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Ammo ap.png



First Volley DPS

Buffs SG
Damage +10%
Armor +10%
HP 99 → 198x5
DMG 32 → 85
ACC 4 → 27
EVA 4 → 27
RoF 83 → 120
Armor -
Clip 11
Crit 5%
Speed 4
Terminating Barrage: After every 3 hits, the next hit will inflict 3x damage.



  • Low base FP


2nd of the Big 4. MG5 is what happens when H&K decides to actually make a good Walküre MG.

Being a 5★ Terminating Barrage MG, MG5 has the advantage of having higher multiplier from her passive. However, due to her low FP, this advantage is not necessarily being made good use of. Comparing to the other Terminating Barrage PKMG and M2HBMG, her FP is at the lowest, at 85 FP versus 96 and 102. On the other hand, she does have a slightly less Accuracy issue MG5 versus the two. What sets her apart from the rest of the Big 4 however, is her armor tile. MGs are seperated between first volley powerhouses that are the Big 4 and Hunting Impulse MGs, and the low damage 2nd volley MGs that instead come with valuable armor tiles. MG5 belongs in the first category of high damage powerhouses, yet at the same time comes with a small but often necessary armor buff. This allows her to improve the defensive capability of the team without having to sacrifice your overall first volley damage that the armor buffing 2nd volley MGs must do.

It is important to mention that her 3.0x multiplier bullet can miss hence Accuracy is very important for her. With a maxed out ammo box, MG5 will have a clip size of 16, meaning she'll be able to proc her passive 4 times before needing to reload. Unlike PKMG, it is necessary to equip EOT on MG5 regardless of her Accuracy due to the nature of her low base FP (unless enemy has no Evasion).

Highly Recommended. No matter if you are looking for offense or defense for SG, MG5 is definitely a solid choice.