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Ammo hp.png


Main TankCrowd Control

Buffs AR
Accuracy +40%
Evasion +15%
HP 106 → 212x5
DMG 10 → 26
ACC 2 → 14
EVA 8 → 60
RoF 54 → 79
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 5%
Speed 12
Not Recommended
Initial CD: 1s
CD: 16s
Smoke Grenade: Launch a smoke grenade that decreases the enemies' rate of fire by 36% and movement speed by 50% within a radius of 2.5 yards for 4s.


  • Australian
  • High Base HP



G'day mate~, F1 is a potential drop reward from the major story event, Deep Dive, with her defining feature being her Australianishness and having an amusing voice line.

All jokes aside, she's pretty mediocre in terms of actual usage compared to her close rival, MAC-10 (IngramSMG). She has a really mediocre tile buff and its coverage isn't all that good either. 40% ACC and 15% EVA for ARs is rather insufficient in contrast to MAC-10's 12% damage, given your ARs would never need that Evasion in the first place.

While her health pool is quite adequate, her low Evasion inches her further to frequently taken hits and suffers the same problem as MT-9SMG, but only to a smaller extent, since her smoke grenade will at least cover for her in most fights. F1's base HP is indeed better than IngramSMG's, but unless you do not have one raised already, I would really steer away from using F1, for IngramSMG is simply better in every other possible way.

I wouldn't advise raising her even under budget constraints, since there're better options out there, IngramSMG being a no-brainer. To a certain extent, even STEN MkIISMG would make a better choice, as her acquisition doesn't demand as much as a limited event doll, and her base stats are tankier. Not Recommended.