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Ammo hp.png


Team RoF BuffTeam Crit Rate Buff

Buffs All
Rate of Fire +30%
Crit Rate +20%
HP 32 → 63x5
DMG 11 → 31
ACC 7 → 57
EVA 12 → 97
RoF 44 → 66
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 15
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 12s
Piercing Command: Increases all allies rate of fire by 20% & critical rate by 20% for 8s.



  • Low base HP
  • Limited event doll


Five-seveNHG used to be a flexer's best friend and origin of the "hoxy" meme, but Five-seveNHG has returned to GFL EN so many times that practically every regular player has at least one of her now.

Is this banana HG's gameplay contributions as good as the variety of her fanart? Thankfully, yes! Five-seveNHG is not a doll to be taken lightly. Not only is her one of the very limited number of RoF-buffer HGs, she's the only one among the group who brings an RoF/crit tile buff and skill to cap the crit rate of RFs. The overbuff greatly synergizes with Px4 StormHG, who is capable of converting all the excessive crit rate to extra damage - making the Px4 StormHG/Five-seveNHG combo one of the deadliest offensive pairings for RFHG echelons.

Despite Five-seveNHG's tile buffs putting her in a backliner role, her high base Evasion of 97 lets her work passably as the last line of defense when your frontline has retreated.

Overall, Five-seveNHG is Highly Recommended for RFHG, but due to being a limited event doll, she isn't the most accessible HG in the game. If you don't need the crit, StechkinHG is a solid craftable replacement as an RoF HG with similar tile formation; if you do, PPKHG can provide a large amount of crit rate for Px4 StormHG's synergy, though she has to go in position 5 instead.