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An extremely large Dinergate armed with lasers, machine guns, missiles and armor who appeared in Deep Dive. Difficult to deal with unprepared. Best choice of units to tackle Garm are an MGSG squad with an HG to help buff your units although other combinations of units are possible as long as you are aware of its capabilities. Her machine gun has quite a lot of RoF and a SG is Recommended as it can severely hamper the damage of the machine gun, especially for a long fight. She also occasionally fires missiles on the middle column which will hit anyone in those sections. You may want to choose to avoid to place units there whenever possible. It’s skill is to shoot the middle row with a power laser and fire missiles on either the top or bottom row at the same time. The missiles, depending on your units may take out nor not take out a link, but as much as possible keep out of the middle row! Thankfully, as long as you can keep it at bay and stick to the safer areas, Garm won’t take too long to deal with unless you’re fighting the ranking version. Armor Fairy can help in mitigating some of the damage in case your SG can’t fully reduce the damage to as low as possible so take note of that. For more information on this enemy and others, check out GFC's Enemy Analytic on the right!




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