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Honey Badger

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Honey Badger


Ammo hp.png


OfftankSelf-Buff FPSelf-Buff EVA

Buffs AR
Damage +20%
Crit Rate +20%
HP 99 → 198x5
DMG 14 → 33
ACC 2 → 13
EVA 10 → 60
RoF 60 → 82
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 5%
Speed 12
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 8s
Mobility Focus: Increases damage by 160% and evasion by 40% for 5s.




Honey Badger at the surface seems very similar to SR-3MPSMG. Her unique, arguably superior tile buff and coverage, however, leads Honey Badger to be more of a sidegrade to the general nader offtanks.

When sitting at the offtank position, Honey Badger has tiles that matches the general position of backline ARs, who are generally positioned in tile 1 & 7. The efficient tile coverage makes Badger more versatile than SR-3MPSMG, for SR-3MPSMG generally has to be placed in the vulnerable maintank slot at 5, or in a team with M4A1AR at 4 to make good use of her tiles. Badger's offensive stats are no slouch either when compared to SR-3MPSMG, as Badger has the advantage of higher base damage and slightly higher HP in exchange for lower RoF and base Evasion.

Unfortunately, her Mobility Focus skill has a very long 6s initial CD and has a worse damage increase multiplier than SR-3MPSMG. Coupled with the ill-suited traits for combat that are shared between SMGs, Badger's DPS contribution would be very far behind the ARs' by the time she pops her skill, and she needs a lot of time to catch up if it even is possible. It is clear that Badger is not necessarily a strong offtank for her damage output, but rather for her tiles.

The unique, very well-positioned tile buffs are more than enough for Badger to be a respectable addition to the SMG pool. With a powerful buff combo of FP and crit rate that can cover both backline ARs from the safety of her offtank slot, Badger can fit in most teams with relative ease. The lack of AoE may be a downside, but there are many battles where AoE is either not necessary or already covered by an AR like Zas M21AR, leaving room for self-buff offtanks like Badger to shine. She is Recommended.