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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.



Speq idw.png

Ammo hp.png


Main TankSelf-Buff EVASelf-Buff FPSelf-buff RoF

Buffs AR
Evasion +20%
Crit Rate +10%
HP 150 → 154x5
DMG 26 → 27
ACC 15 → 16
EVA 88 → 92
RoF 75 → 75
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 5%
Speed 12
Not Recommended
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 8s
Cover Focus: Increase self evasion by 130% for 5 seconds.
Electro Hijinks: When the battle begins, she gains 3 Charges. Each Charge increases her rate of fire by 10% and firepower by 20%. A Charge is consumed every 2 seconds. All Charge is refilled when her primary skill activates.


  • Even higher base Evasion on top of improved first skill


  • Still very low base HP
  • Still awful tile buff
  • Second skill does not improve her role as a maintank


IDWSMG, despite receiving a neural upgrade, has managed to be consistently disappointing. She had low health and terrible tiles before, and still has low health and terrible tiles now with MOD.

IDWSMG MOD plays the role of a hyper evasive SMG, though her second skill offers purely offensive buffs. Her kit may be interesting but clearly lacks any synergy with her role as a maintank, and she has to deal with an SMG's weaker offensive base stats of and different buffing needs compared to ARs. On top of that, she also has to deal with the FP penalty on a T-Exoskeleton (and regretfully, her anti-synergistic MOD 3 special equipment).

IDWSMG receives a stat improvement with her Neural Upgrade, as well as a bonus of 10% crit rate on her tile buff plus some Evasion (useless for ARs). A maintank's tile buff significantly affects their viability, and IDWSMG is sorely lacking in this department even after MOD. Her stats remain highly evasive but without any bulk or low-ICD defenses. Since even the most evasive of SMGs require a certain amount of health pool to keep them afloat if they finally take a hit, IDWSMG's effective survivability ends up being lackluster even after upgrades.

This Neural Upgrade does not fix IDWSMG's existing issues with a weak tile buff and low HP, and a maintank that does slightly more damage is not a niche that IDWSMG can effectively fill when even C-MSSMG barely qualifies despite being substantially better both offensively and defensively. IDWSMG is Not Recommended to be upgraded.