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Speq g36.png

Ammo hv.png


Self-Buff FPSelf-buff RoF

Buffs SMG
Damage +30%
Rate of Fire +15%
HP 127 → 130x5
DMG 50 → 51
ACC 46 → 48
EVA 43 → 45
RoF 75 → 76
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 10
Initial CD: 4s
CD: 16s
Damage Focus T: Increase self damage by 75% for 10 seconds
Arclight Contract: When Firepower Focus T activates, increase the evasion of those on her tile buffs by 25% for 5.0 seconds. For every T-doll on her tile buffs during the passives activation, G36 gets 10% rate of fire for 5.0 seconds (Stacks twice).


  • Amazing all-rounder
  • Evasion buff can easily hit both tanks
  • Usable in many scenarios due to how versatile her skill is


  • Stuck at 75 RoF until level 120
  • Skill buffs off tiles, therfore requiring some micro/thoughts on t-doll positioning during battles
  • RoF buffs only lasts for 5s instead for the entire skill 1 duration


Gr G36AR's mod plays heavily on her strength of buffing offtanks while maintaining superior FP on her own side. She gets a much needed upgrade on her first skill, matching that of Gr G41AR, while also receiving amazing utility via her MOD2 skill.

Her MOD2 skill revolves around mainly supporting the frontline, while giving herself a pretty neat amount of RoF. Her MOD2 skills has a slight hint of TAR-21AR's and ART556AR's, but with a much better uptime, with an FP buff and a similar uptime on RoF (even though it's lower in value). The combination of her tiles paired with the Evasion buff for the frontline however comes into play very often. Having almost everything covered for your frontline offtank aside from Accuracy, G36ModAR provides great buffs for SMGs such as SR-3MPSMG or JS9. 25% EVA, while not very high, is pretty good considering that you're bringing 2 DPS (G36ModAR + offtank) which synergize with each other well, as compared to having to bring something like Gr G11AR + SR-3MPSMG + HG/Accuracy buffing AR. In addition, she does have the benefit of buffing the maintank, further increasing the surivability of the team. Unlike MDRAR, she doesn't neglect her own DPS either while providing the Evasion buff for SMGs as an offtank buffer AR. She also offers much more versatility with the pure simplicity and effectiveness of FP/RoF as compared to Gr G11AR, who focuses on bursting with multiple shots, occasionally having issues with higher armor targets.

However, G36ModAR suffers having 75 RoF till level 120 which brings her up to 76. While they don't differ when buffless, most offtank RoF tiles that buffs AR can't be fully utilized with 75 RoF. An example would be SR-3MPSMG and VectorSMG's tiles. With 75 RoF, she'd require 19% to go from 19 frames to 16 frames and 26% to go to 15 frames. With 76 however, she only needs 18% and 24% respectively. Minmaxers should take note of this aspect when upgrading G36ModAR.

Overall, she earns a "Recommended" status. The utility and versatility of her MOD is good in majority of the circumstances ARSMG are used in and she doesn't have any noticeable flaws, but she doesn't bring anything new to the team either.