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Ammo hv.png


Debuffs Self

Buffs SMG
Damage +25%
Accuracy +50%
HP 64 → 127x5
DMG 19 → 50
ACC 7 → 51
EVA 6 → 42
RoF 54 → 78
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 20%
Speed 10
Initial CD: 8s
CD: 3s
Overheat: Attack mode can be switched in battle by pressing the skill button.

Fever Mode (default): Burst mode. Deal 3 hits for 52% damage each and increase heat by 1 per attack. When heat is over 15, the current heat stack will reduce accuracy and damage by 2% per heat value (max 20 stacks).

Note Mode: Single shot mode. Decrease movement speed and evasion by 40%. Each attack will reduce heat by 1. Consecutive attacks on the same target will increase damage by 5% per attack (max 10 stacks).


  • High early DPS with Fever Mode
  • Fever Mode can bypass dummy link protection with triple shot


  • Crippled against armors
  • DPS drops after entering Heat Mode for too long, or Note Mode
  • Does not synergize with long cooldown skill buffs due to timing with Heat or Note Mode


KR's exclusive t-doll, K2, has a fairly complicated-sounding skill that essentially boils down to a mechanic that makes her do amazing early DPS while falling off after the 8s mark.

K2 starts out strong in Fever Mode where she shoots 3 bullets at once for up to 52% damage each, effectively shredding unarmored enemy units. As K2 attacks, she accumulates Heat counters that penalize her damage output after 16+ stacks. Heat can only be removed by attacking in Note mode, which also reduces K2’s DPS. In a sense, K2’s strong early damage output that falls off is the opposite of most dolls, who starts out weak but gets stronger during skill activation.

As one of the few ARs with high early DPS like Type95AR and Type97AR, K2 can effectively take out dangerous, speedy and close spawning enemies such as Dragoons or Brutes, and does the job even better thanks to her triple shot bypassing dummy link protection.

While K2 is deadly against unprotected low health targets, she is absolutely helpless against armor as Fever Mode penalizes her per-shot damage to the point where even light armor cripples K2’s damage output. She also has poor synergy with just about any skill buff, since by the time any skill buff is activated, she would be close to swapping from Fever to Note Mode. This leaves her with a rather weak long term DPS potential, even with the constant mode swapping.

Her Note Mode serves more as a period of inactivity rather than a proper damage stance. Even though Note Mode lets her amp up her single target damage up to 63% at max stack, it requires her to fight against unfavored match-ups (bosses and high health elites where movement speed is often necessary) and building up the stacks in the first place takes a long time as well. In such fights, other high uptime ARs like ST AR-15AR or even standard self-buffers like Gr G41AR tend to outperform K2 substantially.

K2 is strong and nearly unmatched when sweeping unarmored enemies with her powerful triple shot in Fever Mode. She is Recommended, but only against non-armored units.

○ It is recommended to improve both her RoF for fast target switching, as well as her FP to compensate for her low damage per shot. While RoF makes her build up Heat stacks faster, its improvement to K2’s early killing potential is often much more important than letting her do very slightly more damage after the 5-6s mark.