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JS 9

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JS 9


Ammo hp.png


OfftankSelf-Buff FPSelf-Buff EVA

Buffs AR
Rate of Fire +18%
Crit Rate +30%
HP 90 → 180x5
DMG 10 → 27
ACC 2 → 15
EVA 11 → 86
RoF 60 → 89
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 5%
Speed 12
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 8s
Last Minute Preparations: Gain stacks of evasion (35% per stack) and damage (50% per stack) for 5s for each group of enemies on the field. Upon skill activation, if there is only one group of enemies, gain 3 stacks of damage. For every additional group of enemies, gain 1 evasion stack and lose 1 damage stack. Max 6 stacks.




JS 9 is a 5★ SMG who acts mainly as a second maintank of the team with her conditional Evasion self-buff capable of reaching incredible numbers under the right condition.

JS 9 comes with one of the best tiles among SMGs, providing 18% RoF and 30% crit rate for the entire backrow from position 8. Similar to UMP45SMG, her tiles alone can be valuable enough to put her on the team.

JS 9's skill Last Minute Preparations is a conditional skill that can provide FP self-buff and/or Evasion self-buff. Although hybrid, the skill is valued for its Evasion part rather than the FP part, as her offensive capability is lacking due to the long initial CD of 6s. On the other hand, the Evasion self-buff scales well with more groups of enemies upon activation, making her especially evasive against hordes. At max stack, she can receive a total of 505% Evasion buff.

As a downside, the condition to reach such heights is not easy. JS 9 has a similar problem with the Evasion tanks such as SuomiSMG due to her long initial CD, leaving her helpless before the 6s mark. The effectiveness of her skill depends on the number of enemies presented, but she is unlikely to reach her full potential against mob battles if the battles are too short. During long battles where her long initial CD is not an issue, she is faced with a different problem where there may not be enough enemies (boss fights). It is recommended to do your research beforehand before fielding her, for JS 9 does best during long battles with a lot of mobs.

SWAP Sangvis Ferri units, introduced with Isomer, are considerably stronger and bulkier while still spawning in similarly large quantities as their normal counterparts. As a result, offensive SMGs have a hard time outscaling the the upgraded defensive capabilities of SWAP SF units. JS 9 shines best in these scenarios, providing the maintank with much needed evasive defensive support due to the long nature of these fights.

JS 9 is Recommended. She finds her place in defensive teams with double maintanks, which is favored even against mobs as enemies becoming too strong for nader offtanks to handle. She is not the best fit for every content, but when she is, her performance is undoubtedly superior.