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Short for Grenade or Grenadier. Could refer to T-Dolls with Grenade based skills such as FALAR, M4 SOPMOD IIAR, PPS-43SMG, K11AR, amongst others.


General AR Grenades

The most used type of grenadier on the AR class, with M4 SOPMOD IIAR, 416AR being prime examples. They have an 8s ICD grenade with a high multiplier that targets the highest HP enemy first unless specifically stated. Note that Template:416mod has a 6s ICD, as she is a 6 star AR.


Exclusive to the SMG class, molotov is especially appreciated on early to mid-game, due to their short 3s ICD and AOE damage over time. VectorSMG is the most referenced molotov T-Doll due to her high FP base and 5-star multiplier. Commanders also acquire a molotov SMG, SkorpionSMG right on chapter 1. Molotov targeting follows the nade targeting, in that they target the highest HP enemy first unless specifically stated. However, when there are equal HP enemies though, SMGs have a much higher tendency to bounce targets around than AR trying to shoot at the frontmost target.

SMG Grenade

Some SMGs also present a nade instead of a molotov, with PP-19SMG and PPS-43SMG being prime examples, with the latter being the strongest SMG nader, despite being a 3 star, due to her high base FP. SMG nades also present a short 3s ICD, just like molotovs, and have an AOE of 2.5 unit radius, compared to molotov's AOE of 1.5 unit radius. However, their larger radius comes at the expense of a lower multiplier, and coupled with the fact that newer enemies are beefier, SMGs naders tend to be phased out as the Commanders progress through newer content.

High-Explosive (HE) nades

Some T-Dolls such as Fr FAMASAR and StG44AR have a different type of nade than typical naders like M4 SOPMOD IIAR or 416AR called HE nades, that has a higher AOE at the cost of a lower damage multiplier. HE nades' are also unique in that its multiplier also decreases the further the AOE is from the nade's point of impact. Because of the low multiplier, HE nades usually fail to take out the meatshields. Additionally, the advantage of a wider explosion radius is lost since the damage that reaches the backline usually is neglegible. As this makes the skill very inconvenient, it is best cast aside. .

FAL Grenade

FALAR is unique among naders in that she has a 6s ICD, on top of shooting 3 nades with a lower multiplier. Because of that, she was a favorable choice on 0-2 corpse dragging and on certain farm maps.

K11 Grenade

K11AR is also another AR with a unique nade, as she has a 4s ICD and shoot each nade per dummy link, unlike other naders. Moreover, her nades also carry a damage amplifying mark, which increases damage by 2x for subsequent nades that hit marked enemies. K11AR is also known to be the AR with the fastest grenade animation.

Zas Grenade

Zas M21AR has also an unique nade, in that it has a short ICD of 4s, just like K11AR's, but that has a much wider AOE, of 2.5 units, at the expense of having a mere multiplier of 3x. However, her AOE is what enabled her to become a DPS option for 8-1n farm

MODs Nades

Grenadiers that acquire a MOD earn a second skill that is usually an increment to their grenade skill, the only exception being Template:Stenmod. As each MOD acquires a different trait, refer to the T-dolls' pages for more details. Known MODs with grenade skills are: Template:StenMod, 416ModAR, M4 SOPMOD IIModAR, Micro UziModSMG, StG44ModAR, G3ModAR.