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Ammo hv.png



Buffs SMG
Damage +20%
Accuracy +55%
HP 60 → 119x5
DMG 21 → 57
ACC 6 → 48
EVA 6 → 48
RoF 42 → 61
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 10
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 16s
Cookie Blam Shot: Shoot 3 quick shots to deal 3.5x damage to a random enemy (perfect accuracy, affected by armor, able to crit).


  • High burst damage in short (6-8 second) fights
  • Charged shots can crit and are sure-hit
  • High base FP suitable for charged shot skill


  • Low base RoF
  • Long CD
  • Mediocre damage before 6 seconds and in longer fights
  • Random targeting can be problematic


As an AR with a charged shot-type skill, EM-2 is an extreme example of a burst AR. Her very high FP but low RoF complements this role.

Cookie Blam Shot allows EM-2 to quickly fire 3 randomly aimed charged shots that deal 3.5x damage, are sure-hit, and can crit. In short fights, this gives her burst damage second only to the likes of Gr G11AR and is very good against high Evasion targets, though her damage drops off sharply afterwards due to the long CD on her skill.

The random aiming of EM-2's skill can also be a significant downside, making it unreliable if you need EM-2 to focus a specific enemy while there are still other opponents around. Additionally, against lower HP targets it will almost certainly suffer from significant overkill.

EM-2 is Specialist and optional. With her charged shot skill, she can keep up with high performance ARs like Gr G11AR and ST AR-15ModAR under the right circumstances, but she lacks endurance in longer engagements and her random targeting makes her unreliable when you need her to snipe multiple specific targets.