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Ammo hp.png


HP ShieldTeam FP BuffTeam ACC Buff

Buffs All
Evasion +20%
Rate of Fire +30%
HP 36 → 72x5
DMG 12 → 33
ACC 8 → 61
EVA 11 → 87
RoF 42 → 62
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 15
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 12s
Counterattacker Barrier: Grant a 42 HP shield to all allies for 6s. If the shield still persists after 3s increase the damage and accuracy of those allies by 35% for 5s.




HS2000, the Isomer crate doll, is a valuable asset to the support class. With her ability to shield the entire team, she can potentially shut down certain enemy comps that rely on AoE attacks.

HS2000 comes with strong tile buffs of 30% RoF and 20% Evasion, greatly improving the survivability of the team. Although she has an odd tile placement forcing her to stay at position 1 or 2, most teams can adapt to this change and thus is not a big downside.

HS2000's skill "Counterattacker Barrier" is a powerful team shielding ability. Comparing this to her counterpart SeiHG, HS2000 can buff all types and has no health requirement for higher shield multiplier. With her stronger shield and the ability to shield the DPS classes, HS2000 can easily shut down AoE based enemies such as Doppelsoldners and Minotaurs, whereas SeiHG cannot.

If shielding wasn't enough, HS2000 also gives a massive buff of 35% FP (tied with Gr Mk23HG for the highest +DMG multiplier) and 35% Accuracy if the shield lasts at least 3s without breaking, allowing her to be useful outside of her shielding niche. Be mindful that without any CDR tile, her buff comes in very late (9s effective ICD) and the RFs' self-buffs may be running out by then. Due to the buff's high multiplier, it can be timed to take advantage of periods when enemies (particularly bosses with invulnerability frames) are vulnerable to be bursted.

HS2000 brings the ability to help or even completely shut down certain enemy comps, making her a HG you do not want to miss. She is Highly Recommended to be raised and duped.