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Destroyer transformed. Makes her first appearance in Deep Dive and possibly other events. She has the same weapons as Destroyer and again due to her extremely high Firepower, MGSGs aren’t advised and neither are HGRFs due to the skills she has. Use ARSMG teams instead. One of her skills has her fire missiles on the bottom and top row which can do some substantial damage. This skill can be dodged with some swapping from units between those rows. Her second skill marks a doll with a very large area of effect attack which does very high damage to the target doll. Anyone else caught in the explosion will likely lose a link from the explosion. Maneuver your dolls to safe positions and away from the large explosion. Alternatively, retreating your T-Doll before she gets hit can save her from excess damage and if done correctly you can avoid the entirety of the attack with some good timing and movement (even if the attack looks like it hit the battlefield.) The methodology can be viewed on the right via a video link with a strategy posted by Klaus and is the Ceia guide for this boss. For more information regarding this unit and others, check our GFC’s Enemy Analytics guide linked here.