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Ammo ap.png



First Volley DPS

Buffs SG
Damage +22%
HP 108 → 215x5
DMG 42 → 102
ACC 3 → 18
EVA 3 → 16
RoF 72 → 100
Armor -
Clip 10
Crit 5%
Speed 4
Terminating Barrage: After every 3 hits, the next hit will inflict 2.4x damage.


  • Very high base FP
  • Passive skill


  • Very low base Accuracy
  • Awkward clip size that does not synergy with her passive
  • Low multiplier due to low rarity


M2HB is the last of the Big 4. Fitting for her role, as her gimmick is that she boasts the highest FP stat of 102, but the lowest Accuracy stat of 18 among the Big 4. When there's no Evasion factor, she'd be capable of dealing massive damage.

Her Accuracy is her biggest drawback in general battles. M2HB is often relegated to stronger Accuracy-buffing scopes to compensate for her abysmal base stat. With enough Accuracy buffs from SGs, HGs, and fairies, Firepower-focused scopes can be equipped. Normally, it is recommended to equip ITI on her since her base Accuracy is absurdly low. Though, with Accuracy buff from fairy and also Accuracy tile from HG such as SAAHG, she can often equip EOT too. It takes alot of effort to get her to the range where she can equip VFL (35 acc) so it is normally not recommended.

M2HB also falls short in optimal use of her passive due to clip size. With a total count of 15 with a max enhanced ammo box, she can only proc her passive three times, whereas PKMG and Gr MG5MG can proc it up to four times (in addition to superior multiplier of their skills). M2HB can still compete with her sheer base damage, but missing out on a proc is unfortunate.

With proper Accuracy buffs to support her damage, she will not disappoint you. Budget and efficient offensive choice. Recommended.