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M1 Garand

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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.


M1 Garand

Ammo ap.png


Cape 5star.png

Charged Shot

Buffs HG
Cooldown -12%
HP 44 → 88x5
DMG 47 → 120
ACC 9 → 62
EVA 4 → 28
RoF 26 → 37
Armor -
Clip -
Crit 40%
Speed 7
Not Recommended
Initial CD: 5s
CD: 11s
Interdiction Shot: Start to charge after skill cooldown. Increase charges by 1 stack every second, 5 stacks maximum. Tap the skill to aim for 1s, remove all charges and deal 2.6x - 5.5x to the current target depending on the number of stacks.


  • Auto-retarget backrow
  • Decent base stats for a 3★
  • Pings


  • Auto-retarget backrow
  • Long initial CD
  • Charge shot not optimal for general usage


M1 Garand would have been a decent 3★ RF if no alternatives were present. But sadly this is no longer the case with new client.

Similar to SV-98RF, M1 Garand comes with decent stats spread for her rarity, competing those of the same rarity and even the 4★ RFs. At one point this made her an option for new players who lack better RF in their early game. But with new client showering new players with cores, combat reports and even a free leveled RF (SpringfieldRF), raising M1 at this point would be a waste of effort. She falls off hard and cannot keep up with self-buff RFs.

M1 Garand is Not Recommended.

As a side note, M1 is actually quasi-bugged in that she resets her targeting to the backrow with zero input. This serves as an advantage where she is able to achieve a feat that no other RF beside IWS 2000RF and M200RF can accomplish. She automatically retargets to the more dangerous backlines during battle, ignoring the bulky tanks whom most RFs are likely to target first and would get stuck on until they kill it. However, do note that it can also be a double-edged sword as this trait of hers interferes with what she should be targeting, such as a low health Elite who is approaching your team but isn't being focused properly due to M1 spotting a new target.