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Ammo hv.png



Buffs SMG
Evasion +20%
HP 66 → 132x5
DMG 21 → 57
ACC 6 → 43
EVA 5 → 38
RoF 49 → 72
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 10
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 16s
Grenade Salvo: Launch 3 grenades consecutively that deals 5x damage to enemies within a radius of 1.5 yards.



  • Low base RoF
  • High SL investment
  • Nades take a while to be launched
  • Immobilized during skill animation


The 5★ T-Doll rewarded from the first in-app purchase in EN. Many people are likely to have our fashionista in their armory. FAL is a nade AR, which means she should be very similar to 416AR and M4 SOPMOD IIAR, right? Not really.

Despite being a nade AR, FAL can also handle generic battles with ease. It's all thanks to her unique nade skill, being separated into 3 more modest nades instead of 1 single overkilling nade. On top of that, the skill also has a shorter initial cooldown of 6s comparing to the usual 8s of other nade skills. FAL can unleash her nades earlier as well as spread their destructive power out properly. As a trade-off, she takes longer to deploy all 3 nades, and she relies heavily on skill investment to make her weaker nades more lethal.

On the other hand, her stat spread is not as well-balanced as your typical naders 416AR and M4 SOPMOD IIAR. Her poor RoF affects her performance outside her nade, and the FP advantage tends to not make up for the difference. A minor set-back as FAL is specialized at causing large AoE destruction, rather than providing constant damage output. She is Recommended for corpse dragging.