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Ammo hv.png


Self-Buff FP

Buffs SMG
Damage +20%
Evasion +10%
HP 53 → 105x5
DMG 16 → 42
ACC 6 → 44
EVA 6 → 40
RoF 57 → 81
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 10
Not Recommended
Initial CD: 5s
CD: 8s
Damage Focus: Increase damage by 55% for 5s.



  • Low base FP
  • Low multiplier due to low rarity
  • Cannot be obtained before chapter 5 outside of crafting


FF F2000AR is a 2★ AR of excellent performance, an outlier among other 2★ and one capable of even competing with higher rarity ARs. Although she can compete with some of the earlier career rewards, her inaccessibility (due to being craft-only for most of the early game) and the fact that you do not get her leveled and linked from the start means investing in her only slows your progression.

FF F2000AR has high RoF, a good tile, a skill that buffs something other than Accuracy, and even with her low FP she is still easily the best 2★ AR for early game use. 81 RoF is an incredible amount, even for a 5★ standard. Her low FP of 42 is negated by having a FP self-buff, so her only real downside is how hard it is to get a hand on her early on without crafting for her (FF F2000AR only drops from chapter 5/4e onward). This proves to be her downfall, as you are more than likely to get your hand on some of the pre-leveled career reward ARs (like OTs-12AR or members of the AR Team) before you see a single copy of FF F2000AR.

As far as 2★ ARs go, FF F2000AR is the cream of the crop. Unfortunately, being the best among the worst does not serve her well when you can simply get great ARs for free just from progressing the story. She is Not Recommended.