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Speq dorothy.png


Main TankSelf-Buff EVATeam ACC BuffDebuffs TeamOfftankSelf-Buff FPTeam EVA Buff

Buffs RF, AR
Damage +15%
Accuracy +25%
HP 88 → 176x5
DMG 10 → 28
ACC 2 → 15
EVA 10 → 87
RoF 52 → 79
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 5%
Speed 12
Initial CD: 1s
CD: 2s
Secret Modifications: Press to toggle between Nano-Camo and MIRD-113.

MIRD-113: When activated, increase self damage by 100% and decrease the accuracy of all allies in the same column by 40% but increase their evasion by 80%.

Nano-Camo: When activated, increase self evasion by 100% and decrease the evasion of all allies in same column by 40% but increase their accuracy by 80%.

When Dorothy is in the center row, she activates Nano-Camo by default and MIRD-113 otherwise.

Favorite Drink: When buffed by a Piano Woman, reduce the debuff effect of her skill by 50%.




Poor man's C-MSSMG? Perhaps, but Dorothy does has her own quirks as well instead of just being a carbon copy of our saltyfish.

First off, Dorothy has a unique trait shared only with RO, where her skill is able to support both frontline SMGs pretty well. As an offtank, she'd be able to support the maintank's EVA by a ridiculous 80%, almost matching Welrod MkIIHG's effective EVA of 81%. Her more defensive skill lets her tank much better with an insane 100% eva buff while providing the much needed Accuracy bonus for offtanks.

Downside however would be that Dorothy as an offtank cannot buff quite as well if placed on 8, due to her tile formation. As a result, she tends to be used as a maintank for tile buff synergy. If that is not a concern however, Dorothy would be amazing at providing the maintank the large Evasion buff 1s into battle. As a maintank, she instead sacrifices a the offtank's EVA. This may or may not be an issue, as there are several way to remedy this, either by switching her stance, or move her to another column.

Her synergy with Piano Woman + JillHG would actually be pretty good, as Piano Woman's buffs are very practical and can be used in many scenarios, while helping to reduce the negatives of Dorothy's skill. Can be considered if you aren't fielding a crit damage team with RF, JillHG or AR, JillHG + Bleeding Jane. Overall, a really great T-Doll, Highly Recommended.