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Objective that requires you to rescue allied T-Doll echelons around the combat map and get them back to your Heliports / Command HQ for extraction. To achive victory for these maps, you'll need to rescue an certain number of T-Dolls around the area before they are overwhelmed. Each T-Doll has a segmented life bar which decreases by one bar each time an enemy echelon touches it. Once the bar is depleted (5 encounters), the echelon will die. If a boss somehow makes it way to the Hostage, then the echelon will die no matter what life it was at.

To rescue hostages, have your own echelon move beside them on the combat map and click on them while your echelon is selected. Select the rescue option to pick them up (you can also swap both and then rescue for certain tactical applications). Make your way back to a friendly heliport / HQ and once on it, double click on your echelon and use the “Complete Rescuecommand to successfully save them. Take note only one hostage can be rescued per echelon, and if you don’t complete rescue while on a heliport, it will automatically be done the beginning of your next turn.