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Short for experience. Gained following the completion of battles/auto battles. In battle, experience is obtained following the success of a battle, and auto battles for when the squad returns from the mission. The experience obtained is increased for those who are in the leader position (leftmost in echelon) and for those who obtain the MVP award (does not apply for auto battles). Aside from this, the experience gained is also multiplied by how many times the unit was linked. All bonuses are multiplicative and are as follows: 1.2x for leader, 1.3 for MVP, and 0.5x increase to the base multiplier per dummy link (max of 2.0 increase). Experience is needed to level up your units to increase their stat capacity, allow them to use better equipment and allow for more links to be made among other applications.

Exp cut off

All maps have a penality level in which from this level above T-dolls suffer an EXP penalty. a chart below has the cut-off levels for all story chapters up to chapters 13E and 10N. Note that from chapter 12 onwards, Exp penalty is above the maximum T-doll level, which is 120. Hence they have no actual penalty.

Exp penalty table for story chapters