunately, this part of the skill is AoE for the sake of dealing with dummy links, rather than hitting multiple groups of enemies, as the AoE of the passive is very small you should not expect it to ever hit more than 1 group of enemies. The condition of needing to hit the target at least 3 times makes it hard to use in practice, and can only be used against tanky enemies, who are often alone with no dummy link. QBU88's passive has limited use for the time being, but she is especially effective against tanky enemies with Evasion at night post-Isomer.

    QBU88's tile formation guarantees that at least 2 HGs are always present in a standard formation (even some of the exotic formations used in current CN content will still have at least 2 handguns present within the tiles). This ties in well with her skill as the HGs will pop their skill much earlier and factoring in the travel time and aim time of QBU88's skill, can apply their bonuses to the shot.

    QBU88 is Specialist and optional. She has uses as a stand in for general use RFHG teams due to her skill being on a very low CD with AoE potential, but will be outpaced by self-buffers once their skills pop off.



    Team FP BuffTeam ACC Buff
    • Low base HP
    • Must stop to distribute buffs
    Clear is an extremely powerful buff-oriented HG with a unique skill that sequentially buffs allies with a single skill activation, unlike conventional buff-oriented HGs that buff the entire team at once.

    Clear has great tile buff coverage and offers powerful 30% RoF/50% Accuracy boosts. She is the only 5★ HG aside from M950AHG who has an RoF-oriented tile buff that can cover the backline DPS from tile 5.

    Clear's skill "Make It Better" is what makes her stand out among the HGs. When her skill activates, Clear plays her guitar 5 times (once per second), providing a 30% (40% with her SPEQ) FP and Accuracy buff for 3s to the ally that has dealt the highest damage who is not currently buffed by "Make It Better". This buff does not stack with itself: applying the buff to an already-buffed ally (which occurs when there are no unbuffed allies remaining) will simply refresh its duration to 3s. Clear synergizes extremely well with M4A1AR MOD, whose MOD skill requires that only three allies be on field during activation. With only 3 T-Dolls on the field, Clear will reliably double buff M4A1AR to give her ~6s of a massive 40% FP buff.

    Clear also has a shorter skill CD of only 8s, unlike most HGs. Clear's skill benefits greatly from CDR tile buffs from RFs; if she is given any cooldown reduction at all from RFs, Clear can maintain almost indefinite buff uptime on the two main DPS of the team.

    Note that while Clear isn't forced to stand still during skill, Clear cannot distribute her buffs while moving. This drawback can be mitigated by swapping Clear with the tile 4 HG at the beginning of the fight or intelligently letting Clear stop between kiting cycles to let her distribute her buffs.

    Clear is overall one of the greatest buff-oriented HGs in the game with a very strong tile buff and an incredibly powerful active skill with very high uptime. Her minor drawbacks do not change her usefulness as a super buffer. As a result, Clear is Highly Recommended for all players. You will deeply regret missing out on Clear and her SPEQ during the DJMAX Collaboration event.



    Debuffs Enemy
    • Excellent FP tile buff and coverage
    • Good bonus crit rate tile
    • Unique skill redirecting ally fire and amplifying all damage taken to target
    • Low base HP
    • Skill not suitable for regular mobbing
    Ahem. Uhhh. Contender, everybody. Give it up for our good ol' Contender here. Yes. Alright.

    Contender is a special 5★ HG, in that her skill doesn't buff her allies. She is an amplifier HG whose skill marks an enemy, directing focus fire towards them while amplifying their damage towards said target. In addition, she can also equip AP rounds, giving her a situational role in Typhon busting gunboat (4MG 1HG). If a boss is present, her skill will target them. Otherwise, she'll target according to the tile she stands on at the time of skill activation, targeting furthest/highest HP/nearest enemy when she is in the front/middle/back row. This means you can move her to a different tile to better control her targeting. Her marking ability makes her favored for boss killing teams. However, do note that Contender's retarget ability does not overwrite a specified targeting a doll has from skill. Ex. Am RFBAR will not retarget to the marked enemy, she'll still follow her normal backline priority during skill duration.

    Despite buffing FP, she does not replace a FP HG in their role. Her tiles have astounding coverage along with useful buff combination of FP and crit. However, due to her skill being a single-target amplifier, only the affected target takes additional damage. This makes her a poor option for mobbings in general, especially if your team lacks the damage to brute-force multiple armored enemies present on the battlefield, where Contender can only amplify against one, leaving the others untouched. Keep this in mind if you decide to use her as a substitution for a more generalist team-wide buffer like GrizzlyHG.

    Another misconception is her role in 5HG. Contender has impressive FP and Accuracy stats on top of the higher base crit rate and the ability to use AP ammo. But what tends to be overlooked is her very low RoF and her single-target skill. Due to the low RoF, she is very lacking when it comes to mobbing. The strength of 5HG comes from the interwoven skill buffs from multiple HGs, leading to their surprisingly powerful post-6s DPS, which Contender sadly does not contribute to. Armors are not a favorable match-up for 5HG, and having only 1 HG capable of bypassing armor does not necessarily improve their chances against those either. 5HG is not an Exodia (single DPS + 4 buffers) after all.

    Contender has a solid niche to fulfill with her single-target burst damage. She may not find herself being used all the time, but when a situation arises, she is definitely Recommended.

    Desert EagleHG


    Team RoF BuffDebuffs Enemy
    • Excellent tile buffs and coverage (crit and FP)
    • AR level DPS in a handgun package
    • Attacks penetrate HP shields
    • Massively boosted damage against marked targets
    • Ineffective against high armor
    Desert EagleHG, the iconic Juan Deag gun that made its way into Girls' Frontline. A clear reward from the major story event Shattered Connexion, the Desert EagleHG redefines how we look at handgun comps and their tendency to deal surprising amounts of damage.

    Desert EagleHG boasts tile buffs that are highly sought after and a skill that is useful in both clearing trash and killing low-armour bosses. Past the generic rate of fire buff, the skill's active ability also debuffs the three enemies with the highest shield HP + HP value, causing them to take increased damage. While they are marked, Desert EagleHG also prioritises attacking them over others and deals even more damage to them.

    When Desert EagleHG shoots an enemy that is marked, her attacks gain an additional damage multiplier (1.6x multiplier at SL10) that stacks with each shot, stacking up to a limit of 3 times. At maximum stacks, this means Desert EagleHG can deal in excess of 400% damage per shot. Note that this multiplier is only applied after armor reduction, making it ineffective against high armor.

    Her skill passive effectively lets her skip over HP shields; when attacking enemies that are shielded, she disregards the shield and deals damage through it while also reducing the HP shield by the same amount. Note that this only applies to HP shields and not force shields, which can only be reduced by HOCs.

    Desert EagleHG is Highly Recommended. She is a core damage dealer in cheap farming compositions and can transition into compositions to deal with hard content. With damage rivalling NegevMG fully stacked, the Desert EagleHG is a powerhouse of a handgun.



    Team RoF BuffTeam Crit Rate Buff
    • Low base HP
    • Limited event doll
    Five-seveNHG used to be a flexer's best friend and origin of the "hoxy" meme, but Five-seveNHG has returned to GFL EN so many times that practically every regular player has at least one of her now.

    Is this banana HG's gameplay contributions as good as the variety of her fanart? Thankfully, yes! Five-seveNHG is not a doll to be taken lightly. Not only is her one of the very limited number of RoF-buffer HGs, she's the only one among the group who brings an RoF/crit tile buff and skill to cap the crit rate of RFs. The overbuff greatly synergizes with Px4 StormHG, who is capable of converting all the excessive crit rate to extra damage - making the Px4 StormHG/Five-seveNHG combo one of the deadliest offensive pairings for RFHG echelons.

    Despite Five-seveNHG's tile buffs putting her in a backliner role, her high base Evasion of 97 lets her work passably as the last line of defense when your frontline has retreated.

    Overall, Five-seveNHG is Highly Recommended for RFHG, but due to being a limited event doll, she isn't the most accessible HG in the game. If you don't need the crit, StechkinHG is a solid craftable replacement as an RoF HG with similar tile formation; if you do, PPKHG can provide a large amount of crit rate for Px4 StormHG's synergy, though she has to go in position 5 instead.



    Team FP Buff GrizzlyHG is a solid FP HG that can fit into just about any team. She often competes with SAAHG and Gr Mk23HG for having the same role as an FP buffer, but her combined FP tile buff and skill wins out in most situations, only losing to Gr Mk23HG at night. Her tile formation fits her nicely in position 4, buffing FP for the backliners while improving the survivability of the maintank with her sizeable Evasion buff.

    GrizzlyHG is often used in ARSMGs as the buffer, especially at night, where HGs are mandatory and armored enemies are abundant. Her skill synergizes well with the high RoF nature of most ARs and can stack with their own offensive skills. Take Gr G11AR, for example. Both GrizzlyHG and Gr G11AR have the same initial cooldown (6s). With both GrizzlyHG's tiles and skill buffing damage, Gr G11AR's already powerful skill can be amplified further, making for a potent combo.

    With her flexibility and the relatively high demand in FP buffers and HGs in general, GrizzlyHG is very much Highly Recommended.



    HP ShieldTeam FP BuffTeam ACC Buff HS2000, the Isomer crate doll, is a valuable asset to the support class. With her ability to shield the entire team, she can potentially shut down certain enemy comps that rely on AoE attacks.

    HS2000 comes with strong tile buffs of 30% RoF and 20% Evasion, greatly improving the survivability of the team. Although she has an odd tile placement forcing her to stay at position 1 or 2, most teams can adapt to this change and thus is not a big downside.

    HS2000's skill "Counterattacker Barrier" is a powerful team shielding ability. Comparing this to her counterpart SeiHG, HS2000 can buff all types and has no health requirement for higher shield multiplier. With her stronger shield and the ability to shield the DPS classes, HS2000 can easily shut down AoE based enemies such as Doppelsoldners and Minotaurs, whereas SeiHG cannot.

    If shielding wasn't enough, HS2000 also gives a massive buff of 35% FP (tied with Gr Mk23HG for the highest +DMG multiplier) and 35% Accuracy if the shield lasts at least 3s without breaking, allowing her to be useful outside of her shielding niche. Be mindful that without any CDR tile, her buff comes in very late (9s effective ICD) and the RFs' self-buffs may be running out by then. Due to the buff's high multiplier, it can be timed to take advantage of periods when enemies (particularly bosses with invulnerability frames) are vulnerable to be bursted.

    HS2000 brings the ability to help or even completely shut down certain enemy comps, making her a HG you do not want to miss. She is Highly Recommended to be raised and duped.



    Team FP BuffTeam ACC BuffTeam EVA Buff
    • Needs buff targets to remain in her tile coverage in order to recieve buffs
    One of the Korean guns we have in the game, K5. A versatile HG that can be used in many scenarios.

    K5's tile coverage is amazing, and gives excellent FP and Accuracy buffs; her skill is even better, giving FP buffs to ARs and RFs, Accuracy buffs to MG and SGs and EVA to HG and SMGs so long as they are in her tile buff coverage. K5 mainly sits in tile 4 for ARSMG and RFHG, and tile 4 or 5 for MGSG echelons. For comparison's sake, let's put up K5 against her main competitors in the above scenarios: GrizzlyHG, SAAHG and Gr Mk23HG.

    When K5 is used instead of GrizzlyHG in ARSMG and RFHG echelons, you sacrifice 20% Evasion that GrizzlyHG provides as her tile buff, but K5 makes up for it when her skill is active by two-fold. The question you need to ask yourself when you are debating which HG to use: can your tanks can hold out for 6 seconds before K5's skill activates and after it expires? Are you willing to sacrifice 3% FP in exchange for more Evasion? If your answer is yes, use K5, otherwise use GrizzlyHG.

    Let's compare K5 and Gr Mk23HG, they are typically used in Night ARSMG or MGSG echelons. Gr Mk23HG provides a pure damage buff with both her tile buffs and skill. Does what you'll be up against warrant sheer power? Or are you in need of a more defensive approach or do you need Accuracy buffs from K5? Due to Gr Mk23HG not being able to sit on tile 4, K5 might be an option when you need a HG for tile 4. You could even combine both K5 and Gr Mk23HG in a MGSG echelon, having K5 provide Accuracy and Gr Mk23HG FP.

    When compared with SAAHG, the tile buffs are similar. SAAHG gives more Accuracy and less FP, while K5 gives more FP but less Accuracy. K5 buffs Evasion to SMGs, but buffs a whopping 80% Accuracy to MGs with her skill. Ask yourself: do you need more Accuracy by using K5 over SAAHG in an MGSG echelon by the second volley? Or will you benefit more from slightly more Accuracy on the first volley by using SAAHG? In an ARSMG echelon, do you need more Evasion for your SMGs by choosing K5? Or do you need pure FP by choosing SAAHG?

    Although there's a lot of considerations to account for before selecting K5 as your choice of HG, she is Highly Recommended to raise. The versatility of this HG cannot be understated.



    Night FocusDebuffs Enemy
    • Limited application outside of SG and barrier teams
    The first-ever T-Doll commanders acquire. The M1895, or Nagant Revolver, as she'll be called from here on out, is a sleeper.

    Boasting extremely rare critical rate and FP tile buffs, Nagant Revolver's tiles rival even 5★ units, making her an easy to use HG for new players. Her placement fits her safely in the backline as well, but her high base Evasion stat of 92 allows her to tank in a pinch.

    Nagant Revolver's main use comes from her FP debuff. Although niche, this skill has several important applications in SG teams and barrier teams. When coupled with armor, the FP debuff acts as an armor buff to the SGs, ensuring that they can tank most attacks. In barrier teams when fighting against AoE enemies like Gundam, her FP debuff can reduce their AoE damage below the strength of the barrier, effectively nullifying all the damage from Gundam's AoE grenade skill.

    Nagant Revolver's skill comes with a night condition, with the skill being nerfed during daytime. For that reason, she obviously performs better at night than day. This does not mean she is not viable during the day though. Her tiles are still super strong and are not bound by the same conditions, and FP debuff skills are quite rare.

    When in need of a cheap alternative in the early game, or putting her skill into good use in SG or barrier teams, or you just want to pay homage to your elders, Nagant Revolver is here for you. She is niche and Recommended.



    Night FocusDebuffs EnemyTeam FP BuffTeam ACC Buff
    • Excellent tiles improved even further.
    • Skill even more potent at night and hard encounters
    • Offensive and defensive mix
    • Defensive skill is unfortunately very situational so you might not use her as much as you think you will.
    Babushka gets a MOD...and it's a damn good one!

    M1895HG already has exceptional tile buffs and the MOD upgrade just puts them that much higher; she improves her tile stats to 36% FP and 20% crit rate. It doesn't improve her tile positioning, but that hardly matters in where you would use her.

    Her MOD2 skill is where things get even more spicy. Her first shot after a reload (also applies to the very first shot in the battle), grants her team a short but potent offensive buff that helps improve initial burst. A 10% increase to FP and Accuracy is very much welcome, especially in that this is tacked on to an inherently defensive handgun, which makes Babushka who you would take if you need both offense and defense. (P.S. This triggers PythonHG for Data Sim).

    She is a good doll to run in combination with other defensive focused dolls such as HS2000HG or P22HG. Her damage reduction, while night-focused, is very potent and can mean reducing enemy Firepower to below a threshold in that it completely neuters the enemy's chances of breaking certain defensive buffs (cough shields). Most prolifically, combo-ing the activations of these two types of skills can mean that your team can take virtually no damage from enemies with low Firepower.

    M1895HG is a Recommended MOD upgrade. She is a 2*, which means she is cheap initially to upgrade. Her power comes from her MOD2, and is not tied to MOD3 at all (her SPEQ is a bonus and is not required for anything). This means she great utility for a very low investment relatively.



    Team RoF Buff
    • Low base Evasion
    • Awkward tile placement forcing her to be at the front
    M950AHG is a HG with unmatched RoF buffs. With a combination of her tiles and skill, she can buff upward 62.5% RoF, enough to bring a T-Doll with 72 RoF to the cap. Other RoF-buffing competitors such as StechkinHG and Five-SeveN cannot surpass her. Her budget version AstraHG is usable for the role, but doesn't perform nearly as well. This makes M950AHG a highly wanted HG.

    Due to her incredible RoF buff, she is best paired with RFs who need RoF the most. While she can be paired with ARs, their naturally high RoF often means she may cause them to overcap, wasting her buffing potential.

    M950AHG's downside is her tile coverage. Coupled with her low Evasion, this makes her a liability, as she takes away the maintank slot of the team without being a tank herself. It is advisable to swap her in battle with a better tank, usually at 8. However, even with her low base Evasion, buffs from GrizzlyHG can push her up to Welrod MkIIHG's level of Evasion (assuming they're both maxed in everyway), making the swap unneeded (though if you do retreat kiting, Welrod MkIIHG should be the first to draw the aggro and retreat as M950AHG's skill is much more important and needs to be activated before retreating). Highly Recommended.



    Team RoF BuffCrowd ControlDebuffs Enemy
    • Hard to dupe due to FCC requirement
    • Skill 2 effect depends on a factor you cannot always control
    M950AHG's Mod is a commander's dream generalist RFHG RoF buffer.

    At MOD I, her tiles and base stats have greatly improved. The increased Evasion and HP significantly bolsters CalicoMod's ability to tank incoming damage, pushing her well above the average 5*.

    CalicoMod's second skill, "Soul Live!”, is a unique 2-part skill, with effects that vary based on the current battle's location - more specifically, which faction controls it.

    • On a friendly node, this skill will activate an AoE slow effect that also reduces enemy Evasion, giving your echelon more time to deal damage to incoming enemies before they get in range to attack.
    • On a non-friendly node (including neutral battles such as Theater), this effect will give your T-Dolls a significant movement speed buff and minor RoF buff at the start of combat. Because every doll's speed is increased by an amount that brings them to HG-level, this effect gives the commander excellent flexibility to rearrange T-Dolls mid-fight, and therefore indirectly increasing the overall survivability of the echelon by making it easier to kite and dodge AoE attacks.

    In an average battle, the effective DPS contribution added by CalicoMod is 10-25% greater then her pre-mod self. The tile improvement also makes her placement a lot more flexible than before - she can now be placed on 8 or 2 and still buff an RF, or buff both RFs in an echelon containing HS2000HG.

    CalicoMod is a mod that every commander should consider investing into, due to her unique skillset and unparalleled RoF supporting ability. As the strongest RoF-buffing HG to date that is made far more flexible by her Neural Upgrade, CalicoMod will see frequent use now and in the future and is Highly Recommended.



    Debuffs EnemyTeam RoF Buff
  • Gives an offensive buff in addition to some defensive utility on skill activation.
    • The duration of the secondary skill may be a bit low, which can mean that you need to rethink your strategy to lay out all your damage within this window and time your skills appropriately to make maximum use of this window.
    MP-446HG MOD offers the ability to provide both FP and RoF while debuffing the enemies at the same time. Although rarely seen, the combined utility is not as potent as it may seem.

    MP-446ModHG receives a substantial improvement to her tile buff, providing a generous 36% FP buff. Tidal Breach allows her to give a short duration burst of RoF buff on top of the debuff effect on her skill 1.

    Although the multiplier of MP-446ModHG's RoF buff is fairly strong, there are notable downsides to this, including its buff range and short duration. In order to receive the RoF buff, her allies must be within her tiles. Usually this is not a problem as her tile range is expansive and it is relatively easy to maneuver within them. The buff duration is of Tidal Breach is only 4s, halved of the usual HG buff duration. You may find your DPS to not do as much damage during long battles as her uptime to much shorter than other buffer HGs.

    MP-446ModHG is optional to MOD. She is a cheap MOD, but players will have better mileage from raising other Recommended HGs before setting their sights on Viking. For non-dupers, MP-446ModHG is a Recommended MOD as she gives effects that you would be hard-pressed to look for in existing dolls.

    Gr Mk23HG


    Night FocusTeam FP Buff
    • Excellent FP skill buff at night, still decent at day
    • Excellent FP tile buff and coverage
    • High base HP
    • Seventh day Frontline Supplies reward
    • Low base Evasion
    • Tile placement forcing her to be at the front on certain comps
    • Where is her LAM and suppressor :awaugery:
    Gr Mk23HG is the HG to use if all that matters to you is blatant FP.

    Gr Mk23HG's stats hinder her ability to tank properly, with a below-average Evasion stat of 66, but a high HP pool of 400. Her tiles also force her to be positioned at the front row for traditional ARSMG/RFHG teams. However, MGSG teams love her buff tile coverage. Despite not giving Accuracy, Gr Mk23HG is able to supply MGs with all the damage they need just from tiles alone

    Skill wise, the only doll that can beat her in damage buffs is GrizzlyHG, though that only applies during the day. At night, Gr Mk23HG reigns supreme, though she still makes for a solid choice for daytime fights. Since GrizzlyHG and Gr Mk23HG both occupy different positions, they can both be used to give teammates an insane FP buff.

    That being said, Gr Mk23HG will be a staple in your MG echelons along with similar handguns such as K5HG who is able to provide the same tile buffs with flexible secondary effects depending on the buffed dolls. She's also a strong element in night teams of any type, being so versatile and generally strong at day and even more powerful at night, this is a doll you don't want to miss out on.

    Put this SOCOM on your squad and watch the cardboard box run wild. Highly Recommended.



    HP ShieldTeam ACC BuffTeam EVA BuffTeam FP Buff
    • Amazing tile coverage and orientation
    • Amazing tile buffs
    • Very good skill on all 3 values buffed
    • 2nd highest EVA in the game, only 2 short from PSMHG
    • Buffs are aligned nicely to the columns
    • Fairly average HP
    • Uncraftable, Isomer map drop
    • Dolls must be in the appropriate column to receive desired buffs
    • Forces B-formation
    P22 is a 5★ HG whose kit goes far and beyond what a normal handgun can achieve, making her a definitive meta changer.

    P22's stats are phenomenal with a base 110 Evasion which is already extraordinarily high on top of a respectable 350 total health, making her survivability outstanding just in base stats alone. Her tile buffs are also amazing, providing 30% FP and 50% Accuracy. While the shape may look strange at first, P22 actually covers everyone if placed in pos 2, making the "B formation" now a valid option when making teams using her.

    Her skill, "Decisive Battle Sequence", is a buffing skill like no other. The flexible buff drastically improves a doll's stats depending on which column she is stationed on:

    ○ 25% FP buff for the backline, which can be maximized to buff your RF, ARs or MGs; ○ 60% Evasion and Accuracy for the middle column, improving the survivability of SMGs and HGs drastically ○ A 53 HP shield to the front line, which can be used to reduce chip damage taken.

    To add on to this incredible skill, T-Dolls who are in between two different columns at the time of skill activation can receive both buffs. For example, if your maintank is in between the middle and right columns, they can receive both the shield and Evasion buff!

    P22, despite being locked to one of the worst farming maps to date, still gains the tag of Highly Recommended due to being an extremely flexible HG. She is undoubtedly one of the best universally used HG to date and can see use in just about any situation.

    Note: P22's shield does not cover the entire team, so don't substitute her for HS2000HG if you want to effectively stop AoE attacks such as the grenade from Doppelsoldners!



    Team FP BuffTeam Crit Rate Buff
    • Very low base HP
    • Underwhelming skill buff
    This is PPKHG, Girls' Frontline's resident masochist. Despite how certain voicelines of hers indicate a love for pain, PPKHG's tile and skill buffs significantly empower her fellow dolls, allowing her teammates to bring the hurt to Sangvis Ferri and unfortunately reducing the likelihood for PPKHG to become heavily damaged.

    For a 2★ HG, PPKHG's tile buff is very generous, providing 32% RoF and some crit rate as a bonus. Due to this, she is prized as a beginner friendly pick for those who are building their first RFHG. Unlike her tile buff, her skill provides FP buff instead along with more crit rate. While the damage buff multiplier is not as generous as her tile buff, the crit rate boost it provides is very appreciable, especially in the early game when players have yet to max out their crit scopes.

    PPKHG's exceptional base Evasion can be considered a suitable stat for the frontline role she finds herself in due to her tile layout. Her base HP, on the other hand, is among the lowest. No matter how evasive she can be, an unlucky stray bullet can easily bring her down. Kiting with PPKHG instead of relying on luck to evade shots is therefore highly recommended, as is the case with most frontline HGs.

    Overall, PPKHG is Recommended for early game. She costs no cores to dummy link as copies of her are abundant, and heavy data investment in PPKHG's skill is unnecessary given the poor scaling and the fact that her strength lies within her powerful tile buff. Note that PPKHG can still remain useful for endgame commanders as a valuable source of Crit Rate in teams with Px4 StormHG or JillHG's Bleeding Jane - few other dolls can buff this stat.

    Px4 StormHG


    Debuffs TeamTeam Crit Dmg Buff Overhyped but definitely not overrated, Px4 StormHG is truly a monstrous HG.

    Px4 StormHG's tiles grant perfect coverage in any F formation. With her skill Hunter's Bargain converting excessive crit rate to crit damage, she can become a terrifying damage booster to your team under the right circumstances. Because of how skills are always multiplicative, you need a crit rate of 125% instead of 120% to fully attain the 1.5x damage boost with a 100% crit rate post skill.

    As Px4 StormHG buffs crit damage instead of raw damage, two factors must be accounted for when using her. Crit damage is applied after armor reduction, which makes it worse than a raw damage buff of equivalent potency against heavy armor. With good quality AP ammo/sufficient damage buffs this is generally a non-issue. Another consideration is that her skill is largely wasted if paired with dolls that have low crit rate or are reliant on non-crit skill damage (charge shot). Thus she should be paired with dolls that have crit scopes equipped.

    RFs are able to address both of these considerations due to their inherently high base crit and ability to equip both crit scopes and AP ammo, which makes Px4 StormHG a near ideal partner for most self-buff RFs. While she can be used with ARSMG, this is a less effective use for her and is highly inadvisable at night. Even during the day, Px4 StormHG is a poorer fit for such teams than P22HG.

    Despite these limitations, in the right circumstances the enormous 50% crit damage buff is something that almost no other HG can compete with, and the sheer potency of this buff easily makes her a Highly Recommended when paired with crit buffer. Without a crit buffer, she is not as strong, but still recommended.



    Team FP BuffTeam RoF BuffTeam EVA BuffTeam ACC BuffTeam Crit Rate BuffSelf-Buff FP
    • Poor performance if used improperly
    • Require heavy investment on both herself and her teammates
    PythonHG is a HG that exhibits the unique property of reflecting buffs she obtains from any source (read: any source that includes Talent procs from fairies) onto allies that are standing on her tiles. Embrace of the Fearless can reflect any unique buff up to 3 times regardless of the original multiplier. Whether it's a minor 4% RoF buff from Carcano M1891RF or a powerful 25% buff from M950AHG, PythonHG will return 6% RoF buff if she receives them. The active component of PythonHG's skill also triggers her passive, allowing her to buff her teammates through buffing herself. The self-buff only has a 100% chance of proccing at Skill Level 10, so it is generally recommended to max out her skill for consistency.

    The best way to use PythonHG is to take advantage of her passive and therefore the most common compositions that you see will consist of 2 or more HGs to reflect their buffs. A mix of buffs such as those provided by SAAModHG's Skill 2 and similar are some of the best ways to proc multiple avenues of buffs at once. As such, PythonHG's preferred teams are either 5HGs (where her team and herself take advantage of this reflection mechanic), and RFHGs (where buffs are a very hot commodity anyway that getting more will almost never hurt you). Pink PythonHG comp is also enabled with PythonHG's introduction, capitalizing the constant buffing from Carcano M1891RF and the buff reflection of PythonHG. When paired with ValMod, PythonHG can provide nearly constant uptime on ValMod's Skill 2, letting her both shred through evasive targets as well as equip a VFL at night. A future mod for M500SG can generate a constantly refreshing HP shield on a PythonHG-centric team.

    As a DPS unit, PythonHG is often used as the centerpiece of many HG-centric compositions. PythonHG's active turns her into a veritable damage dealer and can quickly outstrip conventional DPS units if given the chance. Note that PythonHG will require some RoF buffs in order to maintain six stacks of her Active for any amount of her time, as her base RoF is too low to let this happen. Take care that HG-centric comps are mostly used for showing off or farming specific maps and should not be taken into difficult situations.

    As a regular buffer, the more irregularly timed buff sources she receives, like certain talents and skills, the more PythonHG contributes to pre-skill DPS. On the other hand, she is less used on conventional teams that lack such sources. While her tiles are good, other buffers generally perform better in those compositions due to their skill instantly activating rather than waiting for shots to go off, making her a decent pick as a generalist option. However, because of the powerful combos and dolls that revolve around her unique abilities, she is ultimately Highly Recommended.



    Team FP Buff The gun that won the west, the Colt SAA is your average backline FP HG who fits in practically every team, but is especially synergetic with MGs due to the Accuracy bonus from her tiles. SAA isn't particularily special in terms of stats, but since she is mostly seated in the back row away from the enemy, she's relieved of that specific flaw.

    Accuracy and FP are two things MG teams love. With SAA's tiles providing both, MGs can have the option to upgrade their scopes from Accuracy-focused to more power. Given the versatility of being a FP HG, SAA can also be used in ARSMG and RFHG as well, giving ARs their much needed FP while amplifying RFs' already high FP and Accuracy. Unfortunately, her place in ARSMG and RFHG is not guaranteed. There are HGs that can fulfill her role in the same position better such as GrizzlyHG.




    Team FP BuffTeam RoF BuffTeam ACC Buff
    • Improved skill multiplier to be on par with GrizzlyHG
    • Powerful hybrid buffer with passive RoF and Accuracy skill buff
    • Passive skill buff persists even after retreating
    • Requires some ramp-up time to reach full effect on passive
    Colt SAAMod is a necessity every player should have in their armory.

    SAAMod gains an overall improvement with stronger tile buff and skill multiplier, allowing her to compete with 5★ HGs. Her skill 2 “Duel Survivor” provides her team with stacks of RoF and Accuracy buffs, quickly ramping up to 3 stacks for a 16% bonus at the 12s mark. Once paired with her first skill you can clearly see how the damage can stack up. Of note, rifle tiles can affect the interval between stack applications, meaning if you get some CDR on to her, she is able to apply her passive much faster.

    She is a candidate for being a potent buffer if the fight you are taking on is longer than your standard fights.

    Being a dual FP/RoF buffer makes SAAMod universally great for most teams with nearly no drawbacks to take note of. With this she is a best in slot HG and can be used in almost every single fight may it be ranking or farming.

    Ultimately, SAAMod is a MOD that every commander should obtain. A highly competent hybrid buffer and a very flexible HG in general, she is Highly Recommended.



    Team RoF BuffTeam FP Buff Stechkin is one of few backline RoF buffing HGs with a high rarity, with the other choice being Five-seveNHG, who cannot be crafted.

    Stechkin is used in any team that prefers a generous amount of RoF buffing. She is a staple in RFHG, especially with the slow, heavy-hitting FP RFs such as Lee EnfieldRF. She can also be used with RoF RFs, as well as occasionally ARSMG. Additionally, she buffs FP. A HG buffing both main offensive stats via tiles is rare.

    Despite similar performance between Stechkin and Five-seveNHG as position 4 RoF HGs, Stechkin's FP buff serves as a distinction over Five-seveNHG in certain cases. Night ARSMG teams cannot usually take full advantage of crit buffs (due to wearing PEQs), but can utilize the FP buff. Various skills scale purely on FP, such as nades and bamboo. However, for buffing generalist RFs, Five-seveNHG has a slight advantage over Stechkin, due to the strength of maxed critical chance from Five-seveNHG's buffs.

    With all that said, Stechkin is definitely Highly Recommended.



    Night FocusDebuffs Enemy
    • Very low base Evasion
    • Limited application outside of SG and barrier teams
    • RoF tile buff does not pair well with MGSG
    • Limited monthly login reward doll (June 2020)
    TEC-9 is one of the few monthly t-dolls who is not lackluster like the rest. As a FP debuff HG, she can function similar to Nagant Revolver, but instead providing RoF buff rather than FP buff.

    TEC-9 comes with a powerful 32% RoF buff from her tiles, a number rivaling even 5★ HGs. Her tile formation is odd, but well-placed, allowing her to buff both DPS when placed at position 4, or cover 7 and 4 when placed in the front, fitting right into HS2000HG's team comp.

    TEC-9's main utility is her FP debuff. Just like her predecessor Nagant Revolver, she is used in tandem with armor and/or barrier to greatly reduce damage taken. This includes the armored MGSGs and the anti-Gundam comps that run barrier. In barrier comps, the FP debuff allows the barrier to withstand the damage from the Gundam's AoE grenade skill, effectively nullifying their damage. On the other hand, due to her RoF tile buff, she is not the best pick in MGSG team, unless her FP debuff utility far outweighs the loss of tile buff. In this case, TEC-9 is likely to be used alongside Nagant Revolver to stack their debuffs, ensuring that the SGs can tank most if not all attacks.

    For new players, TEC-9 is not immediately useful for she is rather niche. However, her use in barrier comp lets this lowly 3★ t-doll shines against Gundams, one of the deadliest enemies in the game. She is Recommended.



    Team RoF Buff A HG very reminiscent of M950AHG, both in stats, tile formation and buffs, therefore deemed as "the budget M950AHG". Unfortunately for Astra, being a budget means she is very easily replaceable by other better RoF HG such as StechkinHG, Five-seveNHG and M950AHG herself.

    Looking at her values, Astra's tile buffs buff 20% RoF and Evasion. Evasion buffs are practically useless due to her tile placement, making it impossible to buff a tank and a DPS at the same time. The RoF buff however is very much appreciated. In fact, Astra boasts the best and only RoF buff as a 3★, which would be amazing if it wasn't for her awkward tiles that she shares with M950AHG.

    Astra's Evasion is as bad as M950AHG's at 68, but with a slight upgrade to her HP pool of 400, a relatively high number for a HG. Echoing the same problems M950AHG has, her tiles force her to assume the maintank role with her bad Evasion stat. Her skill is just a direct downgrade of M950AHG's. 20% RoF is still pretty nice, to say the least.

    All in all, Astra is Optional, especially for those who lack the aforementioned HGs.



    Team FP BuffTeam RoF Buff
    • Locked to position 1
    • Skill requires specific team compositions and/or fairy skills to be put to full use
    • Low base HP
    C-93HG is an unusual - but powerful - handgun, both for her tiles and skill.

    While her tilebuffs are very solid, C-93HG’s staircase-shaped tiles essentially force her to be on position 1. This requirement makes it rather awkward to fit her into a team, and causes her to directly compete with other powerful backline buffers such as GrizzlyHG, Five-seveNHG and SAAHG MOD. Still, her 24% FP 60% ACC tiles are more than usable, and remain competitive against other backline buffers’ tiles.

    C-93HG’s skill, “Pigeonwing Recording”, stands out as a unique ability that combines RoF and FP buffs. The passive portion of the ability grants allies an 8% RoF when they are debuffed, which cannot stack with itself and cannot trigger PythonHG’s passive. This buff refreshes every 3 seconds as long as the trigger condition (doll is debuffed) remains true. The active portion combines a team-wide 18% FP buff and a per-individual 8% RoF buff based on the number of “pigeonwing” stacks she has.

    An important mechanic of her skill is her “pigeonwing” stacks, which determine how many dolls will receive the 8% active RoF buff. By default, C-93HG has 3 stacks of pigeonwings at battle start, and generates 1 more pigeonwing whenever she procs or refreshes her passive on herself, to a max of 6 pigeonwings. She will also generate 3 more pigeonwings when she finishes her skill animation. The number of pigeonwings she has at the moment of skill activation determines how many stacks of RoF buffs are available to be distributed, to a max of 2 stacks per doll. These stacks are distributed in order of contributed DPS, similarly to ClearHG.

    Her skill has the potential to be extremely powerful in the right circumstances. With a 18% FP buff and three 8% RoF buffs, she can buff a doll’s effective DPS by up to a whopping 48.6% - only below Px4 StormHG out of all handguns. However, reaching this buff imposes fairly severe restrictions on echelon composition and micro, as it becomes mandatory not only to have a 0s ICD echelon wide debuff such as Parachute debuff or Anna Graem debuff, but to make the choice between putting her skill on manual and waiting until she gets her 6th pigeonwing stack or retreating dolls prematurely before C-93HG wastes a pigeonwing on a non-damage dealing doll. Her RoF buff also has a fairly lengthy cast time and short duration compared to a regular handgun buff skill, taking around 0.5~0.7 seconds to apply each RoF stack and lasting only 4 seconds. Without building the echelon around debuffs, C-93HG still gets a respectable team-wide 18% FP buff and 8% RoF buff to the top 3 DPS dolls, but due to the short duration and limited nature of her RoF buff her DPS contribution will fall below other FP buffers such as GrizzlyHG.

    All in all, C-93HG is a potentially very powerful doll that can see use in specialist echelons, but the steep requirements for pulling out her full capabilities combined with her funky tiles make it very difficult to build a team that can fit her. Even when she is put in a team that synergizes with her debuff reliant skill, the micro requirement to maximize her RoF buff coverage may be daunting to many commanders. A potential powerhouse of a doll held back by her picky teambuilding requirements, C-93HG is Optional.



    Team FP Buff CZ52 is another 3★ FP HG, whose functionality is a downgrade compared to the higher rarity, more mainstream FP HGs like GrizzlyHG and SAAHG.

    Similar to SerdyukovHG, CZ52 loses out to GrizzlyHG and SAAHG due to her weaker tile buff and skill buff, as expected of a 3★. Unlike those three however, CZ52's tile formation affects the offtank instead of the maintank. She can be used in an ARSMG team, where she can provide the offtank with some FP tile buff that most other FP HGs could not. As a drawback, her Evasion buff is not directed towards the maintank like GrizzlyHG's.

    As CZ52 has to compete against better FP HGs, she is mostly Optional. Regardless, it is hard for a FP HG to not be viable. She is a perfect pick for those who do not run dupes, as well as being one of the only currently available FP HG options for buffing an offtank from position 4.

    Gr HK45HG


    Team FP BuffTeam ACC Buff
    • Underwhelming skill buff
    • Awkward tile placement forcing her to be at the front
    • Limited monthly login reward doll (February 2019)
    HK45 serves as the FP alternative to AstraHG, having similar tile formation but with emphasis on FP instead. As a FP HG, unfortunately she must face heavy competitions from other existing FP HGs such as SAAHG, Gr Mk23HG and GrizzlyHG. Ultimately this is her downside.

    While her tile buff isn't bad, buffing a generous 32% FP, she offers no additional buff unlike most HGs. Her problematic tile formation forces her to be at the front row. Worst of all, her skill buff is notably weaker than other FP HGs. The bonus Accuracy buff is miniscule and is not worth the loss of FP buff (a 3★ Fire Command gives 20% FP buff, HK45 trades pure FP for a weaker buff of 15% FP with additional 10% Accuracy). This disadvantage makes it harder to justify using her over other FP HGs, and sadly she is not a budget option either due to being a limited T-Doll.

    What about her use in MGSG? Given her tile formation, she is able to buff both MGs and SGs in a 2MG 2SG 1HG comp. She is no longer exposed to damage for being in the front thanks to SG's protection, and her skill is not as crucial given the optimal use for MGSG is its ability to sweep within one volley. Unfortunately once again, HK45 is not a great HG for the job. 2SG is rarely used, thus she will mostly buff the 2 MGs at the back. Her tile buff is blown away by Gr Mk23HG and ContenderHG. She must compete with Gr Mk23HG's wider tile coverage and more powerful tile buff of 36% FP. ContenderHG trades a mere 2% FP buff for a bonus of 20% crit and a much wider coverage. It seems no matter where she goes, HK45 is simply a downgrade of other HGs. Only use of her as a FP HG is for those who do not dupegame. She is Optional.



    Crowd ControlSelf-Buff FP
    • Major upgrade to smoke skill
    • Very early skill 2 activation
    • Skill 2 has fixed rate of fire (95-99 RoF), requiring no further support to shoot faster
    • Skill 2 only has 7 shots, not suitable against hordes
    • Skill 2 changes target for every shot
    • Offensive capability is limited due to being a HG
    • MOD 3 equip is hardly an upgrade
    One of the rarer "DPS" handgun, the digimind for M1911HG does give her a much more unique role.

    For M1911HG, her kit is all about initial damage control. Being able to take out a low number of squishy enemies along with slowing them down, her most common usage tends to be that of a pseudo-RoF buffer with one of the only few viable defensive options against Hydras. By penalizing Hydra's abyssmal movement and attack speed more, she's able to slow them down by a lot and buy much needed time for your RFs to dispatch them, while her MOD2 skill can assist in taking down weak escorts such as unarmored Cyclops.

    Another common usage for her is simply to stack FP tiles for her initial DPS against weak mobs, which you'd probably use quite often if you've modded her in boss bullying scenarios (Ch 1 to Ch 6). Aside from that, her DPS isn't particularly amazing in most cases either due to the sheer number of mobs you have to deal with or simply the fact that her low FP stat as a HG can't do much. Think of her as assistance rather than over investing in her in setups where you'd be using her, unless your Fairies and gears are well invested enough to obliterate enemies with her MOD2 skill.

    For most cases, you can stop at MOD2 with M1911HG. Optional.



    Debuffs Enemy
    • Defensive skill not suitable for general usage
    Doesn't look like one of the Scandinavian raiders, but this one is good enough as a budget HG. MP-446 Viking is a russian HG focused on buffing her team with crude FP buffs.

    Buffing her team with FP buffs of 28% FP, it's a good number for a budget HG tile buffing potential. Her great tile coverage also means that she can be put either at the frontline or backline, but with a mediocre Evasion at 74 Evasion and lacking HP at 330 HP, it might be better to put her in the backline most of the times.

    Her skill debuffs the enemies' RoF by 22%, buying your tanks some more time and giving them better survivability. Overall, its utility is limited compared to other HGs' skills though.

    She's an Optional usable budget HG, but she's replacable with other FP buffer HGs as you progress through the game.



    Crowd Control
    • Locked to position 7 or 8
    • AoE stun only applies horizontally
    PA-15 is a handgun with exotic tile coverage and a skill that may seem like a spinoff of the classic flashbang, but is actually a bit more complex.

    As a handgun, PA-15 possesses average stats across the board. What makes her stand out is that her tiles have desirable buffs for dolls, sporting a tile intensity equivalent to M950AHG (a 30% RoF and 50% ACC bonus). Her tile configuration allows her to be used in a more daring compositions if you wish to make full use.

    Her skill is different from a flashbang in that it doesn't actually have a radius like a flashbang does. It affects a horizontal line equal to the radius. This may be a problem since if you're depending on this to stop a mob of enemies, enemies on the vertical plane will continue walking. Luckily, PA-15 does target the highest HP, which is usually the target you want to stop. Unluckily, most of these high priority targets are immune to stuns anyway.

    PA-15 is an Optional doll. She is useful in slowing down enemy advances (like a huge mob of enemies) but her skill area can be hit-or-miss and bringing more consistent crowd control options are recommended.



    Team FP Buff There's not really much else to say here, her skill and tiles are solid but they are a direct downgrade to SAAHG in every aspect.

    SPS loses out on her tiles by 10% Accuracy and by all accounts she only loses out 2% on her skill buff but that's par for the course for lower rarity units. Her tile setup esentially fullfills the same goal as SAAHG, when put in either a MGSG or a RFHG squad. Her main drawback for her lower rarity is her poor health pool and her rather meager Evasion stat but this is forgivable as her position doesn't usually have her taking damage in the first place.

    Unless you're finding you don't have enough damage buffing HGs then feel free to invest in her, otherwise SAAHG is a direct upgrade. The damage boosting department has stiff competition as well if you consider the fact that GrizzlyHG, Gr Mk23HG, SAAHG and Gr HK45HG exist. In MG buffing department there's so many that I won't even list them for you but if you need one more damage buffer then feel free to pick up SPS. Optional pick due high quantities of more powerful choices but a decent pickup for a non-duper.



    Debuffs Enemy
    • Low base Evasion
    • Defensive skill is not preferred outside of MGSG
    Spitfire is made specifically for MGSG comps. She gives both FP and Accuracy buffs, two desirable stats for MGSG, in a formation perfectly fit for 2MG 2SG 1HG. It is obvious this is where she best fits, but unfortunately, this is also the only place where she fits due to her lack of offensive skill buff. In any other comp outside of MGSG, skill buff is what defines HGs. Spitfire's lack of one makes her an immediate downgrade over HGs with skill buff.

    So how does she match up to the usual HGs used in MGSG, specifically SAAHG who also has FP and Accuracy tiles? Fortunately for Spitfire, she serves MGSG comps better than SAAHG. Her tile buff gives more FP than SAAHG's, at 30% FP comparing to SAAHG's 24%. While the Accuracy buff is smaller, it is still a sufficient Accuracy buff, and she only lacks 10% of SAAHG's Accuracy buff. Losing 10% Accuracy buff for 6% FP buff is certainly a worthwhile trade, especially when paired with more accurate MGs or when against less evasive enemies.

    The biggest distinction between Spitfire and SAAHG is their skill. Unlike SAAHG who buffs FP further with her skill, Spitfire has a debuff instead. For the most part, a skill buff is certainly preferred, but in MGSG, defensive skills have their value, and Spitfire's is her selling point. MGSG usually finishes their job early enough that no skill buff from HGs would activate. In certain cases where there are some left-overs, a skill buff at 6s mark does not help out very much (unless an offensive SG pops their skill during this window of time) as both the MGs and the SGs are reloading at this point. A defensive skill serves as a way to reduce the poke damage the SG must take during their downtime, while an offensive buff does nothing but buffing the HGs to hopefully finish off the enemies by themselves. Even with the buff lasting until MGs are ready to shoot again, or if it is popped later manually to sync with the MGs, it is more often than not unnecessary as the few left overs will not survive another devastating round from the MGs, with or without HG's buff.

    It is worth noting that she does not necessarily have to be paired with 2SG. SGs are tanks primarily, her buff is but a bonus in the very rare case where she is used alongside 2 SGs and a single SG tank not receiving her tiles does not affect the team's overall performance. While her place in MGSG is solid, her use outside of MGSG is very limited, thus she is Optional.

    Welrod MkIIHG


    Debuffs Enemy
    • Defensive skill scales worse with harder contents due to long cooldown or sure-hit attacks
    Welrod MkIIHG is a 5★ defensive HG once revered as one of the most versatile HGs. Boasting strong tanking stats (for a HG), good tile buff and an Accuracy debuff, she was the designated "tank" in RFHG. However, her time in the spotlight is over with the appearance of enemies far too strong for a flimsy HG to tank alongside many anti-Evasion mechanics they bring.

    Welrod MkIIHG has above average HG and Evasion for a HG. Coupled with her 45% Accuracy debuff (effectively a team-wide 81% Evasion buff), Welrod MkIIHG is capable of taking on some pressure by herself or greatly improving the survivability of another tank. Her tile buff wastes nothing on pointless stats, buffing both FP and RoF.

    Unfortunately, Welrod MkIIHG is lackluster against new factions. Evasion tanking is easily bypassed by enemies such as Doppelsoldners. Being an old and outdated defensive HG, Welrod MkIIHG also has no offensive team buff to aid the team. Newer defensive HGs such as HS2000HG and Viking MOD bring both their own defensive skills and a bonus offensive team buff to help the team out. Without aiding the team directly, Welrod MkIIHG ends up being a dead-weight in battles where her Accuracy debuff is ineffective.

    Although there is no doubt that Welrod MkIIHG can still be effective against older contents, new contents are constantly pushing Evasion tanking away. It is hard to justify running Welrod MkIIHG as there is little chance of Evasion tanking ever making a comeback. She is Specialist and Optional.

    Bren TenHG

    Not Recommended

    Team FP Buff Coming fresh off Cartoon Network, Bren TenHG is the alien killing machine you always needed but never wanted.

    Bren TenHG is a traditional FP HG, a 2★ version to the many options like SAAHG and GrizzlyHG. The difference is that Bren TenHG has a RoF tile buff that the others do not. This can give her an edge when you need the RoF, however her lower FP multiplier as a 2★ leaves much to be desired. Rarely would you ever willing to sacrifice the stronger FP buff from other FP HGs for just a small amount of additional RoF.

    While Bren TenHG has a fairly decent kit for a 2★, with good tile buff/coverage and skill, she has her limit with lower base stats and multipliers. Coupled with the fact that she only drops from chapter 7 onward and SAAHG being a career reward, there is simply no room for her even in the early game. She is Not Recommended.


    Not Recommended

    Night FocusTeam ACC Buff
    • Very high base HP
    • Very low base Evasion
    • No offensive tile buff
    • Awful tile placement
    • Cannot negate night debuff despite being specialised at it
    • Useless during day
    At first, C96 may look as if she could be an easy fit for a night battle team. Except she isn't, due to the way flares work. (See P38HG on how flare works)

    C96's buffs are lackluster as well. Accuracy buffs and Evasion buffs make her not viable for ARSMG and RFHG compositions. She also has really inappropriate tile buff coverage, forcing her to assume the maintank role, coupled with her bad Evasion stat. And to top it off, her skill only activates in night battles. It is useless during the day.

    Simply put, she's more of a core than anything else. Not Recommended to use.

    No wonder Han shot first, else he wouldn't have killed anything in a straight firefight.


    Not Recommended

    • Random targeting
    • Burst skill not suitable for general usage
    • Burst skill has low output not suitable for difficult contents
    • Limited event doll (Point Event)
    Imagine giving a HG a pure DPS skill, that’s CZ75HG for you: an oddity of an HG armed with a bamboo mechanism similar to M99RF. With the introduction of Python