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Sangvis opponent encountered in 9-6 and 9-4E. Judge is a bit more different than typical boss fights you’ve encountered thus far due to her weapons and skills. Judge’s RoF is off the charts and coupled with her decent damage, will absolutely shred tanks with little to no armor at all. Furthermore, she shoots two targets at once as her normal attack. To counter this, you’ll need two armored tanks, SGs to take the rows at 9, 6 or 3 and 1 powerful MG as your offensive. Your MG at 4 will make her way to the unoccupied front row with your SGs. Don’t move your SGs or you risk having Judge retarget your MG which will kill her very quickly. As long as your SGs have enough armor and your MG is powerful enough, Judge should fall fairly easily. Her skill causes her to strike an area in the middle and backline which does damage and leaves an area that deals damage over time on the marked areas. Your two other T-Dolls probably should be retreated if they get hurt to avoid excess damage. Once in position, the two SGs and MG should be able to handle Judge. Again, a strong MG and SGs with high armor, preferrably equipped with enhanced armor equipment will greatly contribute to your victory. For more information on this enemy and others, check out GFC's Enemy Analytic on the right!