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Equipment & Calibration

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Equipment, often referenced as Equip or Eq are accessories that improve Dolls' statuses.

How to unlock?

How to unlock Equipment Enhancement? Chapter 1-4 Night time

How to unlock Equipment Calibration? Chapter 2-4 Night Time

How to calibrate?

Calibrating changes the base stats of an equipment while enhancing is a straight multiplier as indicated when you enhance it.

What does the Calibration Rate mean? Every equipment range from 0 to 100% calibration. The Rate shows how much the equipment has been calibrated. Note that equipment with multiple statuses can have multiple rates, one for each status.

Also, equipment with multiple stats to calibrate not always need max calibration on all of them. e.g. a T-Exo, which is mainly used on maintank SMGs and HGs does not need the damage penalty calibrated to the maximum, as SMGs and HGs usually do not contribute with DPS. For exceptions, it is advised to field an X-Exo.

Should the Commander reroll when calibrating? NEVER reroll back if you're looking to fully calibrate your equip, your chance to fully calibrate something gets progressively better the more you calibrate.

What equipment to calibrate? As Calibration Tickets are scarce, Commanders should focus on calibrating equipment that contributes to the echelon's DPS units, such as AP Ammo, HV Ammo, VFLs. A general rule of thumb is:

  1. VFL (Crit scopes)
  2. HV Ammo
  3. T Exo
  4. AP Ammo

Other equipment can be calibrated, according to the Commander needs, i.e. X Exos and HP ammo. Note, however, that they bring diminishing returns (X Exos and HP Ammoare only fielded by offtanks SMGs, such as VectorSMG and PPS-43SMG, and niche DPS HGs, such as PythonHG or Desert EagleHG, and ITI scopes are no longer used).


Which equipment to enhance first when acquiring 5 star equips? It is a subjective question, as it depends on the Commander's current armory, as well as the progress on the game's story. However, in terms of what will have the best return of investment:

  1. VFL (Crit scopes)
  2. HV Ammo
  3. T Exo
  4. AP Ammo
  5. HP Ammo
  6. X Exo
  7. Ammo box
  8. EOT
  9. Suppresor
  10. ITI Mars
  11. Slugs/Buckshot.

Do keep in mind that, like skill levels, enhancing gets progressively more fodder to get to the next level so try to even it slightly. For enhance, it is recommended to focus on giving 3 or 4 more levels in VFLs than Suprresors due to the VFL's high return on investment and wide use.

A general rule of thumb is: enhance on what gives pretty good returns for resources spent. e.g. In the case of AP Ammo it won't be of much use to enhance a gold during early game due to enemy armor not being higher than its stock value (+0). However, in later chapters, especially with the introduction of KCCO faction and Paradeus faction, Commanders benefit greatly from enhancing gold AP Ammo.

Menu screen

Equipment Recommendation

Each Class of T-doll has an equip they prefer. Below is an infographic with general recommendations per class. Note that for MGs, ACOG scopes fell out of use since they became a niche against 0 eva armored enemies (KCCO).

Equipment Recommendation Guide