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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.



Speq g3.png

Ammo hv.png


AoEGrenadierCrowd Control

Buffs SMG
Accuracy +55%
Rate of Fire +25%
HP 110 → 113x5
DMG 56 → 58
ACC 52 → 55
EVA 38 → 40
RoF 64 → 64
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 10
Not Recommended
Initial CD: 8s
CD: 16s
Anti-Personnel Grenade: Launch a grenade that deals 12x damage to enemies within a 1.5 unit radius.
The Freezing Point of Courage: Anti-Personnel Grenade deals an extra 4x damage to enemies below 50% HP or stuns enemies above or equal to 50% HP for 1.6 second.




Gr G3AR has now received a neural upgrade, making her one of the few AR grenadiers who have been modded. Unfortunately, she is still left with a few flaws despite being much improved from her base form.

Putting aside the fact that Gr G3AR's skill cannot outdamage the grenades from M4 SOPMOD IIModAR nor 416AR, Gr G3AR MOD's low RoF also hinders her overall non-skill DPS before and after skill. Throw in the higher rarity double speq/double scope advantage enjoyed by Gr G3AR's competition and the DPS gap widens even more.

On the topic of grenades, Gr G3AR MOD's "The Freezing Point of Courage" is a lackluster skill 2 for a grenadier AR. This is a conditional skill that can either stun enemies if they are at high health or deal additional damage when they are below 50% HP. While the stun can potentially be useful, grenadier ARs should not generally be placed in a situation where they are unable to kill their targets with the grenade damage; ideal matchups for AR grenadiers are ones where the enemy either dies or loses most of their Dummy Links from the AoE damage. The second condition (extra damage to low HP targets) isn't very noticeable in combat due to the trigger condition and relatively low multiplier.

In short, Gr G3AR is Not Recommended to be upgraded. The minor improvement in skill multiplier and tile formation does not outweigh her low base RoF and lackluster skill 2. This is especially true with the existence of M4 SOPMOD IIAR and 416AR, whose neural upgrades far outclass Gr G3AR's. Your fragments and data are better spent on those two instead of Gr G3AR.

(No, don't use her in 11-5. For more information, see the link in Notes section.)