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Buffs MG
Damage +12%
Accuracy +10%
HP 130 → 260x5
DMG 13 → 31
ACC 2 → 13
EVA 2 → 12
RoF 20 → 28
Armor 3 → 24
Clip 4
Crit 40%
Speed 6
Initial CD: 10s
CD: 16s
Lost Paradise: Randomly summons two shields in her column (shields can stack) for 8 seconds and knockback 2.5 tiles and deal 80% damage to enemies in a small area around the shields.

Allies standing on the shielded tiles will take 30% reduced damage.




Having the same base armor as Am KSGSG, which is the highest at 24, it's not hard to see that FP-6 is a decent SG right off the bat. Her tiles can cover the whole backline if placed at 9, and her skill is both defensive and utility with the knockback and the damage reduction. With a packed kit like that, she sounds good on paper, but that is not entirely true in combat.

Most of the times, MGSG would consist of just 1 SG rather than 2. Her tile coverage works best with another SG sitting at 6, but when alone, it is a downside. Placing her at 9 means leaving the other rows vulnerable, especially against mobile enemies that can move past her before she can reach 6. Even if that is not the case, the time moving from 9 to 6 means she is not shooting, meaning no knockback from her. It is possible to simply run her at 6 from the start, but in such case her tile buff is obviously not as strong as other SGs who also cover two backline tiles.

Her skill is interesting with the damage reduction. It is well known that Firepower suppression skill from HGs such as Nagant Revolver improves the survivability of the SGs greatly as it synergies well with armor. Unfortunately for FP-6's case, damage reduction happens after armor. The damage reduction has no effect if she is already taking 1s, and does not turn her into near unkillable like Am KSGSG's armor self-buff when taking on heavy damage. Against battles where survivability comes into play, her damage reduction only buys her a few seconds, not nearly enough. The knockback utility is a nice bonus, but that does not always change the outcome of the battle, and the 10s initial CD really hurts.

FP-6 may not have the perfect kit, but she is far from useless. Pair her up with a shotgun that would really like some additional defensive opportunities (ones without inbuilt defense for example) to make the most out of her skill, if she ever manages to pull it off. She's an Optional pick, if you ever need additional defense in a 2 SG echelon.