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Ammo hp.png



Buffs AR
Rate of Fire +25%
HP 96 → 190x5
DMG 10 → 25
ACC 2 → 11
EVA 11 → 74
RoF 68 → 95
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 5%
Speed 12
Initial CD: 3s
CD: 16s
Incendiary Grenade: Launch an incendiary grenade that deals 6.5x damage to enemies within a radius of 1.5 yards and ignites them, dealing 1x damage every 0.33s for 5s.



  • Low base FP


The molotov SMG that sits in between VectorSMG and SkorpionSMG, KLIN is a nice free addition for those who lack VectorSMG, or do not wish to dupe one.

KLIN shares the same 25% RoF tile as VectorSMG. KLIN's molotov, however, is weaker than her superior due to her low FP and lower multiplier. Her only advantage over VectorSMG is her tanking stats, with a small increase in HP and Evasion over VectorSMG. The difference is not drastic enough to be considered a sidegrade, but second best is still good enough.

The main draw of KLIN lies on her accessibility for those who joined before or during Deep Dive. Being a very accessible reward, KLIN might as well be considered free to new players, many of which are unlikely to be lucky enough to have VectorSMG and would gladly have an upgrade to SkorpionSMG in their arsenal. Outside of her accessibility, she also serves as an option for those who do not wish to dupegame.

KLIN shares the same strength and weaknesses as with other molotov SMGs. These are covered in VectorSMG's analysis, as well as the comparison guide in the Guides section. Occupying the offtank position, she synergizes well with your typical 7 position ARs such as Gr G11AR, 416AR and Gr G36AR, who provide her with FP buffs and in return benefit greatly from KLIN's RoF buff. Overall, KLIN is Recommended.