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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.




Ammo hv.png



Buffs SMG
Damage +20%
Evasion +15%
HP 68 → 135x5
DMG 18 → 53
ACC 7 → 54
EVA 5 → 37
RoF 50 → 76
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 10
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 16s
Terror Grenade: Launches grenades based on the number of dummies that deal 4x damage to enemies within a radius of 1 yard. Enemies hit by a grenade are marked for 3s. Further grenade hits on marked enemies deal an additional 2x damage.


  • High base FP
  • Lower ICD than standard (also faster animation than FALAR)
  • Instantly launches all nades (Not affected by RoF for activation)
  • Good tile buff and coverage
  • Has additional AoE damage if Grenade hits a marked target
  • Shoots grenades randomly (Can be useful or detrimental)


  • Number of nades is based on Links
  • Initial Nade impact lowers enemy link count making grenades following having to deal with a lower multiplier if you hit the same enemy
  • Smaller radius for each grenade (1 yard)
  • Shoots grenades randomly (Can be useful or detrimental)


K11 is another unique Nader AR that excels in general use scenarios but doesn't take away from the other nader ARs roles. On the surface, K11 comes with decent balanced stats spread and quite a strong tile buff that can support both maintank and offtank. The most important aspect of a nader is their nade, and K11's nade is not as straight forward as other nades. To break it down, her nade functions like this: - On skill activation, K11 launches a number of grenades equal to her current link count to random targets, each dealing 4x her base damage. - Once a nade connects with an enemy, it will mark the target and make the enemy incur an addition 2x AoE damage for subsequent connected nades.

In theory, if all 5 of her nades hit the same target, she can hit a total of 28x worth of nade damage: - 5 (number of K11's links) * 4 (damage multiplier) + 4 (5 which is number of nades hit - 1) * 2 (additional damage on marked target) = 28x nade damage at max.

But there's an issue with this and it's in the case of linked enemies, one huge glaring issue is that this 28x nade is in reality not entirely true, the issue being that you have to remember that the AoE damage applied to the enemies is multiplied by the number of enemy links alive. In the case of 416AR and M4 SOPMOD IIAR, their strength is launching one very powerful nade to the enemies links, dealing one line of very high damage, while K11 deals up to 9 seperated lines of low damage, 5 from her nade, and 4 from the bonus damage of hitting the marked enemies. In practice, her first nade is likely to wipe out a few links from the enemies, making subsequent nades weaker (nade scales with enemies' link count). Due to this defect, remember to still buff K11's damage as a multiplier of 4x is fairly low. 416AR/M4 SOPMOD IIAR fair much better at killing enemies with high HP and links (Ie. Hydras, Manticores)

K11 has her advantages though, She's a swifter nader than FALAR as her animation is faster (35 frames compared to FALAR's 41 frames) and dispenses all the nade at once. K11 also does not have to follow normal nader conventions of seeking the highest health enemy as she will shoot randomly, making her able to kill Jaegers or ignore some Guards (albeit with some RNG, which can actually make this a double edge sword).

K11 has some RNG associated with her but is able to launch destruction across the battlefield in a reasonable time period making her powerful in mobbing scenarios. She's not a replacement to any of the unique naders but adds another utility that's strong in general use, just make sure you got your lucky dice. Recommended. Doc detailing how K11's skill works