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Dummy Link

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The process of adding an extra link to a T-Doll done from the factory menu. Dummy Linking adds an extra T-Doll to the unit, increasing the maximum HP, damage output as well as the experience earned from battles (each link adds 0.5 multiplier to the base of 1.) Dummy Linking requires cores and the cost increases further when linking a 4th unit and finally the 5th unit. Rarity plays a part in determining how many cores are used and for beginners, linking too many high rarity T-Dolls can easily lead to Core Hell. (See the link on the right for more details.)

2★ T-Dolls have a base cost of 1 core, 3★s have 3 cores, 4★s have 9, and 5★s have 15! The first 2 times you dummy link, it’ll be the cost of the base, but the 3rd time will cost double the base amount and the 4th time will cost thrice the amount. Note that you can use dupes you have of T-Dolls to remove one “base” cost of the core cost. Ie: If you are linking 416AR for the 4th time but have 2 dupes, you can use those dupes and remove 30 cores from the cost, leaving you with only 15 cores needed to link her.