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Ammo hp.png


Team FP BuffTeam ACC BuffTeam EVA Buff

Buffs All
Damage +30%
Accuracy +40%
HP 33 → 66x5
DMG 11 → 29
ACC 7 → 52
EVA 11 → 81
RoF 43 → 62
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 40%
Speed 15
Initial CD: 6s
CD: 12s
Museum of War Philosophy: Buffs allies situated on her tiles with effects depending on their type for 8s.

HG/SMG: Increase evasion by 40%. AR/RF: Increase damage by 22%. SG/MG: Increase accuracy by 80%.



  • Needs buff targets to remain in her tile coverage in order to recieve buffs


One of the Korean guns we have in the game, K5. A versatile HG that can be used in many scenarios.

K5's tile coverage is amazing, and gives excellent FP and Accuracy buffs; her skill is even better, giving FP buffs to ARs and RFs, Accuracy buffs to MG and SGs and EVA to HG and SMGs so long as they are in her tile buff coverage. K5 mainly sits in tile 4 for ARSMG and RFHG, and tile 4 or 5 for MGSG echelons. For comparison's sake, let's put up K5 against her main competitors in the above scenarios: GrizzlyHG, SAAHG and Gr Mk23HG.

When K5 is used instead of GrizzlyHG in ARSMG and RFHG echelons, you sacrifice 20% Evasion that GrizzlyHG provides as her tile buff, but K5 makes up for it when her skill is active by two-fold. The question you need to ask yourself when you are debating which HG to use: can your tanks can hold out for 6 seconds before K5's skill activates and after it expires? Are you willing to sacrifice 3% FP in exchange for more Evasion? If your answer is yes, use K5, otherwise use GrizzlyHG.

Let's compare K5 and Gr Mk23HG, they are typically used in Night ARSMG or MGSG echelons. Gr Mk23HG provides a pure damage buff with both her tile buffs and skill. Does what you'll be up against warrant sheer power? Or are you in need of a more defensive approach or do you need Accuracy buffs from K5? Due to Gr Mk23HG not being able to sit on tile 4, K5 might be an option when you need a HG for tile 4. You could even combine both K5 and Gr Mk23HG in a MGSG echelon, having K5 provide Accuracy and Gr Mk23HG FP.

When compared with SAAHG, the tile buffs are similar. SAAHG gives more Accuracy and less FP, while K5 gives more FP but less Accuracy. K5 buffs Evasion to SMGs, but buffs a whopping 80% Accuracy to MGs with her skill. Ask yourself: do you need more Accuracy by using K5 over SAAHG in an MGSG echelon by the second volley? Or will you benefit more from slightly more Accuracy on the first volley by using SAAHG? In an ARSMG echelon, do you need more Evasion for your SMGs by choosing K5? Or do you need pure FP by choosing SAAHG?

Although there's a lot of considerations to account for before selecting K5 as your choice of HG, she is Highly Recommended to raise. The versatility of this HG cannot be understated.