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Ammo hp.png



Buffs AR
Damage +8%
Evasion +8%
HP 102 → 203x5
DMG 10 → 26
ACC 2 → 15
EVA 8 → 64
RoF 52 → 76
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 5%
Speed 12
Not Recommended
Initial CD: 3s
CD: 16s
Incendiary Grenade: Launch an incendiary grenade that deals 6x damage to enemies within a radius of 1.5 yards and ignites them, dealing 1x damage every 0.33s for 5s.


  • Good tile coverage
  • Decent damage buff
  • High base HP



Oh M12 is really cute, so I pretty much leveled her entirely just because of this purpose, she's ok all things considered but there's a lot of viable offerings in her price range or cheaper.

M12 is originally a login reward as well as a possible drop on event maps, making her acquisition much harder than someone such as SkorpionSMG or VectorSMG. In terms of tiles they're pretty mediocre, as you're effectively only getting an 8% damage increase to 2 dolls unless you have a HG buffer in the middle, which will make it only 1. Calling 8% for each doll underwhelming would be an understatement, especially considering Z-62SMG gives better buffs with essentially the same coverage.

Stats are nothing to write home about. High base HP but she's an offtank so it's a bit unusual, low base Evasion and middling base damage for a molotov. Due to her multiplier as well she's pretty much on the level of SkorpionSMG in terms of molotov damage which again isn't impressive.

SkorpionSMG has the advantage of acquiring free links and essentially being free of core usage, while M12 has to deal with using cores as links. M12 can't compete with the likes of PPS-43SMG, the sad reality is she doesn't make the cut. She's not awful on the wide spectrum but there're better options out there for a cheaper price or just significantly better options for much more worthy results. Not Recommended.