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Heavy Production

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A more expensive form of construction for both T-Dolls and Equipment. Heavy Production features a much higher minimum cost for crafting (1000 for each resources for T-Dolls, and 500 for each resource in equipment), but are the only ways to obtain Shotgun T-Dolls and Fairies. Unlike normal production, heavy productions requires not just contracts but cores to start the production. Furthermore, this core and contract cost can be adjusted for better rates overall (however, anything higher that the minimum core and contract cost is Not Recommended). Of some note is that anything lower than 3* cannot be crafted, and due to the cost of construction, some particular dolls are not obtainable. Heavy Production for T-Dolls has specific recipes you should follow to obtain Shotgun T-dolls and certain fairies such as the Parachute fairy also have certain recipes to follow. Heavy Production for T-Dolls is obtained after clearing 30 unique story missions, whereas Heavy Production for Fairies is obtained after 60 unique story missions clears.